Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

Marc and Amanda spend Thanksgiving at the office. Daniel make another pass at Sofia. Bradford decides to start settling things. Betty's family has a chaotic holiday.

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Betty just wants to get home

Betty is bored playing solitaire on her computer while Hilda calls complaining that Betty hasn't left to do the shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. Betty begins to rant about how she has to do all the work for Thanksgiving as Amanda walks to and fro proclaiming how busy she is going to be. She's so sick of men, but 'oh there's Marc' she chirps before flitting off. Christina comes by and asks Betty when she should be at her house for dinner. Betty goes in to see Daniel who is worrying about why Sofia hasn't called him. He's sure that she must not really care about her boyfriend since she's never mentioned him before.

Amanda asks Marc to spend Thanksgiving with her, drinking champagne and orange juice and getting up to mischief in Wilhelmina's office. He giddily agrees before entering the Ice Queen's office and giving her a string of messages. Nico is coming home for the holidays. Wilhelmina is shocked; she already has plans and isn't going to brush them aside for a 'Very Brady Thanksgiving.'


Daniel continues to obsess over Sofia

Betty reminds Daniel that he has brunch with his father but he wants to pass on it. Sofia interrupts and Daniel escorts her out. He tells her that he met a girl, had some fun and then found out she had a boyfriend. 'She sounds like a real bi***,' she says before saying that she's sorry that things turned out the way they didmaybe they can still be friends. He agrees and she gives him a hug before he tries to cop a feel. She'll see him at his father's brunch? He'll be there. And she's bringing her boyfriend: Hunter. 'I can't wait to meet him.' She leaves and he collapses on the chaise lounge.


Leah gains Hilda's confidence

Leah is asking Hilda about her relationship with Santos before Betty rushes in to find that Hilda has already done all the shopping. Betty runs out to get some items that Hilda forgot. Gina runs up to Betty on the street and starts to pester her about Ignacio's immigration problems. Betty isn't interested, but Gina won't get out of her face. She starts to tell her that the lawyer that they've hired is bad news and has a habit of disappearing with her client's money. Betty doesn't want to believe this, yet she hunts down one of Leah's old clients who tells her that Leah took her money and disappeared.


Wilhelmina second guesses her plans

Wilhelmina and Christina are waiting for the elevator while listening to employees talk about all their holiday plans. Christina is looking at Wilhelmina like she is the ghost of future Thanksgivings. Once Christina leaves, Wilhelmina decides to change her plans.

Daniel calls Betty on Thanksgiving morning. 'It's an emergency!' She has to run off to see him, leaving a dismayed Hilda to help her father. Amanda and Marc are getting drunk in Wilhelmina's office and watching the parade. 'If Wilhelmina had a camera in this office, I'd of been fired long ago,' Marc quips as they watch something cut through the parade route. Is it a float? No, it's Betty. She rushes across to Daniel's apartment where he waits for her to help him choose a shirt. She's annoyed that he doesn't seem to think that she has a life. She tries to reassure him that Sofia must really be interested in him because he's a great catch. She tells him what shirt to wear and runs off.


Santos arrives with a present for Justin

Santos arrives with a gift for Justin. It's a football uniform. Justin pulls out the jockstrap and places it over his eye proclaiming himself the Phantom of the Opera and dancing away. Hilda and Santos exchange an awkward moment before Ignacio appears and grudgingly welcomes him in. Betty runs in as Santos tosses a football that almost hits her in the face. In the kitchen, she finds Hilda with Leah, who has come to collect her money. Betty asks to see her sister in private and tells her about Leah's shoddy reputation. Hilda flies off at her, accusing her of just be angry because she didn't find her. She can't get involved with family problems when it's only convenient for her.


Marc and Amanda enjoy a glamorous holiday

Amanda and Marc try on gowns and dance around the office swigging champagne. They collapse and she admits to him that the only thing that she regrets is giving up on Daniel, which she knows is a mistake. 'I just fell in love with him.' 'Me too,' Marc absent-mindedly replies before changing the subject: 'Let's try some Armani!' During another drunken lull, he tells her that he thinks that Wilhelmina is a lesbian. She keeps getting these mysterious phone calls from a woman. They begin to eagerly search through Wilhelmina's cell phone records looking for the number of the mysterious woman. Once they track it down, they call and it patches through. Fey answers and they hang up screaming and run out of the room.

