Marc (as played by Michael Urie on Ugly Betty)

Useful information about Marc

* Suffers Asthma attacks when he comes under stress.
* Has a pet named 'Schmoopy.'
* Confessed to loving Daniel when he and Amanda got drunk at the office on Thanksgiving.
* While overtly gay, he's never come out to his family.
* Has tried out for every season of Project Catwalk.
* Holds the Guinness record for his bow tie collection.
* Dressed up as Betty for Halloween.

Who's played Marc over the years?

Michael Urie

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Personal Assistant to Wilhelmina Slater at MODE

Past History

As the fawning personal assistant of Wilhelmina Slater, Marc acts without conscience to do whatever will best impress her. This often involves taking part in her continued quest to rid the magazine of those who threaten its high standards of 'beauty.' Most of the time however, he mocks Betty with panache. His frequent partner in crime is fellow office worker Amanda. Together, they snuck into the office to get drunk and peruse Wilhelmina's phone records, accidentally stumbling on her relationship with a mysterious woman in the process. A panicked Wilhelmina managed to buy his silence when he tried, rather sheepishly, to blackmail her. He has also proven to have a softer side, offering Betty's nephew Justin helpful advice when he came to work for a visit.

Past Marriages


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