The Lyin', the Witch and the Wardrobe

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Betty gets two proposals. Daniel visits his mother. Wilhelmina has a fit when she can't fit into her new dress. Daniel confronts his father. Ignacio tells a secret.

Marc in his Betty costume

Ignacio calls Betty downstairs, saying that he's been waiting forever for his breakfast. She is startled by a fake skeleton sitting in his chair. He says 'boo', but Betty only says that his HMO thinks that he's dead. 'I still look better than that guy,' he motions to the skeleton. Justin comes down dressed as Gene Kelly and does a NYNY routine. Ignacio walks off while Betty tries to explain things to Hilda before he screams from the other room faking an injury. Betty and Hilda are unimpressed and go to work.

Marc enters the office dressed as Betty to wide laughs from Amanda. Wilhelmina says 'that's the absolute cruelest thing I've ever seen. You're getting a raise.' She tells Marc all the lascivious details about her date last night to his less than receptive ears. They switch on FashionTV where she sees herself with her date while the reporter says that she's robbing the cradle. Marc tries to unplug the television before she pops, but has no luck. She tells Marc to call her date tonight off and to 'take off that ridiculous costume! I can barely stand looking at the real one.' Before he rushes off to try and find her a more appropriate date for this evening.


Betty is caught by Walter

Betty is walking to work dressed as a butterfly for Halloween. Walter catches her in a net and gives her a kiss. When she appears at work, she discovers that she is the only one who received a notice for a costume contest. Daniel shakes his head and asks her to find his watch. The catch is that he left with a woman he can't remember. He gives her a list of the women he's seen in the last week and tells her to search through them to figure it out.


Henry flirts with Betty

Betty calls Amanda over to help her out, quickly embarrassed when she remembers Daniel is sleeping with her. 'We're not exclusive,' she matter-of-factly states. Henry from accounting interrupts them to chat to Betty while Amanda looks them over. Once Henry leaves, she says that she 'should get workman's comp for flirting with him' while stuffing Betty's candies in her mouth. Betty discovers a note with a key stuck to it. It's from Walter; he wants her to move in with him.


Christina tries to give Betty advice

Christina says that she understands why Betty is nervous about Walter's proposal. Betty gives all the details about the relationship; he's the only boy she's ever been with. She doesn't want to ruin it. Christina says that she's only gotten out of her cocoon; she needs to 'flit' to some more flowers.


The watch

Betty is on the trail of Daniel's watch. She goes to an apartment door. One of Daniel's many women greets her in workout gear to tell her that 'the only thing he left with her was his only chance at happiness' before tossing her a pair of his underwear and slamming the door. Betty calls him and asks if he can send flowers in advance to calm these women down. Another forgotten fling tears off Betty's wings in a bar under questioning. She returns to the office and staples them back together with Henry's help as Walter sends her photos of himself on her phone. Henry asks her for lunch. Shocked, she says 'no' and then panics some more and shouts 'yes!.' Amanda asks why Daniel isn't sending miss Monday night flowers and Betty says that he can't remember who she was. She sneers, opens her desk drawer and looks down at the watch he's been searching for.


Claire Meade

Daniel is awkwardly checking in to visit his mother Claire at rehab. She brings him into the library and tells him that they've confiscated her perfume because they were afraid she would drink it; now she has to 'smell like people.' She berates him for not visiting more often and he asks to speak about Fey Somers. If she's going to do that, he has to buy her lunch. Daniel takes her out to lunch. He wants to know all about his father's affair with Fey. She tells him that she didn't know that his father was having an affair with Fey for twenty years. He finds that hard to believe, but she tells him that she 'drinks quite a lot.' She says that she sees his philandering ways in him as well and it saddens her. She asks for a drink and downs some wine in exchange for more information. With Fey, she went to Bradford and forced him to make a choice. Now, one is dead and the other is still here. She tells Daniel to be careful of his father. She claims that Bradford is capable of anything, even murder.

