Fey's Sleigh Ride

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Betty forms an unexpecetd alliance with Marc and Amanda when the magazine is threatened by a leak. Daniel receives a disturbing gift from a mysterious source.

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Daniel and Betty

Betty goes to a networking party with Marc and Amanda. They tell her that they want everyone to meet her and throw her into the crowd where she manages to instantly run into a man and spill his drink across him. Marc and Amanda snap shots of it for their Betty 'Wall of Shame.' Betty tries to talk to another woman at the magazine, Carol, who is eating at the bar. She says that most people there don't eat. Carol answers that 'some shouldn't' and walks off.

Bradford wants to know who took his music box; it could connect him to Fey Sommers, he says. He says no one knew about their affair and the box is the only connection. He has to break off the search to go check on the 'Post- Apocalyptic Christmas' photo shoot. He's unimpressed at first sight and walks off disturbed. Wilhelmina quickly goes to see her mysterious friend. Once she has reported on his behavior, she says he's getting sloppy and will soon let something out. They glare at a music box she has as a memento.


Marc and Wilhelmina

Betty returns home to find Walter there for Tamale night. She doesn't know whey her family is eating with her ex-boyfriend after he cheated on her, but they tell her to be polite. She talks about the party and we flash between her retelling of events and those of Amanda, while hopping into bed again with Daniel and Marc while coiffing his hair for Wilhelmina. Amanda says that all Betty did was talk about herself while Marc tells about how clueless she is and recounts her habit of carrying around an entire box of business cards. 'She's like the real-life Snuffelupagus, only harrier,' he quips but Wilhelmina is just angry he didn't get any juicy gossip. She sends him off wincing after threats of a firing if he doesn't get some dirt.

Justin tells Betty that he has to do a project for school and asks if he can go to work with her. She agrees to take him. In the elevator with Justin, Marc and Amanda get in and ask her if her weight is actually pregnancy weight after she makes the mistake of calling them her friends. Meanwhile, in the conference room, the photographer Bianchi is freaking out that Isabella magazine has stolen the entire scheme and models and props for their new spread. Betty realizes that one of the people who was talking her up at the party was Carlo, who works for Isabella and thinks it must have been her fault although both Amanda and Marc were chatted up by him as well. 'Mode does not tolerate leaks,' Wilhelmina announces threateningly at a meeting before panning across the anguished faces of the magazines many employees. Betty almost raises her hand to confess, but Marc stops her. Wilhelmina says that everyone will be treated guilty until there is a confession. They are going to have to work so hard to come up with a new spread that they will have to 'go home to dead pets.'

Panicked Amanda and Marc interrogate Betty in the washroom about what she told Carlo from Isabella. It turns out she did tell him about itbut not everything. Marc and Amanda also succeeded in running their mouths. Betty says they should all confess. Amanda says that she must have been smoking her ponchos. They say she can't, he obviously found out more details from somewhere else and that person will get found out. It was probably fat Carol anyway. They say she doesn't have to lie, just omit; she's one of them now: They have to protect each other, or get fired. 'We're all in this together,' Marc declares before he and Amanda saunter off arm in arm.


Ignacio tries to give Walter advice.

Walter is spending most of his time with Betty's father Ignacio, wondering why he ever cheated on her. He tries fixing things around the house while the Ignacio steals sips from his coffee. He tells Walter that he needs to make a big romantic gesture to impress Betty. The doctor's office calls to confirm his appointment, but he says he's not coming in. They tell him it's important, but he refuses.

Wilhelmina and Daniel realize that they shouldn't tell Bradford anything until they have a fix. 'We're in this together,' she assures him. After an awkward pause he asks, 'Are you as creeped out as I am?' 'More,' she replies without hesitation. The mystery woman calls again, but Daniel won't talk to her unless she gives a name. She leaves a message with a bewildered Betty about the music box.

