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Spoilers for the Week of July 15, 2013

07/15/2013 12:00am

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Week of July 15:

Monday July 15:

Leslie and Avery discuss Nick.

Michael says he wants to kill Carmine when Carmine taunts him.

Carmine is released.

Gloria blames Lauren for Fen's condition.

Glo offers to have Carmine whacked.

Michael tells Lauren he'll make sure Carmine can't hurt them again.

Carmine watches a video of him and Lauren in bed.

Jack punches Nick and confronts him about what he's taken from him. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Nick and Jack.

Sharon talks to Faith about showing Nick he needs them.

Jack and Summer discuss their situation.

Avery tells Nick she's trying to stand by him.

Sharon admits to Cassie's ghost that she changed the paternity results.

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Tuesday July 16:

Avery and Summer discuss Nick.

Avery confides in Dylan.

Jack softens toward Phyllis.

Summer isn't ready to be around Jack.

Kyle and Nick face-off.

Nick tells Noah what he did.

Chelsea pays Jeff to keep quiet.

Sharon dreams of reuniting with Nick. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Sharon.

Sharon watches Nick with Avery.

Wednesday July 17:

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Carmine posts the sex video on Genoa City Buzz.

Fen, Lauren, and Michael each go ballistic over the video.

Michael confronts Carmine with a gun in the alley.

Phyllis tells Adam what Nick did. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Adam and Phyllis.

Victoria sympathizes with Phyllis and supports Nick.

Victor and Adam argue about Nick.

Adam makes a call after his session with Victor.

Victor makes a call after telling Adam they'll have a clean slate.

Chloe and Billy clear the air. She's relieved to learn he has a sponsor.

Chloe calls Victoria to come to her work to talk about Billy.

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Thursday July 18:

Lauren looks for Michael.

Michael holds a gun on Carmine. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Carmine and Michael.

Chloe tells Victoria that Billy went to a meeting.

Victoria tells Billy she'll set up a visit with Johnny since he went to a meeting.

Chelsea finds Dylan is acting distant.

Kevin removes the Lauren video from GC Buzz.

Abby and Tyler run into Cane and Lily.

Cane and Lily have tension over Tyler.

Melanie has a run-in with Adam.

Billy wants to team up with Melanie.

Michael is arrested after Carmine calls the police.

Carmine asks Lauren for one more night and he'll drop the charges against Michael.

Friday July 19:

Avery and Phyllis have a heartfelt conversation.

Jack tells Billy he will propose to Phyllis.

Nikki urges Victoria to invite Billy to the gala.

Victor warns Billy not to show up at the gala.

Hilary tells Cane she saw him arguing with Lily. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Hilary and Cane.

Lily and Cane have words about Tyler but clear the air.

Sharon wants Summer and Nick to tell Faith about the paternity results.

Summer tells Phyllis about being at Sharon's place and that Faith told Nick not to worry they'd be a family soon.

Sharon talks to Cassie at the cemetery.

Jack arrives at the gala and awkwardness ensues.

Phyllis hears Sharon confess to what she did at the cemetery.

Week of July 22:

Monday July 22:

Billy fires Carmine.

Lauren tells Michael that Carmine said he would drop all charges if he could have one more night with her.

Adam says to Avery, "Have you let it go, Avery? You're not bothered by what your fiance here has done?"


Billy and Melanie go after Adam.

Sharon and Phyllis face off.

Chloe and Chelsea are confronted by Victoria.

Lily and Cane have a romantic evening.

Lily is bothered by Abby's observations.

Week of July 29:

The blogger goes up against Neil and family.

Carmine and Michael's battle comes to a stunning climax.

Daniel returns to Genoa City.

Billy reaches out to his wife.

Jack tells Phyllis how much he loves her.

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