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Spoilers for the Week of October 09, 2017

10/09/2017 12:00am

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Deconstructing Y&R: Nick dazed, but not confused, over emptied account

Week of October 9:

Monday October 9:

Y&R Recap: Mariah is crushed when Tessa moves in with Noah

Y&R Spoiler Video: Colin returns and meets Juliet

Devon-Hilary-doing-something-right-YR-CBSMariah tells Tessa she doesn't want her to go.

Sharon informs Nick that Alice was in a car accident and then disappeared.

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Tuesday October 10:

Y&R Recap: Nick sets a plan to expose Victor on The Hilary Hour

Chelsea warns Nick about seeking revenge.

Hilary can't wait to hear what Nick has to tell her.

Traci sees a photo of Graham Davis in her old yearbook.

Y&R Spoiler Video: Phyllis informs Billy that everything is not okay

Hilary lets her guard down.

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Wednesday October 11:

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Y&R Recap: Ashley is floored to see Traci’s yearbook photo of Graham Davis

Traci-Ashley-toast-YR-CBSVictor issues a warning to Nick.

Jack takes a shot at Billy.

Y&R Spoiler Video: Graham predicts surprises at Ashley’s awards party

Graham has to backpedal.

Nick turns things around on Victor.

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Thursday October 12:

Y&R Recap: Ashley’s true paternity is revealed publicly as she confronts Graham

Ashley's award celebration goes awry.

Graham asks Ashley if she wants to 'do this here'. She does.

Nikki excuses herself and walks away from Jack to go see what Hilary did to her family 'this time'.

Hilary and Nikki square off.

Chelsea and Nick prepare to watch his interview air.

Victor-foolish-Nick-YR-CBSNick's family is stunned by his news.

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Friday October 13:

Y&R Recap: Dina collapses in her suite after Graham hurls insults at her

Y&R Spoiler Video: Victoria proclaims Nick’s actions are certifiable

Everything changes for the Abbott family.

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Coming up...

Sharon and Noah question Nick's decision to donate his money.

Nick wants to reach out to Victor.

Cane is made acting CEO of Chancellor Industries.

Juliet quarrels with Victoria.

After noticing Juliet's pain, Cane has her move in with him.

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