Amanda (as played by Becki Newton on Ugly Betty)

Useful information about Amanda

* Lives in Manhattan.
* An uncle is one of the 'Three Tenors.'
* She throws out a pair of shoes every three days.

Who's played Amanda over the years?

Becki Newton

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Assistant to Daniel
Past: Receptionist at MODE

Past History

Amanda is the twenty-something daughter of an investment banker. From him, she learned how to manipulate with dexterity and may have gotten her hands dirty in a little embezzlement. She has spent years battling her insecurities and eating disorders in a bid to become her ideal woman. These tendencies frequently flare up when she is under stress and resorts to binge eating.

Despite having a string of boyfriends, her only real friendship seems to be with Marc. Together, they share in daily gossip, mockery and plotting to ingratiate themselves with the management of the magazine. She has also demonstrated a friendly capacity toward Betty on occasions when it was in her interest to do so, even letting her guard down and confessing her feelings in confidence. She quickly snaps out of this however, usually with a few vicious remarks.

She maintains strong feelings for Daniel Meade and, while the two have shared a casual sexual relationship, she seems resigned to the fact that he scarcely recognizes her existence. Recently, she has tried to pull away from him and find a more lasting relationship.

In a bid to better her life, she planned the luxurious office Christmas party and managed to impress Betty enough to win her position when she was leaving. While she was recently promoted to the position of assistant editor, that position is not expected to last.

Past Marriages


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