The different departments of the magazine trek through Wilhelmina's office while she searches for the leak. Marc, Betty and Amanda all panic; Amanda starts binge eating; Marc's eyes almost come out of his head while he watches each department fleet by his desk, wishing them luck and hoping they get caught. Betty is walking down the street with groceries when Bradford drives up beside her and asks her about the woman who has been calling. He's says that she's just a crazy woman they fired and asks for specifics. Betty tells him she mentioned a music box. He drives off perturbed.

After delivering Daniel his dinner, he tells Betty she can go home; she's worked hard. She tries to confess to him. He senses this is something he doesn't want to hear and stops her. He says that he doesn't need to know everything, if knowing would mean that he loses her.


Panic stricken Marc and Amanda come to visit

Wilhelmina finally questions Marc about Carlo and he almost bursts. This is enough the let her know he's guilty. He and Amanda appear on Betty's doorstep moments alter, dragging her away from her mustache remover to tell her that Wilhelmina wants to see them all in the morning: 'She knows!' they shiver. They come in and admire the 'flea-market chic.' Justin comes out to share moisturizer with Marc and Ignacio offers them some flan. They want to out Carol and let her take the blame. Betty is upset that she has to keep secrets. Her father tells her that sometimes you have to keep secrets to stay alive.

Wilhelmina, Daniel and Bianchi try to think of something for the shoot. After a lengthy and uneventful brainstorming session, Wilhelmina brings up Fey's Sleigh Ride: The best selling issue of Mode from 1996. It was the first time an editor appeared in a center-spread. In the anniversary of her death, an empty sleigh would be a nice tribute.

The next morning, the unlikely trinity all get into the elevator together and Carol climbs in with them. She tells them that she'll miss them while Marc hyperventilates in a bag and they each mutter 'Fat Carol' as she strolls out ahead of them to Wilhelmina's office.

In his office, Daniel finds a music box, exactly like the one his mother had. She received it before setting their attic on fire. He tells Betty that it was sent to her by his father's mistress to rub the affair in her face, he opens it and finds a fragment of Fey's license plate and sunglasses. She tells him she has an appointment with Wilhelmina. He says to be careful about what she says. She finds Justin waiting for her at her desk and Hilda calls to say that he doesn't have a report for a class, he's just ditching school. She tries to tell him that it's not such a great place; it's full of lies and deception. Moments later in Wilhelmina's office, Marc says that they all saw the same thing: Fat Carol leaking the spread. Wilhelmina asks Betty if that's what she saw. Within a moment of panic, she confesses it really was her. After an icy moment, she tells them that they can go. Flabbergasted, they ask why Betty isn't getting fired. Wilhelmina says that she had another informant, Fat Carol didn't just tell Carlo everything she slept with him: She gets the axe. They get out before she changes her merciful mind. Carlo meets with Wilhelmina after. She says that he's a 'slimy manipulative bastard' and asks him to become her spy.


Prepping for the shoot

At the photoshoot, Justin shows off his Ralph Lauren vest to Marc who tells him to 'be who you are, wear what you want, but learn to run really fast.' Bradford comes down and is dismayed by the shoot. He doesn't like their excuses for not telling him about the theme before, but says the shoot might be better than the original. Daniel produces the music box and sets it on the sleigh. 'It's almost identical to the one mom had.' Bradford's uncomfortable and strides out. Artificial snow begins to fall. 'It hides what's ugly and makes everything beautiful.'

Later, Betty goes to see the doctor and discovers that her father isn't who he says he is. The social insurance number he's using is that of a dead man. Betty returns home just as Justin's being grounded and banned from watching Fashion TV. She can't bring herself to talk to her father. When she's about to go up to bed, they hear Walter singing (appallingly) the theme from Beauty and the Beast through a karaoke machine on their porch. Betty goes out and sits with him.

Next on Ugly Betty: Betty attends the Mode costume contest. Daniel visits his mother in rehab. Wihelmina goes mad when she discovers that she can't fit into a designer gown

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