Bradford Meade (as played by Alan Dale on Ugly Betty)

Useful information about Bradford Meade

* Hired Betty as Daniel's assistant because he knew that Daniel wouldn't be tempted by her.
* Married to Claire Meade.

Who's played Bradford Meade over the years?

Alan Dale

Current and Past Occupation

Current: CEO and owner of Meade Publications

Past History

As one of the most successful publishing moguls in the world, Bradford affects an air of distance and sophistication. This may be a way of hiding the more sinister elements of his personality and actions. His life with Claire was broken by a string of infidelities and her drinking problems. The strains of the marriage were exasperated by the loss of his favorite son, Alex, who he was expected to hand his empire over to. Having begrudgingly handed part of the empire over to womanizing son Daniel, he has patiently waited for him to fail, but so far has been pleasantly surprised by his success.

He has been haunted by his former affairs, specifically by one with famed editor Fey Somers who met a macabre end. In a bid to halt mysterious calls and gifts he had received, he hired a detective to investigate. When he came to believe that he had been betrayed and the detective was working with his enemies, he had him buried alive in Fey's mausoleum.

Flings and Relationships

Fey Somers


Daniel_Meade (with Claire)
Alexis Meade, formerly Alex (with Claire)