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Spoilers for the Week of November 27, 2017

11/27/2017 12:00am

The Young and the Restless Spoilers November 27 - December 1 image

Deconstructing Y&R: Victoria and Abby’s clashes

Week of November 27:Abby-cynical-Victoria-YR-CBS

Y&R Weekly Spoiler Video: Billy & Phyllis on a desk

Monday November 27:

Y&R Recap: The gun that killed Zach belonged to a Newman

Jack must decide whether to continue seeing Nikki.

Nick looks into the Underground fire.

Victor works to maintain his image.

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Tuesday November 28:

Y&R Recap: Jordan takes revenge on HilaryGloria-notice-Ashley-YR-HW

Victoria settles in at work.

Tessa makes an admission.

Wednesday November 29:

Y&R Recap: Abby accuses Scott of double-crossing her

Sharon's suspicions grow.

Hilary finds herself exposed.

Devon learns Hilary has a proposal for him.

Nick questions Paul about the arsonist.

Thursday November 30:

Y&R Recap: Lily supports Cane, who prepares for the worst

Cane is summoned by Sam's doctor.

Cane receives terrible news.

Dina snaps at Jack as he tries to make things festive.

Dina and Jack share a loving moment.

Ashley informs Gloria that she's in charge and tells her to deal with it.

Ashley does something unexpected.

Mrs. Martinez (played by Margarita Franco) appears in scenes at the Abbott house.

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Friday December 1:

Y&R Spoiler Video: Ashley's Furious Victor Pushed Abby Out of Newman

Y&R Recap: Victor threatens to expose Christian’s paternity

Nikki's loyalty is in question.

Cane is helped by Lily.

Victoria's outsmarted by Abby.

Ashley confronts Victor about pushing Abby out of a job.

Sharon wants to ask Scott to move in.

Scott gets a New York-based job offer.


Lily shows concern for Cane and Sam.

Cane learns Sam has a preemie heart condition and is told to prepare for the worst.

Coming up...

Tessa stands up for herself.

Billy brings romance to his relationship.

Kevin makes an admission.

Victoria irks Ashley.

Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero guests as Kerry Forrest.

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- Candace Young

Spoilers for the Week of November 20, 2017

11/20/2017 12:00am

The Young and the Restless Spoilers November 20 - 24 image

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Week of November 20:Nikki-not-giving-up-YR-CBS

Y&R Weekly Video: Abby taunts VictoriaY&R Recap: Ashley and Jack break down over Dina’s Alzheimer’s

Monday November 20:

Y&R Spoiler Video: Neil Faces Victor's Wrath

Sharon and Ashley both get calls from Paul.

Tuesday November 21:

Y&R Recap: Jack throws Nikki out of the Abbott housenick-chelsea-thanksgiving-2017-yr-hw

Jack is frustrated by Nikki.

Devon and Mariah take a look at their relationsh

Mariah tells Devon she doesn't think she should be with him.ip.

Jordan talks into a camera and says that Hilary Curtis isn't really Hilary Curtis.

Victoria makes changes at Newman.

Scott agrees to help Abby stop Victoria.

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Wednesday November 22:

Y&R Recap: Jack shares Dina’s diagnosis with the family

Nikki and Nick show up unexpectedly for Thanksgiving dinner at the ranch.

Jack and Ashley keep a secret about Dina from the rest of the family on the holiday.

Hilary and Phyllis' Thanksgiving get together takes a turn.

Thursday November 23:

CBS will air a repeat episode of "Y&R" on the east coast, and "Y&R" is pre-empted on the west coast for the Thanksgiving Day parade.

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Friday November 24:

CBS will air a repeat episode of "Y&R."


Jack comes around to agreeing with Ashley that Dina must be told about her condition.

Dina surprises Jack and Ashley.

Hilary and Phyllis plan a Thanksgiving for themselves.

Billy crashes Phyllis' Thanksgiving and proposes a spontaneous trip to New Orleans.

Coming up...

Nikki's in trouble.

Hilary lays low.

Cane is shaken.

Chelsea cuts a deal with Victor.

Abby squares off with Victoria.

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Photo credit: Howard Wise/JPI

- Candace Young