Scandal, Sex Change and Murder....Oh My!

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Alexis opens up to Daniel, Walter takes a new job and Claire tells Betty a shocking secret!

Scandal, Sex Change and Murder....Oh My! image

Betty and Alexis share an elevator.

Betty watches the news coverage of the fashion show in disbelief that this is happening to someone that she knows. She explains the difference between a transsexual and a transvestite to her father. She rushes out the door to work and speeds past Walter...barely acknowledging him. Ignacio tells Walter that Betty is just really busy with work. As luck would have it, Betty arrives at Mode and shares the elevator with Alexis up to the office. Daniel goes to visit his father in jail. He tells Bradford that Claire spent the entire weekend with Alex. Bradford insists that he is innocent and that he needs Daniel to focus on running Mode.

Henry approaches Betty at the coffee counter and asks her to go see Wicked with him. Betty eagerly accepts but tenses up when he tells her that it is a date then! Betty tells him that Walter is still in the picture, but that they can still go as friends. Henry says that will be fine and walks away...mumbling to himself Great...another friend! Daniel holds a meeting with the employees, but Alexis walks in and interrupts it. She comes in and breaks the news that she is in control of Mode now. She reads out loud the contract that states that control of Mode is to go to Alexandra Spencer Meade if Bradford becomes incapacitated in anyway. She announces to the stunned workers that Daniel is fired and that Wilhelmina Slater is the new Editor-in-Chief!


Justin was in a fight!

Betty stops to ask Daniel if she needs to start packing up her things. Daniel insists that they are not going anywhere. He tells her that he visited their lawyer and that he is going to fight it all the way. Wilhelmina and Marc walk around and fire several associates on the way to her office. She is furious when Alexis tells her that Daniel got an injunction and that the take over is on hold. Ignacio stops by to see Betty and informs her that Walter is going to turn down a promotion in Maryland because he wants to be with her. He insists that she needs to stop stringing him along. At home Hilda gets upset when Justin arrives at the door....with his father of all people! He tells her that the school called him because Justin got in a fight. Justin defends his father and tells her that the school can call him if they need to. Justin takes his color-guard flag and rushes upstairs. He tells Hilda that their son is getting beaten up because he showed up at school twirling a flag. She says that it is her fault for allowing him to get this way. He tells Hilda that like it or not Justin reached out to him.


Betty takes a mud bath!

Claire shows up at Mode to see Daniel, and he is shocked that she is so happy. Daniel gets furious when she starts to show him all of the dresses that she has purchased for his sister. She tells Daniel not to worry about Bradford because he didnt do this. Daniel becomes worried when Claire insists that the family is finally coming together. She is thrilled that Alexis is alive....either as a man or a woman. Daniel assigns Betty the task of looking after his mother. Betty looks up and sees Walter walking around the office looking for her. She tells Daniel that she will look after Claire and rushes to gather her things. She grabs Claire and tells her that they are going to the spa. Betty gets nervous for her first time at the spa. She starts with a mud bath and then she and Claire head over to the massage table. The two of them seem to bond and Betty insists that Daniel and Alexis do have one thing in common....they both love their mother!


Marc and Wilhelmina take control!

Wilhelmina finally meets Evelyn, her cleaning lady of 13 years. As her maid eats snacks and watches her telenovelas, Wilhelmina decides to call Marc and check in. She tells him that she cant come back to the office right now, but that she can still see what is going on. She has him turn around a vase on the desk. When he does, she tells him that he should really think about trimming his nose hairs. Marc is stunned that Wilhelmina can see everything! She makes Marc walk around the office with the vase so that she can see what is going on. When she finds out that Daniel and Alexis are not there, she rushes back to complete the swimsuit magazine spread. Alexis has a press conference in the lobby informing the media that the take over will happen. Daniel Turns a trash can upside down, climbs on top and uses it as a podium. He screams to the media that if they come over to him, he will show them a picture of Alexis with a lot of chest hair. They rush over to hear what he has to say. The siblings eventually get into a childish argument but luckily Betty shows up and stops the battle before it gets really out of control. She tells them that they need to focus because Claire is missing!

Hilda screams for Justin to come downstairs, but he cant hear her over the Annie musical soundtrack blasting in his room. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Hilda opens it to find Bobby and his mother. She tells Hilda that her son beat up Bobby today! It comes to light that Justin got in the fight because Bobby made some comments about Hilda. Justins father tells Bobby and his mom that it is time for them to leave. When they leave they tell their son that they are not mad at him for defending his mother.


Claire forces Daniel and Alexis to talk!

Daniel says that he will rush out to find her, but Alexis tells him that she will go. Betty tells them that Claire mentioned that she wanted to go back to happier times. They automatically think of Coney Island and the three of them rush out to find her. They finally locate her on the bumper car ride! Alexis and Daniel get in separate cars and rush out to her. They finally realize that she did this on purpose and say that they are leaving. Betty then pulls up in her car blocking them in and tells them that they are going to talk this out once and for all! Claire and Betty sit on the sidelines watch the siblings ram each other with their bumper cars....over and over. Alexis tells Daniel that she told Bradford a long time ago that she wanted to have the surgery. Alexis then tells him that Bradford informed her that if she did it she would be disowned. Daniel asks why she didnt tell him, and Alexis insists that she didnt because he is just like their dad.


Henry is excited about taking Betty to see Wicked!

On the way home Betty tells Daniel that it is not too late for him to be there for Alexis. They pull up to her house and she sees Walter standing there waiting for her. Daniel tells her that it is much harder to avoid people than it is facing them. Betty sits with Walter and tells him that he has meant so much to her.....Walter leans in and gives her a quick kiss. He tells her that he has seen this coming for a while and that he has taken the job in Maryland. They both agree that they are going to miss each other very much. Henry puts a Wicked t-shirt on Bettys desk to get her excited about the show. He goes to the elevator and is shocked when the doors open. He asks the girl what she is doing there!


Has Wilhelmina

The next day Henry stops by to see Betty and gives her the tickets. He tells her that last night his ex-girlfriend came back into town and that they are going to try and make it work. He insists that she and Walter can use the tickets. Betty sadly says okay. Daniel goes to see Alexis in the board room and the two of them agree to try and make it work with each other. Wilhelmina watches from her hidden camera while the siblings shake on it. Her maid asks her what she is watching and she tells her that it is Wilhelmina getting screwed! Betty goes to see Claire and give her Daniels credit card for her hotel bill. Betty finds Claire to be drunk when she opens the door. Claire starts to ramble on and on and again insists that Bradford didnt kill Faye. Claire then tells Betty that she is the one that killed Faye Summers! Betty takes a glass of liquor and turns it up!

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