Hilda Suarez (as played by Ana Ortiz on Ugly Betty)

Useful information about Hilda Suarez

* Lives in Queens with her family.
* Lifelong enemies with neighbor Gina Gamabrro.
* Had to drop out of college before her first class when she went in labor on the bus.
* Former Miss Teen of Queens.

Who's played Hilda Suarez over the years?

Ana Oritz

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Health Supplement salesperson for Herbalux

Past History

Nothing is more important to Hilda than her family. This can often lead to overbearing behavior, particularly where it concerns Betty and her father. She has insistently disapproved of Betty's working at MODE. To her, Betty's movement in its exalted circles is a threat to the family. To remedy this, she continues to suggest that her sister come to work with her selling herbal remedies. She has also meddled in her sister's love life, trying to push her back with Walter and away from Henry.

Recently, this protective element of her personality led her to employing a lawyer of dubious reputation to assist in her father's immigration problems. When the lawyer ran off with all of their money, Hilda had to admit that she was blinded with trying to do the right thing by the family. She also admitted that this was an attempt to outshine Betty who is clearly her father's favorite daughter. Her son Justin is the product of her on-again, off-again relationship with Santos. Although they clearly care about one another, she refuses to commit to a lasting relationship with him because of his gambling problems and erratic lifestyle.

Past Marriages


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Ignacio_Suarez (father)
Betty_Suarez (daughter)


Justin_Suarez (son with Santos)