Daniel Meade (Eric Mabius), editor of Mode.

Daniel (Eric Manius) and Betty (America Ferrera).

This season, we are seeing a new crop of fashion themed shows hitting the airwaves with a devilish stride. In the past few years, we've seen America's Next Top Model spread over multiple seasons in both its male and female variations. We've also had fellow reality-tv shows The Hill (MTV) and Unwrapping Macy's (WEtv) to say nothing of the addictive Fashion Television itself.

While the world of high fashion has been a favorite venue, from Dynasty to the Bold and the Beautiful, it's largely been backdrop. Now it seems that full on fascination has set in. This season, with the success of Ugly Betty and Fashion House we already find other networks vying to get in on the action. Fox has recently announced that it will be developing its own sitcom version of The Devil Wears Prada which could come out as early as the New Year.

The shift away from cop and lawyer melodramas and a-little-too-obvious sitcoms has already been recognized by TV critics and industry insiders. It's not a trend expected to come to a halt any time soon. Networks are realizing what's always been crystal clear, that glamour, beautiful people and all that goes with them are hot commodities. While Sex in the City thrived on the margins of this, the makers of Ugly Betty have managed to do something more unusual than any of the shows that share its company. In a gleefully subversive move, they've place themselves at its center, turning an ugly duckling story into a clever social commentary and ably moving between comedy and drama.

What's even more exciting is that they've quickly moved from the confines of the studio sets and are spreading across the landscape to show up in the most unexpected areas. In the early weeks of the show, it wasn't unusual to find a barrage of people dressed up as the show's heroine, parading the streets of New York encouraging passers-by to come and check out the fun. This past Monday, members of the cast made a surprise appearance on ESPN. Daniel (Eric Mabius), Amanda (Becki Newton) and Betty (America Ferrera) captured New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and gave him a drastic photoshop makeover to fashion him into strapping quarterback Tom Brady in a shocking feat of genre crossover. But such creative tactics are not limited to television alone. The numerous impressive websites that ABC has dedicated to the show also sport an impressive online shop where you can purchase the fashions worn on the show. It's all part of the show's inclusive message and its attempt to reach out to a wide audience in a clever and innovative way.