Wilhelmina Slater (as played by Vanessa Williams on Ugly Betty)

Useful information about Wilhelmina Slater

* Conspires with Alexis Meade to take over MODE.
* Was friends with former editor Fey Sommers.

Who's played Wilhelmina Slater over the years?

Vanessa Williams

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Creative Editor of MODE
Past: Top model

Past History

Wilhelmina grew up as the daughter of a family of privilege. Sent away to boarding school, she became determined to gain the love and respect of her cold and domineering father. As a top model in her younger days, she gained sophistication and a greater taste for class as she traveled the world and became one of its most famous faces.

She began her affiliation with MODE early in her career and has moved through the ranks with great agility. When her friend Fey Sommers, the editor of MODE, died, she expected to take her place and fulfill her ambitions. Unfortunately, in what she regards as an act of brute nepotism, she was passed over in favor of the publisher's son Daniel. Since he had little business acumen or fashion sense, this was doubly an affront.

Subsequently, she has sought to undermine and destroy his career so that she can take over. This has included sabotaging photo shoots and magazine projects. She is being aided in this by a mysterious woman kept at a clinic with whom she is regularly seen conspiring. Her plans move along with the help of her eager assistant Marc who she had to buy off when he happened upon her more questionable dealings.

Outside of the machinations of office politics, she has tried to address her strained relationship with her rebellious daughter Nico. She even went so far as cooking her an entire Thanksgiving meal, something that her ice queen persona would find difficult to comprehend.

Flings and Relationships

Mick Jagger
Andre Agassi
Prince of Dubai
Ted LeBeau (dating)


'Senator' Slater (father)


Nico Slater (daughter)