Claire Meade (as played by Judith Light on Ugly Betty)

Useful information about Claire Meade

* Recovering alcoholic
* Mother of Daniel and Alexis
* Confided to Betty that she killed Faye
* Accepts Alexis just as she is

Who's played Claire Meade over the years?

Judith Light (2006-present)

Current and Past Occupation


Past History

Claire Meade is the mother of Daniel and Alexis. She is a recovering alcoholic that struggles with the battle everyday. She has been in and out of rehab trying to deal with the addiction, but still drinks when she gets the chance. Claire was overjoyed to find out that her son Alex is still alive. She has no problem accepting him in his new identity of Alexis.she is just glad to have him back. Claire recently confided in Betty that she is the one that killed Faynot Bradford!

Past Marriages

Bradford Meade

Flings and Relationships





Alexis Meade (with Bradford) *used to be Alex Meade
Daniel Meade (with Bradford)