Trust, Lust, and Must

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

Daniel becomes obsessed with a new woman. Wilhelima battles with her daughter. Hilda comes to the office. Betty discovers her father's secret.

Amanda still tries to make an impression

Betty and Hilda are visiting a lawyer with their father. He informs them flatly that their father could get deported. It will cost 20,000 for a retainer if they want him to take the case. Ignacio asks to have his parking validated and they walk out.

Amanda is trying to chat up Daniel and find out if he ever figured out where he left his watch. He spots Sofia at a distance and the world slows down as he drops Amanda and follows her into the elevator. She spills coffee down her blouse and doffs her top before pulling on her blazer while his eyes fixate on her chest. She tells him that he doesn't have a chance with her after she saw him do a ditch-and-dash on the girl in the lobby. The bell rings as she whispers his fantasies into his face and vanishes.

Wilhelmina is speaking to the conference room while her daughter, Nico, calls interrupting and Betty walks in late. Amanda tries to play footsies with Daniel under the desk but he pulls away. Daniel rises from the table and tells Betty that she has to hunt down a woman without a shirt who works in the building.

Wilhelmina returns home to Nico eating Cap'n Crisp and looking at brochures for NY schools. Her mother wants to send her back to a boarding school in Switzerland but she's already been expelled from most of them.


Betty wonders why Hilda isn't more worried

Betty and Hilda wonder why their father never applied for a green card or took amnesty in the '80's. They start to go through his things and find a photo of their mother which is torn in half. They ask him who is missing from the photo. He gets angry and leaves for a walk. Hilda says Betty has to be more sensitive, but she says she that won't let him off the hook until he tells them the truth. Hilda tries to convince Betty to sell vitamin packages to women in her office. She pins on a 'I lost 10 pounds in 10 days' button and talks her up. 'Hit 'em with the appetite suppressants before lunch.' She arrives at the office while Marc tries to escape her sales pitches as Wilhelmina calls him in and remarks that Betty's smile creeps her out because it's 'too metallic.' She quizzes him on schools near and far to displace her daughter to. He tells her that Daniel hasn't invited her to the editors meeting. She doesn't register any worry.

Daniel is scanning around at the meeting when he discovers Sofia and begins to brag to her about his 'circulation count.' She knows who he is: 'The only one in the room born into his job.' Bradford gathers everyone together and announces that they're starting a new woman's magazine edited by Sofia, author of the book Making Your Man a Bottom.

A spa manager is trying to chase Hilda away while she vends infront of the storefront. A spunky lawyer named Leah comes to her aid. Betty calls and tells Hilda that the photo they found has her mother wearing a wedding ring before she got married to their father. Hilda isn't interested and is even less impressed by Betty's morning sales figures and announces that she's coming down to show her how it's done.


Wilhelmina continues to plot

Wilhelmina is on the phone with her conspirator who informs her that she has plans that day for Bradford. They'll be having dinner for two. She's worried Daniel is getting entrenched. Wilhelmina says the one thing that they can exploit is the person that's been propping him up all along: Betty.

Daniel is disturbed that Sofia has been treated him like 'a complete ass.' Why wasn't he told that a woman like this was coming to work there? Betty tells him that ABC news and various journals have reported that she was coming there for weeks. He doesn't read or watch TV. He tells Betty to call Nigel at Tiffany's and send over 'the usual.'

Nico is being excused from shoplifting and guesses her mother sent 'her bi***' to bail her out. Marc appears from the background and tells her that her mother sent him to take her home. He tells her that being Punky Brewster isn't going to get her mother's attention.


Hilda wants to teach her sister how it's done

Hilda appears with a life-sized cut out and tells Betty that she better get busy. They go down to the cafeteria and set up a makeshift stall, selling handfuls of vitamin packs and protein bars to all and sundry until Wilhelmina interrupts and kicks Hilda 'Cesar Chavez in a push up bra' out.


