I'm Coming Out

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Fashion Week hits New York City!

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Betty stresses over Fashion Week!

Betty stresses out that Fashion Week is finally here. Hilda lounges around in a depression over her job crisis while Justin enthusiastically explains to his mother and grandfather what Fashion Week is. Daniel goes to see his father in his office. Bradford tells him that he has really proven himself the past few months. He informs Daniel that tomorrow after the show he plans on announcing his intentions for Daniel to take over the company one day. Marc brags to Amanda that he earns extra money each year by tipping off a mall based chain about the designs for Fashion Week. She thinks it is genius but Marc still wont let her in on the action. Wilhelmina tells Fabio that she expects to be named as the new Editor In chief soon. Fabio shares her beauty secret using ducks but Wilhelmina insists that she wont need that for years. As soon as Fabio leaves, Wilhelmina orders Marc to research the duck miracle!

Hilda shows up at Mode to make copies of her resume....claiming that she has taken the advice of Oprah and Dr. Phil. Daniel tells Betty to hook Hilda up with some temporary work during Fashion Week. Daniel tells Betty what his father is finally starting to see him as an adult. They get interrupted when Daniel gets a visit from an old friend. He informs Daniel that he is back in town for Fashion Week or as they call it.... bootylimpics! Daniel tells him that he has to focus now because his career is starting to take off. Christina is running on pure adrenaline trying to finish up her designs while Betty paces about Hilda working there with her. Christina tries to assure Betty that it will be okay because Hilda will be second to her there. She will not be in her shadow like when they were younger. Betty tells her that she is probably right and moves on. Ignacio and his social worker finalize the paperwork to keep him in the country. She breaks town in tears and tells him that her boyfriend dumped her....this close to Valentines Day. When he consoles her, Constance tells him that she wishes that more men were like him. Alexis calls Wilhelmina while she is at her beauty appointment and informs her that she is going to the show tomorrow, and that she is determined to find out what everyone really thought of Alex....especially his/her brother Daniel.


No way Justin is missing Fashion Week!

The next morning Justin threatens to run away if Hilda and Betty dont allow him to go to Fashion Week. He insists that he is not playing and that he knows someone in 6th grade that sells crack! Betty says why not and they head out the door. Wilhelmina awakes all anxious to see the results of her cosmetic procedure. She holds the mirror up and screams when she sees her face. Alexis enters the show and immediately turns heads.....including Daniels! Wilhelmina cries and says that the swelling is not going down! She tells Marc that he will have to be by her side all day and be her seeing eye gay!

Walter tells Ignacio that Betty is being really distant from him lately. Constance stops by with groceries and tells Ignacio that she is her for personal reasons....not business. She gives him the less than half full box of chocolates that she was going to give to her boyfriend. She rushes into the kitchen to make gumbo while Walter tells Ignacio that he should just tell her to leave. Ignacio insists that he cant upset his case worker. Walter says that the only thing to do then is to get Constance back with her boyfriend. Back at the show, Daniel approaches Alexis and asks if they have met before. Marc calls Amanda and tells her that she is in on the annual design scheme since he has to stay with Wilhelmina the entire time. Amanda rushes off to find the items they need. Henry tracks Betty down and gives her a smaller Mode logo shirt that will be more flattering on her. He then gets up the nerve and asks her why she never returned his call at Christmas time when he left a message about wanting to watch Rudolph with her. When he tells her that he left the message with Hilda, Betty runs off and tells Henry that she is going to be an only child soon! Betty finally finds Hilda in the salon doing the models hair. They argue and spray hairspray at each other while a model sits in the chair between them. The model lights up a cigarette and her wig catches fire. Betty has had enough and fires Hilda!


Alexis turns head at the show!

Marc sends Justin to take care of Wilhelmina while he works with Amanda on their scheme. Daniel tries to assure Betty that she is doing a great job and tells her to take the time to enjoy all of this. Alexis listens in on the conversation and tells him that he is not the Daniel Meade that she has always heard of. He asks to know where she got her information and she tells him that she used to date his brother. They continue to talk and she asks him if he misses his brother. Daniel tells her that it was a complicated relationship but he is relieved to finally be out of his brothers shadow. Alexis leans closer and tells him that she is certain that he is still in it. She tells him that she has a secret to tell him. She whispers in his ear and Daniel backs up in shock. He asks her who has put her up to saying this. Alexis tells him to look deep into her eyes because that is about the only thing that they could not change. He stumbles on his words and tells her that she is making this up, but she asks him if he remembers the tattoo that she got on her leg back when. She raises her dress up showing her thigh and Daniel drops his champagne on the floor. Alexis asks him if he is ready for the show, then turns around and walks away.

Bradford tells Betty that he is shocked that Daniel isnt anywhere to be found. Betty insists that she will find him. Alexis tells Daniel that she wanted to tell him before the surgery but couldnt. Daniel struggles to catch his breath and then insists that they think about Alex all of the time. Betty bumps into to American Idol Star Katharine McPhee on her way to find Daniel. She explains that she loves Idol and had McPhever, but she loses her excitement when Katharine hands her a signed CD to give to her sister....Hilda! Hilda bumps into an intoxicated Daniel on her way out. She grabs the bottle of liquor and downs a few sips herself. Betty is totally stunned when she walks out and finally finds Daniel.....kissing Hilda! She tells him that his father is looking for him and sends him inside. When he leaves, Betty lashes out at Hilda and tells her that she is not going to let her take Mode away from her. Hilda tells Betty that she has a great job, a great boss and a cute guy thats into her and that she needs to give her a break. The sisters finally calm down and Hilda tells her that the reason she didnt tell her that Henry called was because she thought that he was some big city guy that would hurt her. Hilda apologizes and tells her that she should have known that she could take care of herself. They rush in to catch the actual fashion show.


Is it hard to have a sister?

Constances boyfriend arrives at Ignacios house thinking that someone had called for a cab. Ignacio tells him that he has hurt Constance really bad. He informs Ignacio that if he wants his green card he has got to get intimate with Constance because she is the one that stamps approved or denied. He informs him that this is how Constance works and that she did the same thing to him. Wilhelmina brings Christina on the stage and introduces her to the crowd as the designer of the finale dress that Alexis was wearing. She then calls Bradford up for a few words. Alexis steps over and takes the microphone from Bradford and tells the crowd that a few years back Bradford lost a son. She then tells them that what he didnt know was that he gained a daughter. She looks at her father and says hello daddy! The crowd goes crazy just as the cops rush on stage and arrest Bradford for the murder of Faye Summers. Christina gets upset at Wilhelmina when she figures out that the envelope she delivered to the police was used to frame Bradford. Daniel stands next to Betty and asks her if it is easy to have a sister!

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