Christina (as played by Ashley Jensen on Ugly Betty)

Useful information about Christina

* Wilhelmina believes that she is actually Irish because she is often drunk at work.
* 'Braveheart' is Amanda's nickname for her.

Who's played Christina over the years?

Ashley Jensen

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Seamstress at MODE

Past History

A young Christina left Scotland for America with dreams of becoming a fashion designer. While she still clings to this ambition, she has become more cynical, realizing that the caustic and superficial world of fashion is brutal to the less than perfect. However, she still loves it, despite its faults and relishes all the cast-offs she stows away at work.

As the resident seamstress, she occupies a unique position in the magazine. She is one of the few characters who openly speak their minds with virtual indemnity, often through acidic quips hidden by her accent. In this way, she gets the better of Wilhelmina who has the habit of using her as her own personal dresser.

Coming from a large immigrant family, she can relate easily to Betty and was the first person to befriend Betty. She has served as her confidant and chief source of advice in dealing with the intricacies of office politics.