Justin Suarez (as played by Mark Indelicato on Ugly Betty)

Useful information about Justin Suarez

* Lives in Queens with his family.
* Loves Dance Revolution.
* Cast and directed of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at his local YMCA.
* Won an award for 'Creativity' when he designed a diorama of Martha Stewart's jail cell.

Who's played Justin Suarez over the years?

Mark Indelicato

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Student

Past History

Betty's nephew is obsessed with fashion and is a committed watcher of Fashion TV and reader of MODE. In fact, he has often been more excited about Betty's job at the magazine than she is. This is useful for Betty, who often relies on his enthusiastic advice. This has sometimes made Hilda jealous of the admiration that Betty gets from her son.

Justin's obsessions with the world of modeling have led his mother to become concerned about his eating habits and sometimes coquettish behavior. While she defended his effeminate sensibility to a concerned Santos, she has privately wished that he would be more of a 'normal' boy. This is has also caused problems outside of the home. He has a history of being bullied at school for his flamboyant manner. When he visited Betty at work, a sympathetic Marc gave him advice about being himself.

Past Marriages


Flings and Relationships



Ignacio Suarez (grandfather)
Betty Suarez (aunt)
Santos (father)
Hilda Suarez (mother)