Wilhelmina is trying to fit into a new dress while Christina pulls at it and Marc gasps. Marc worriedly tries to halt Christina from giving the slightest indication that she's gained weight. She can't avoid it though and, as even the hint of the statement ekes from her lips, Wilhelmina let's out a scream that the whole city can hear.

Betty is having lunch with Henry. It's a sushi restaurant and she doesn't know what to order. She knocks over a tray of food and goes on about how awkward she feels. Henry opens his shirt revealing a superman shirt beneath and quips that he has a secret identity. She warms up.


Amanda spreads her charms

Amanda is calling the women on the list under the guise of an STD specialist and tells them they should get checked out. Walter appears in costume looking for Betty and Amanda tells him to go to the sushi bar across the street where a man has taken her for lunch. He walks in on Betty and Henry and begins shouting at her. She tells him that he's embarrassing her. He's crushed and leaves.

Wilhelmina is getting a full body wrap in sweltering heat, trying to become five pounds thinner and ten years younger in six hours. Marc tries to give her a salad and she throws him out.

Betty tells Christina what happened at lunch and says that she's going to find Walter and beg him to take her back. Marc pulls Christina away with a new dress for Wilhelmina in her arms. Betty mopes around the building worried about her love life before returning to talk to Christina. She thinks she's 'turning into Daniel' because she wants to see Henry again. Christina assured her that she's not just as she remembers that Amanda sent herself flowers and realizes that she must have the watch. When she confronts her, she plunks the watch on the desk and runs off. Betty chases her into the bathroom yelling at her for letting her run all over the city. Amanda starts to cry and says that she was just hoping Daniel would remember that he was with her on Monday night. Betty asks if Daniel knows how she feels. She says 'of course not, but I thought he'd get sick of serial dating and now I have to send them flowers.' Betty tells Amanda to give him the watch and tell him how she feels. Amanda wipes her tears and turns to say: 'Guess what?' 'What?' Betty asks. 'This never happened.' Amanda proclaims before smiling mischievously and departing.

Wilhelmina forces Christina to tell her that the dress is a size four and not a two. She admits that she can't compete with all the young bodies out there. The standards are all wrong; she sets them and now they bite her in the ass. Christina says that she does set the standards and if she does go out tonight the way she planned, every woman in America will go out tomorrow with a younger man.

Betty is laying all of the clothes that have been thrown at her by various women on Daniel's desk. She tells him that he can flit between women all he wants, but if he thinks no one is getting hurt; he's wrong.

Wilhelmina is finally ready for her date and looks fabulous. Amanda comes in and apologizes, announcing that Nico is here. Nico saunters in and says: 'Hi Mom' to the unbelieving gasp of Wilhelmina's date.


Bradford is short on excuses

Daniel is confronting Bradford about Fey. Bradford says that he loved her more than his mother and the many many others there were. He says that one of his ex-lovers must be the one calling him out of revenge. 'Learn from my mistakes. Stop screwing around. Settle down for god's sake.' Amanda catches Daniel in the elevator and asks him if he needs company. He tells her that he needs to be alone. She's says that they could just talk. 'Probably not,' he says before walking away.

Betty gets in the elevator with Henry. She says thanks and assures him that what happened at lunch wasn't his fault. He asks her to a party, but she says that she can't go because she has a boyfriend. Betty throws her wings in the trash on the way home as Hilda and Justin go off trick-or-treating. Walter is already waiting for her. She apologizes, but he realizes that he's moved too fast. She does still want to go out with him, even if sushi is exciting. She goes in for a moment and asks her father if there's something she should know. He finally tells her that he can't get a real social security number because he's in the country illegally.


The conspiracy is about to go public

Wilhelmina is telling her secret partner that her kid showed up, but she only wants to hear about Bradford and Daniel. She says that it's time for Fey Somers to come out of seclusion.

Next week on UB: Christina's lottery of Mode's clothes and accessories stirs up a battle among the magazine's staff. Betty runs herself ragged trying to help Daniel as he tries to impress a Japanese designer.

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