The Book

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Daniel and Betty learn about 'The Book' and try to avoid more sabotage. Bradford's activities become more mysterious.

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Betty and Daniel make quite a team

Betty happily sets up her new office with a full array of kitsch items that cause her co-workers to cringe and guffaw. Marc gives her kudos with his tongue firmly in his cheek before being called away by Wilhelmina. Daniel then calls Betty into his office to confront her about telling the media what kind of shoes he was wearing (they were made with slave labor). He then invites her to sit in on a meeting with her favorite actress Natalie Whitman, which she enthusiastically accepts.

A Fashion TV item relates the death of former editor of Mode, Fey Summers, in a fiery car crash while being chased by animal rights protesters. Meanwhile, Daniel meets with his father who asks him if he got 'The Book': A mock up of the entire magazine he has to check and give notes on for publication. 'The person who controls the book, controls the magazine.'

We find Natalie Whitman looking over the photo spread, complaining that they are overdoing touch ups on her photographs. Wilhelmina tells her she looks too normal, for the magazine, it's about looking aspirational. Natalie asks Betty what she thinks, but Daniel cuts her off and says, 'let us make the hot, super hot.' The conference breaks up and Daniel tells Wilhelmina that he should be seeing 'The Book' each day. She tells him that he should delegate. He insists however, as everyone in the room freezes in silence, and she turns away with a look of sardonic dread.

Daniel sends Betty to get his PDA and she finds that her gaudy pink bunny has vanished.
Marc is massaging Wilhelmina's feet. He says Daniel is clearly making a power play. She thinks they can subvert his move to control 'The Book' and gather a cavalcade of enraged publicists to chase him out, by slipping in a series of untouched and unflattering photos of celebrities.

Betty catches Natalie playing with the photo tool until she becomes so thin, she disappears.
She pulls a plate of steaming empanandas from the microwave as waifs run left and right. She sits down with her little coterie who eagerly eat them up. Amanda comes over to say the smell is disgusting before Natalie interrupts, taking up an empananda and asking them how they can stand working there.


Bradford has secrets

Wilhelmina continues to conspire with her secret collaborator as Bradford meets with his spy again. He gives him notes and says they need to look for incriminating evidence and Bradford worries if he'll ever get away from the problems introduced by Fey Summers.

Betty receives a photo of her bunny hung with x's over it's eyes and is horrified before Marc brushes past to drop the layout off to Daniel. Amanda interrupts him and asks him out for a night of naughtiness. He leaves everything behind, but Betty finds the book and calls him to ask if she should take it home for safe keeping. She takes it home without an answer to a thrilled Justin who grabs it from her hands to search through it (he finds her listed as 'Betsy'). Her sister brings in a note that her ex-boyfriend Walter left for her on the door, but she's unimpressed. Justin's disgusted to find that Natalie's photos haven't been retouched, but Betty says it's great. Gina (whose tv she destroyed) bounds to the door to demand money for the broken plasma TV. Betty tells her to stay away from 'The Book', which she cradles in her arms while Gina stares at it. Gina tells her that Betty better watch out because she is 'a bad seed' before exiting with a brutish sneer. She returns later in the night to steal 'The Book.' At the same time, we see Bradford grabbing assorted items at another location before slipping away. .


Gina 'the Bad Seed' wants her revenge on Betty

Betty comes down in the morning to find the book missing and fills up with horror. She tears the house up in a panic while her father says, 'see this is why I don't want a dog.' It's a crises so he begins to cook while Justin gasps and they find a note from Gina saying that she stole 'The Book' and wants a ransom for it. Daniel receives the message from Betty and worries that she took it home. He calls her immediately and, at her sister's insistence, she lies to him while Amanda whispers in his ear to fire her. She's tells him that he's brave to release un-retouched photos which makes him freak out and demand she never let anyone see it; he's sending a car to get it immediately. Her sister offers to get 'The Book' back with the help of a curling iron, but Betty goes to see Gina instead and tries to beg her for it. This isn't going well until her sister appears via the backdoor to push Gina around the room. While they fight, Betty runs around the room trying to find 'The Book.' The car arrives and begins to honk for her. The girls break apart with their hair extensions streaming into one another's hands.

Daniel is getting in the elevator when Wilhelmina catches up with him. She asks him if everything is ready to go to press that night. He says its' pretty good beyond the un-retouched photos. He tells her that she must be nearing that age when she has to worry about glasses if she let those go unnoticed, much to her chagrin.

Betty calls Christina and tells her that Gina has 'The Book' and is demanding a ransom. She stares at photos of her tortured bunny and realizes that she needs to tell the truth. The driver texts Wilhelmina that Betty doesn't have the book. She licks her lips and says that 'this must be my lucky day.'

Daniel paces around his office in a panic about the book while everyone waits in the conference room for him to give notes. Betty tells him that it was stolen by Gina. He's angry that she lied to him. He tells her to get his check book; they're going to Queens to get it. He peeps into the conference room to stall, but Wilhelmina wants to see the book now. He tries to tell them that there's no problem and they don't need to look at it. She says there are problems and he replies they'll all meet three hours later to deal with everything.

Betty returns to her desk to find a photo of her bunny in the toilet. She directs a tirade to the room where she proclaims finally that 'you can take my bunny, but not my spirit!' Moments later, she and Daniel appear on Gina's doorstep. They find Walter installing Gina's new TV. She tells them that someone else discovered she had 'The Book' and gave her plenty of money for it. Walter tells his being there is purely professional, but she says she doesn't care. He gave her the batteries and note to remind her of the first time they kissed. At that moment, the televison comes on and Fashion TV is playing. Rumors are already flashing there that 'The Book' has been stolen and they both become horrified. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina is on the phone doing damage control, when Marc comes in with the book under his jacket. They will present it to Bradford just in time, making her a hero and Daniel look like a failure.

As they drive back to the office, Daniel thinks about leaving the country. Betty tells him that he should just tell the truth or blame her; she doesn't mind. He instructs the driver to take them back to the Meade Building where Natalie's PR man berates them. Natalie tells him to calm down and they all begin to argue. Betty wanders over to Amanda's desk. Amanda tells her she should just quit rather than live with the shame. It's the samurai method. Betty sees her disfigured bunny in the trash and tells Amanda that she obviously belongs there more than she does. She runs to the elevator where Natalie is going down. Betty tells her that she's probably quitting her job because this was all her fault, but she really thought the un-retouched photos were beautiful; they made her feel like she could look like her.


Wilhelmina's plans don't go as well as she'd hoped

Daniel tells his father that it's all his fault and it was a stupid mistake. His father is impressed that he's being honest for once. Natalie runs into their meeting and says that they can't fire Betty because she inspired her with a solution to the whole problem. Wilhelmina then calls Bradford to say they found the book, but he says it doesn't matter anymore. She turns on Fashion TV where she and Marc see Natalie announcing that she wants the untouched photos published to point out the hypocrisy of the industry. Daniel is standing in the corner and needles them about how well things have turned out.

Christina comes to Betty with a repaired bunny before Betty goes into Daniel's office. He is going through 'The Book' and corrects her misspelled name. When Betty goes out with her bunny, she tells Amanda that she and her bunny are there to stay. Just then, Daniel gets an anonymous call: 'It's amazing how little we know about the people we know. Your father for instance... dig a little deeper and you'll find that he's capable of anything.' Then the anonymous caller hangs up on a bewildered Daniel. We then flash to see Bradford burning photos of Fey Summers.

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