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Spoilers for the Week of September 01, 2008

09/01/2008 12:00am

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Jill urges Cane to annul! (

Week of September 1st - 5th

Monday, September 1st

The Young and the Restless is pre-empted today for the U.S. Open Tennis.

Tuesday, September 2nd

What Chloe has to stay stuns everyone!

Jill tells Cane to get an annulment before Chloe/Kate can get her hooks into him any deeper!

Nikki tells Victor that he means too much to her, she can't just leave him there! But Victor insists that he wishes to stay 'dead'!

Adam tells Heather, "They've had everything handed to them their entire lives! I'm not sharing with them!"

Nick and Victoria read their letters from Victor.

Wednesday, September 3rd

Jack confronts Sharon about her defense of Nick during an argument. Seems he is carrying around residual feelings of betrayal.

Paul heads back to Mexico and finds Nikki.

Sharon and Nick agree to let Noah attend public school!

Adam tells Brad that he intends to let his half-siblings fend for themselves!

Daniel must deal with his feelings as he is accused of sending out mixed messages!

Nick gives Jack some shocking news!

Victoria tells Brad there is news about Victor!

Victor sees Adam and Heather getting hot and heavy on the sofa at the Ranch!

Thursday, September 4th

Cane and Lily once again have an emotional run-in. When she turns up at his door, they share a passionate kiss.

Nick and Victoria go to see their father, but are puzzled when Michael says he's not ready to see them yet!

Esther and Chloe have words.

Cane doesn't want Jill meddling!

Adam gets a shock!

Friday, September 5th

The show is pre-empted today for the U.S. Open Tennis.


Nikki has discovered that Victor is alive, but while she is happy to see him, he isn't returning the sentiment! Watch for the emotional clash of the exes!

Nick and Victoria read the letters from Victor and must come to terms with the stunning contents!

Will Adam go ahead with his drastic plans for Newman Enterprises?

As expected, there will be a confrontation between Victor and Adam!

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Sharon Case will be in Paris! (

Week of September 8th...

The battle for Restless Style may actually be decided at the drop of a coin!

Victor confronts Nick and Victoria - nope, it's not pleasant!

Jill finds herself in a pinch as the Securities Exchange decides to focus on her!

Jack renews his bid for revenge on - who else? Victor!

Daniel will attempt to express how he is feeling to Colleen.

Fall Preview

Sabrina may make a ghostly appearance. Will it be to give her husband advice, or will she perhaps appear to Nikki again?

Looks like Daniel may be starting to develop real feelings for Colleen, even as he deals with his continued love for Amber. Read about Adrienne Frantz's feelings about the couple in the Y&R News Room!

Michael continues his discovery of who his father is, and what it means for himself and his family. Lauren, meanwhile, finds out that River has left the Ashram!

Ashley Abbott is due back in Genoa City permanently - imagine the storyline possibilities!

Y&R is set to do a taping in Paris for the program's first-ever on-location shoot in France. The actors slated to participate thus far are Eric Braeden (Victor Newman), Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott), Sharon Case (Sharon Newman Abbott), and Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman). The week of filming is scheduled for October 2008, meaning scenes should air in November! The on-location shoot precedes the series' upcoming 20th anniversary of airing in France! Read the details in the News Room!

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