Ignacio Suarez (as played by Tony Plana on Ugly Betty)

Useful information about Ignacio Suarez

* Is an obsessive watcher of the telenovela Vidas de Fuego.
* Enjoys giving romantic advice to the men who pass through the house.
* Lives in Queens with his family.
* Continues to drink caffeine despite his daughters telling him not to because of his health problems.

Who's played Ignacio Suarez over the years?

Tony Plana

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Retired
Past: Cook
Past: Boxer

Past History

While in Mexico, Ignacio began an affair with Betty and Hilda's mother while he was working as a cook for a wealthy banker. Learning that she was being abused in the marriage, he decided to rescue her and, accidentally, killed her husband while fighting to help her escape. Fearing prosecution, the two fled to America where they lived illegally under false identities. Fearing deportation, they never applied for amnesty or sought legal status.

Settling down to a happy life in the city, they began raising their small family in peace. With his wife's death several years ago, Ignacio has been left to raise the children himself and the family has grown closer. Both daughters do as much as they can for him now that he is developing health problems. When Betty tried to get him an HMO provider, he continually sabotaged her, but it eventually came out that he wasn't who he claimed to be. Soon, immigration and customs arrested him and announced that he would be having a deportation hearing.

Past Marriages

Unnamed wife (deceased)


Justin Suarez (grandson)


Betty_Suarez (daughter)
Hilda_Suarez (daughter)