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Spoilers for the Week of May 20, 2013

05/20/2013 12:00am

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Week of May 20:

Monday May 20:

Fen tries to hit Kyle with a candlestick holder, but Kyle takes it and punches Fen.

Phyllis arrives at the penthouse and calls in other parental units.

Sharon realizes something is bothering Nick.

Michael and Lauren take Fen home from the penthouse where he explains how Summer set him up.

Nick reads Summer the riot act and takes her car keys at the penthouse.

Phyllis, Kyle, and Summer all wonder about Nick's attitude toward Kyle.

Jack and Traci bicker over Phyllis' reasons for moving out. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Traci and Jack.

Kyle talks to Jack about Nick's irrational attitude toward him and Summer.

Kyle hints that he might be into Summer after all.

Abby realizes Carmine tangled with Michael over Lauren.

Paul warns Carmine to stay away from Lauren.

Michael cannot reconnect with Lauren.

Sharon tells her therapist she's lost again.

Michael burns the pack of matches from the inn.

Nick calls to order a paternity test kit.

Tuesday May 21:

Nick prepares his do-over DNA test.

Summer suggests to Kyle that they could date.

Dylan has a nightmare about Afghanistan.

Chelsea and Dylan visit the fair psychic, who tells Chelsea she's pregnant and must not cut the father out.

Tyler tells Leslie he's made a decision where Lily is concerned. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Tyler and Leslie.

Adam asks Avery if she still has feelings for Dylan.

Dylan and Chelsea run into Adam and Avery. Avery notices Chelsea's beginning to show.

Adam counts up the days since he and Chelsea made love.

Jill advises Cane to toughen up if he wants to be successful.

Tyler tells Lily he's leaving Jabot. She won't have it.

Cane and Jill witness Lily and Tyler in an intense conversation.

Lily alludes to having feelings for Tyler.

Oliver from Forrester Creations photographs Mason and Summer.

Kyle asks Summer out for dinner following the shoot.

Someone snaps photos of Tyler and Leslie.

Avery realizes Dylan and Chelsea are falling for each other.

Wednesday May 22:

Victor wants Victoria to sit down with him and Adam.

Adam wants Billy to get Victoria off his back or he'll tell her he was gambling. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Billy and Adam.

Chloe calls to get Crimson Lights appraised behind Kevin's back.

Chelsea is confronted by Adam about the baby possibly being his.

Chloe tells Chelsea she needs to protect herself by getting Dylan to marry her.

Dylan tells Adam to stay away from Chelsea.

Adam calls Chelsea's doctor.

Jill asks Cane about Tyler and Lily.

Lily offers to leave the project if Tyler returns.

Neil is stunned to learn that it's his own corporation sending his journal entries to Genoa City Buzz.

Victoria puts another P.I. on Adam's trail.

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Thursday May 23:

Jack asks Billy to let Traci stay with them but he refuses.

Traci confronts Phyllis about moving out.

Victor visits Adam to suggest they meet with Victoria. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Victor and Adam.

Nikki advises Victoria to try to work with Adam.

Victoria is upset with Victor's proposal.

Victoria overhears Adam on the phone with Chelsea's doctor.

Victoria calls Chelsea and says they need to talk.

Nikki chats with Kurt Costner.

Michael tells Lauren he can't forgive her.

Fen confides in Carmine about the party and tells him that Michael is a former rapist.

Fen gets beaten up.

When Victoria's late, Billy goes to a poker game.

Jack tries to get Phyllis to move back in to no avail.

Friday May 24:

Chelsea asks Victoria "What secret?" Victoria says, "He's the father of your baby."

Fen mentions Carmine's name. Lauren asks how he knows him. Michael says he doesn't want him hanging around with Carmine. Fen asks why not.

Sharon asks Nick if he's okay. He says he's been thinking a lot about a decision he made a long time ago.

Victoria and Billy experience more tension in their relationship.

Sharon and Nick meet up for the anniversary of Cassie's death.

Week of May 27:

Nick and Phyllis work together for Summer's sake.

Sharon sees a moment between Phyllis and Nick.

Devon realizes there is an attraction between Lily and Tyler.

Lily and Cane get disturbing news.

Tuesday May 28:

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