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Spoilers for the Week of January 15, 2018

01/15/2018 12:00am

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Cute "Y&R" bit on "S.W.A.T." which stars ex-Y&R star, Shemar Moore:

JT-Victoria-wall-YR-CBSWeek of January 15:

Y&R Weekly Spoiler Video: Cane asks Lily if she wants him

Monday January 15:

Y&R Recap: Graham’s smug as Ash falls into his trap

Victoria and JT have sex again.

Billy grills JT.

Cane leaves for Paris.

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Tuesday January 16:

Y&R Recap: Victor walks in on JT and Victoria

Nick teams up with his mother.Tessa-Devon-hit-YR-CBS

Victor makes a startling discovery.

Devon talks with Mariah.

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Wednesday January 17:

Y&R Recap: Dina sticks Graham with deadly syringe

Tessa goes to extreme lengths.

Someone surprises Abby by visiting her in Paris.

Graham oversteps.

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Thursday January 18:

Y&R Recap: Paul accuses Ashley of attacking Graham

Dina comes clean.

Lily and Cane look back on their past.

Hilary gets baby fever.

Friday January 19:

JT proves to be a distraction for Victoria.

Victoria makes a significant decision.

Cane and Lily return from Paris with news.

Mariah's world is turned upside-down.

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Hilary and Esther babysit Sam.

Ashley is suspicious when Graham invites her to Dina's suite.

Graham's display of emotion leaves Ashley unmoved.

Mattie is apprehensive about Cane's plan.

Victoria helps Cane locate Lily in Paris.

Lily and Cane share a romantic reunion.

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Coming up...

Ashley receives an unexpected offer.

Mariah remains firm.

JT keeps something hidden.

Phyllis wants to help Hilary.

2018 Previews from Soap Opera Digest:

Victoria and Abby continue to clash at Newman Enterprises until Victor hires someone new who is a bigger concern to Victoria.

Billy and Phyllis' relationship is tested as they get caught up in Jack's feud with Ashley.

Sharon takes back control of her life and proves to be stronger than ever.

Hilary's past behavior comes to light.

Hilary has a proposition for Devon, who will get a few surprises.

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