Sofia is unimpressed

Daniel goes to visit Sofia in her office. She has already sent back his gift. She says that's not a gift for her; it's for the girl he just banged or wants to bang. He's flummoxed as she fobs him off.

Wilhelmina takes Betty into her office and tells her that Daniel doesn't have to know about this transgression. She tells her that 'strong people are the ones who ask for help.' They're all family now. Betty explains a bit about her situation with her father and Wilhelmina writes her a check. Betty reaches for it, asking what she wants in return. 'Is that what you ask a friend?'

Bradford has brought a flower down to Fey's mausoleum. He tells the coffin that he's sorry and he misses her. He believes that she walks by and runs out into the night to catch a glimpse. He is convinced he saw Fey but his PI tells him that he's crazy and walks off. Bradford starts making phone calls.


Bradford tries to chase down the figure haunting him

In the middle of the night, Wilhelmina discovers Nico in the kitchen eating cereal. They have a conversation about fur. Wilhelmina's not impressed by her 'acting out' which pales compared to her own. She got thrown out of more than seven schools before she realized that being alone makes you strong and makes you who you are; her father taught her that. She tells her to leave by tomorrow night.

Amanda is in bed with Daniel. She asks if things are okay, he was 'a little half-mast tonight.' He asks her if his seductive techniques are intact. She asks why, is he apologizing? But he's only worried about Sofia Reyes; she isn't responding properly to his usual tricks. Amanda says she's not feeling well and excuses herself. She leaves in tears.


Betty tries to confront her father

Betty sneaks home drunk and begins arguing with her father and asking him about the photo. He says that he doesn't have to explain himself to her. She says that she always followed his lead, but now she's lost. In the morning, Hilda slams a coffee down for Betty, who apologizes for yelling at their father. She shows Hilda the check and says that she got 'punished.' Hilda wonders why she hasn't cashed it. Betty knows that would be selling her soul. Hilda says that this may be the only option.

Sofia gets in the elevator with Daniel and it stops. She accuses him of planning it. He offers to climb onto the roof and crawl out fro help. She says no and commands him 'on your knees' before climbing onto his shoulders, instructing him not too look up since she's not wearing any panties. When she gets up, the elevator starts moving and she falls on him. Grabbing his lips and accusing him of taking a look, she dislodges and strides away.


Impromptu press conference

Betty is staring at the check when Wilhelmina asks her why she hasn't cashed it yet. Amanda interrupts and says Wilhelmina is needed in the lobby because Nico is down there. She's giving a 'Fur is Murder' protest to a large group of paparazzi and accusing her mother of all and sundry. Wilhelmina appears, ravishing in a fur, and apologizes fro being late for the show: It's a debate between Fashion Rights and Fur Rights. The journalists clap, convinced it was all a publicity stunt. Nico turns to her mother and says that she will go, but they're going to talk about their problems right now: She needs to start acting like a mother.

Betty tells Wilhelmina that she appreciates it, but can't cash the check. Wilhelmina sits down and tears it up before Nico appears to say goodbye. 'Contrary to what you think, I do love you and only want what's best for you.' Nico isn't convinced by this proclamation and walks away as Wilhelmina's exterior cracks a little.

Amanda informs Daniel that she had his lost watch all along. He never even thought to consider her; she's just 'a late night call.' He needs to find what he's looking for, but 'it's not me.' He says he's sorry. She walks out.


Betty learns her father

Betty returns home and tells her father that he doesn't owe them an explanation; they'll just have to forgive and forget. He hugs her and tells them that their mother was married to another man. He was a wealthy man and he was his chef. Eventually, their mother fell in love with him. He couldn't take the way she was treated by her husband and, one night, they had a violent confrontation where he killed the man. Then, he and their mother ran. He never applied for a green card because he was afraid of being sent back.

Next week on UB:Betty's sent to do a hotel review. Daniel thinks Sofia is taking over his territory. Wilhelmina tries to woo a Texan advertiser.

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