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Spoilers for the Week of February 06, 2017

02/06/2017 12:00am

The Young and the Restless spoilers February 6 - 10 image

Deconstructing Y&R! Fans loving the kicked up fun, comedy, and clashes

Week of February 6:

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Monday February 6:

Y&R Recap: Hilary shuts down Gloria’s scheme as Jack scrambles

Victoria confronts Reed about his online porn purchase.

Gloria advises Jack to watch GC Buzz to stay in the loop.

Hilary and Mariah begin the show with their exclusive story.

Billy comes to Phyllis' rescue.

Tuesday February 7:

Y&R Recap: Victoria plays matchmaker for Nick and Chelsea

Lily has doubts.

Victoria doesn't think the idea of Chelsea and Nick is so crazy.

Faith wants to move back to Sharon's.

Jack's on a mission.

Y&R Spoiler Video: Gloria accuses Jack of treating her as a sex object

Wednesday February 8:

Y&R Recap: Ashley puts a gloating Gloria on notice

Devon reassures Lily.

Victoria announces she wants to buy Brash & Sassy on her own.

Lauren and Jack battle for the spotlight.

Gloria accuses Jack of trying to avoid her.

Ashley and Gloria recall the past.

Announcement: CBS soap alum strikes huge deal with network

Thursday February 9:

Y&R Recap: Victoria lashes out at immature boys in her life

Paul questions Sharon as to what she's searching for, and she tells him divorce papers.

Reed calls his dad.

Billy makes a move on Victoria.

Nikki goes too far with Sharon.

Abby surprises Victor.

Nick and Chelsea try something new.

Friday February 10:

Just in! Grey's Anatomy recap: Bailey makes a power move against the rebelling attending

Y&R Recap: Cane plays third wheel to Lily’s blast from the past

Victor gets an unexpected request.

Vikki walks in on Lily posing in the lab and Billy and Cane grinning.

Victoria receives a reality check from Billy.

Lily meets an old friend.

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- Candace Young

Spoilers for the Week of January 30, 2017

01/30/2017 12:00am

The Young and the Restless spoilers January 30 - February 3 image

Deconstructing Y&R! Dylan’s departure twist packs emotional punch

Announcement: Peter Bergman (Jack) on Hallmark’s Home & Family

Week of January 30:

Y&R Weekly Spoiler Video: Jack wakes up to an unpleasant realization

Monday January 30:

Y&R Recap: Jack’s meeting with Gloria takes a shocking turn

Sharon, Nikki, and Paul discuss moving forward without Dylan.

Jack makes an admission to Ashley.

A party is held at The Underground.

Tuesday January 31:

Y&R Recap: Jack faces regrets, and Lauren tangles with Jill

Jack gets a rude awakening.

Devon and Lily discuss good news.

Victoria and Billy discuss Reed.

Jack reveals to an irate Jill that he bought a stake in Fenmore's.

Just in! Michael Muhney addresses rumors on why he left Y&R and a possible return

Wednesday February 1:

Y&R Recap: Jill plots against Lauren, as Billy warns Jack

Devon beats Hilary at her own game.

Hilary learns she's getting a co-host.

Phyllis listens to Jack rant about Lauren failing to consider Jill's share in Fenmore's.

Reed has regrets.

Lauren must defend herself.

Announcement: Ray Wise’s (Ian) Twin Peaks miniseries premiere date

Thursday February 2:

Y&R Recap: Gloria refuses to be ignored by Jack

Jill demands answers from Colin.

Neil wonders if Hilary's action changed Devon's mind.

Ravi sees a different side of Ashley.

Friday February 3:

Y&R Recap: Gloria retaliates against Jack via GC Buzz

Victoria is challenged by her father.

Phyllis' plan for a fresh start backfires.

Gloria fights back.

Jill and Billy discuss her plans.

Ash interrupts Glo and Jack.

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Gloria retaliates against Jack by taking a claim of sexual harassment to GC Buzz.

Cane is upset by Victoria's plan to buy Brash & Sassy on her own.

Hilary files for divorce from Devon and asks for no money. He makes her a settlement offer anyway.

February Sweeps preview from Soap Opera Digest:

One of Victor's children steps up to helm Newman Enterprises.

As Jabot and Fenmore's merge, Jack has trouble letting Lauren run things, Ashley and Phyllis butt heads, and Gloria inserts herself into the situation.

Reed proves to be a bigger handful for Victoria than Billy ever was.

Hilary resorts to extreme measures to keep Devon in her life.

Cane and Lily face a test to their relationship as she returns to the modeling world.

The dynamics of Nick and Chelsea's relationship begin to change.

Sharon faces the future carrying the secret of what happened to Dylan.

Ravi tries to grow closer to Ashley.

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-Candace Young