Daniel arrives at the brunch to find his mother drinking club soda. He spots Sofia across the room with a nebbish fellow and assumes its Hunter. When he goes over and greets him as such, Sofia points out who Hunter actually is: A tall, lean Nordic type with flickering gold locks. Sofia and Hunter begin to talk about the way that they met. He gets weepy about his work set up irrigation lines for the Peace Corps and Daniel tries to counter by saying that he once set off a hydrant for some kids. Meanwhile, Bradford spots Fey out the corner of his eye and then, stunned, moves back to his wife to recount the 'hallucination.' She's not impressed. Daniel moves back to Sofia who is trying to convince Hunter to take her dancing. He says that he can't dance so Daniel says that they should all go dancing together. Sofia thinks this is a great idea.


The end for those who cross Bradford Meade

Bradford calls his private investigator. He tells him to meet him at Fey's mausoleum. They're going to settle things once and for all. When they arrive, they open the casket and find it empty. Bradford accuses him of collaborating with Fey all along. He then introduces the rather grim Mr. Greene: A man who cleans up messes. Bradford leaves while his former associate is buried alive.

Walter arrives and Betty is already agitated that Hilda is running everything. Santos hands him a drink and tells him he should get out while he still can. Leah is getting ready to leave and assures Ignacio and Hilda that everything will be taken care of. Betty breaks in to say that she met one of her former clients and accuses her of trying to steal from them. Leah explains that that woman was a drunk and she wasn't going to help her gain custody to her children. Betty's embarrassed. Hilda asks Leah to come back and have dinner with them later; she agrees.

The family sits around the table waiting for Leah to return but she is nowhere to be found. Daniel calls, interrupting the stilted silence, to ask Betty to teach him how to Salsa over the phone. After a brief dancing tutorial, he heads into the washroom where he finds Hunter standing at the urinal beside him. He takes a peak and his eyes roll back. When he gets out, he finds Sofia on the dance floor and begins to dance with her before Hunter cuts in and dances her across the floor. He's only a second rate ballroom champion he quips. Daniel is fed up and runs out to drop into the back of his limo. Sofia rushes after him. They kiss and he asks her to tell him that that doesn't mean anything. She says that she can't do this; she loves Hunter and he wants to marry her. She's really an old-fashioned girl and wants to have a white picket fence and children. Daniel is the kind of man who can't settle down. She leaves.


Hilda blames herself

After dinner, Hilda admits to Betty that she's tried to get in touch with Leah; both of her numbers have been disconnected. Betty was right. Hilda beats herself up for giving Leah all their money; for once, she just wanted to be a hero. Betty's looked after everything for the family since their mother died; maybe they shouldn't rely on her so much. She needs a life of her own.

Betty receives yet another call and trudges out again after Daniel. It was a bar that called her to come and collect him. He's thoroughly wasted. He didn't have a good Thanksgiving. 'I didn't have a good Thanksgiving either,' she tells him as she helps him up and they walk out.


Nico and Wilhelmina enjoy a dinner together

Wilhelmina is in a panic while she tries to prepare a turkey. She calls Martha Stewart for help. Martha starts mocking, saying that maybe she should start running a fashion magazine. As she instructs her, Wilhelmina stares into the turkey agog. When Nico arrives, Wilhelmina has just set out dinner. Nico tells her that she's going to a concert. She assumed that her mother would have plans; she always has plans. Wilhelmina suppresses her disappointment and walks into the other room to change. When she returns, she finds that Nico has set the table for her. She can't believe that she did all of this. They sit down together and begin to chat. Finally, Wilhelmina receives a call from Fey who wants to know what she was doing calling her from her office and hanging up. Her eyes are furious.

Next on UB:Betty is stuck on a photo shoot with an eccentric photographer. Daniel tries to fashion himself as a family man. The Fey Somers mystery takes a new turn. Ignacio has problems with Immigration.

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