Betty Suarez (as played by America Ferrera on Ugly Betty)

Useful information about Betty Suarez

* Lives in Queens with her family.
* Graduated from Queens College with a BFA in Media.
* Was born in 1984.
* Won an award for playing the triangle in high school.
* Was the mascot for her high school basketball team
* Bat boy for the New York Mets.

Who's played Betty Suarez over the years?

America Ferrera

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Personal assistant to Daniel Meade
Past: Human resource coordinator at Pro-Buy
Past: Soft Serve Specialist/Weekend Night Manager at Corona Cones

Past History

Betty has planned most of her life with the ambition of becoming a magazine editor. After a series of internships and small jobs, she was placed in the unlikely position of editorial assistant at MODE. This appointment came at the behest of Bradford Meade, not because of her qualifications, but for her looks. More specifically, her bad looks, which he imagined would be off-putting enough to keep the mind of his womanizing son Daniel on his work.

Coming from a lower-middle class background in Queens did not prepare her to deal with the fashion demimonde. Immediately met with scorn by both Daniel and her co-workers, she gradually built up a relationship with him thanks to her agile thinking and hard work. She has since made herself indispensable to him, perhaps too much so, often getting involved in sorting out his love life or selecting what shirt he should wear. Even her co-workers have eased on her as time has gone by, if mostly for pragmatic reasons. She did make quick friends with Christina who has subsequently served as her adviser. More significantly, she's found a new admirer in Henry from accounting. She has tried to stifle her growing fantasies about him for the sake of her unfaithful and dull boyfriend Walter, but has begun to crack. Rejecting his proposal, she has tried to move on to new things. This has caused conflicts with her sister, who regards this as a betrayal of the family and continually urges Betty to come to work with her.

Recently, she has discovered that her father is an illegal immigrant and sought financial help to pay for legal fees. However, when Wilhelmina offered her money in exchange for her betrayal of Daniel, her conscience got the better of her and she refused it. She found an unlikely role model in magazine editor Sofia Reyes who has often given her advice and encouragement, going so far as offering her an editorial position in her new magazine.

Past Marriages


Flings and Relationships

Walter (boyfriend)


Ignacio_Suarez (father)
Hilda_Suarez (sister)
Justin_Suarez (nephew)