After Hours

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

Betty tries to write a hotel review. Daniel continues his attempted seduction of Sofia. Hilda goes to Justin's father for help. Wilhelmina works hard for a new advertising contract.

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Daniel and Sofia size each other up

Betty is dripping all over Daniel's bagel. She got wet while waiting to get an autograph from Sofia. Daniel thinks that she just writes generic chick-lit but Betty says that she's inspiring. She tells him yet another writer has turned down a hotel review assignment. They're interrupted by noises from the conference room. They go in to find that Sofia and her entourage have taken over. They trade barbs before turning cheeks.

Sofia brings Betty an autographed copy of her book and asks her to take a look at something she just wrote: 'Sexaholics.' Betty says that she's not qualified to give an opinion about that. Daniel interrupts and accuses Sofia of trying to highjack his assistant. 'I didn't know you're the jealous type', she quips as Daniel brings Betty into his office. He's sure that Sofia wants him and is just playing games. Betty asks him if he actually has something for her to do. He asks her to do the hotel article in SoHo; she can leave early and spend the weekend there.

But there's a problem: Walter had planned to spend the weekend with her in Atlantic City. She goes down to get advice from Christina who tells her that Atlantic City isn't going anywhere. Amanda appears and tells Betty that, if she's going to SoHo, she'd better take the human piata look down a notch. In SoHo, they'll arrest you for crimes against humanity if you dress like that. Walter is disappointed by the news because he got them tickets for the Price is Right. She asks him to come, but he refuses and walks out.


Betty's having trouble adjusting

Betty is fumbling with her luggage and chanting to herself not to be afraid as she walks into the hotel. The front desk admires her orthodontic work while she almost eats a fake apple. After telling them that she's from Mode, they ask her to wait for the bellhop to take her to her room. She sits down in one of the transparent chairs and flips it over.

Daniel tells Sofia that he's writing an article on women who tease their way to the top. He asks for a quote and she gives him a litany of insults in several languages.


Walter surprises Betty

Betty flops onto the hotel room bed. 'I'm in heaven', she proclaims. She orders a message. While fumbling with the TV, she sets a porn film on and can't turn it off before brawny Sven, the masseur, arrives at her door and asks her to disrobe. She tries to take notes while he massages her until there's a knock at the door. It's Walter, demanding to know what's going on. She tries to convince him that it's not what it seems. She tells Sven he was wonderful as he walks out and she has to restrain Walter. He admits he couldn't spend the weekend without her. She announces that they're going to a restaurant; she'll have to buy him a dress shirt. She brought something special to wear: Her puffy blue prom dress.


Wilhelmina negotiates

Bradford has to talk Wilhelmina into trying to land a new account from a Texan, Ted Lebeau. She says she'll charm the chaps right off him, even though Daniel should really be doing this. Wilhelmina and Christina are going through clothes while Marc gives her a rundown on Mr. Ted Lebeau. She reminds him to call Nico and check that she's at the boarding school. She decides that they should do the office over in country motifs. Wilhelmina lays a rug on the floor just as Ted walks in and admires the view. She is wearing one of his company's outfits. 'It's not like anything I own', she says after he compliments her on it. He sits down and tells her to convince him that their swanky magazine is the right fit for him. She tries to convince him that there is cross-over potential between their audiences. He takes her and Marc to a restaurant of his choice: A rowdy biker bar. Waitresses continue to slope onto Marc, inviting him to drink shooters off their bellies until he runs away and Ted takes over. They drink through the night, but Wilhelmina starts to get tired of the frat party. Nico calls, angry that her mother sent her perfume when she's allergic. Ted starts to tell her about his own problems with his teenage daughters. He tells her that someone who makes an effort to be a good parent is the sort of person he wants to do business with. He confesses that he decided to advertise with them when they were in the office; he just wanted to test her.

Ignacio is worried what his daughters will think of him now that they know the truth. Hilda says she'll get money for Leah the lawyer from Santos, Justin's father. He's not enthusiastic about this plan. Hilda tracks down Santos and asks him for money. 'We're in a lot of trouble. I need your help.' He pulls out half the cash and says that, in return for this, she has to let him see his son.


Betty in her prom dress

The maitre d' of the restaurant tries to fob Betty and Walter off until she throws a fit and tells them that she's from Mode. A few managerial whispers later, they are reluctantly let in. They glare at the menu with incomprehension while Betty tries to get Walter's help. He just wants to watch TV. They receive their orders but aren't sure how to eat them. Walter says it's like eating shaving cream. He gets fed up and asks for a cheeseburger. Betty accuses him of trying to sabotage her career at Mode. He tells her 'We don't belong here.' 'No, you don't belong,' she shoots back at him. He's disappointed. 'I don't like Betty from Mode; I like Betty from Queens,' he wines before running off. Betty returns to her room to finish her review. She's frustrated; she doesn't feel like she's being herself. She picks up her phone and makes a call. She goes all the way back to Queens to give Walter a burger and apologize. He can't understand why she is putting herself through all of this, but he admits that he's scared of losing her. She says that he won't; she just needs him to support her. He puts his arms around her.



Ignacio wants Hilda to give the money back to Santos. He thinks she's just asking for trouble. Hilda is convinced that there is no other way. After an evening of waiting for Santos to appear, Hilda gets fed up and goes out to find him without luck. In the middle of the night, he finally turns up and she tells him he's too late. He comes out of the shadows and reveals that he's been in a fight. She starts to clean up his face; he's been beaten up by his bookie. He starts to apologize and she tells him to stop being emotional; it's not sexy. She invites him to come to Thanksgiving.


Sofia takes Daniel for a ride

Sofia discovers that Daniel has sent her Indian food and is impressed. He's obviously been reading her books. She goes in to quiz him on how much he knows about her. He burns his mouth on the food and she tells him he could use some air so she takes him out on her motorcycle. They go to a bar and play pool. 'Why do you think I'm a tease?' she asks him. 'Why do you think I'm a sexaholic?' he counters. She throws the game because she thinks she's bruising his ego. He asks her again: 'Why do you think I'm a sexaholic?' 'You're so narcissistic,' she replies. 'What makes you think it's not me?' She grabs him and pulls him into a corner booth.

In the morning, Betty and Ignacio go off to work. Hilda tells Justin that his father is coming to Thanksgiving. 'I'll believe that when I see it,' he says unimpressed. She tries to tell him that he means well and loves him so they have to open their home to him. Justin shrugs and says that he just wishes it was Martha Stewart that was coming.

Sofia and her crew are clearing out of the conference room. Daniel wants to know why she hasn't returned his calls or e-mails. She had plans with her boyfriend she tells him before turning and walking away. He stutters.

Wilhelmina spent the weekend with Ted. He sent her shoes which Marc is admiring. She packs a care package for her daughter and smiles.


Betty dances

Daniel looks at Betty's article. He says it's really good, but 'it's really you Betty, not really Mode.' She thanks him for the opportunity and walks away sad. Sofia finds her hiding in the bathroom. She tells her that Daniel won't run the article. Sofia tells her to stand up straight and repeat her mantra before she slaps her behind and tells her that she will run her article in her magazine. Betty begins doing a happy dance.

Next on UB: Daniel reluctantly attends his family's Thanksgiving. Marc and Amanda throw a party at Mode. Santos, Justin's father, visits the family for the holiday.

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