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Spoilers for the Week of February 18, 2013

02/18/2013 12:00am

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Week of February 18:

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Monday February 18:

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Cane urges Chelsea not to keep anything from Adam - it would hurt him if Lily did that.

Sharon and Adam put the brakes on their make-out session.

Chelsea arrives to tell Adam about the pregnancy and find Sharon there wearing her shirt.

The power outage bothers Kevin.

Lauren enjoys the kiss with Carmine but declines to get a room with him.

Lauren gives Michael the cold shoulder at home and tells him he may not be able to make things right.

Adriana finds Katherine stranded in her car on her way back to Genoa City.

Alex and Abby hit it off at The Underground.

Alex tells Noah he lost his job thanks to him and Adriana.

When Adriana returns with the money, Alex takes it, but is bitter with his sister. She wonders if Noah will forgive her.

Vikki and Billy have a flirty day of house painting.

Nick interrupts Avery and Dylan's kissfest. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Avery, Nick and Dylan.

Avery tells Dylan what they had is in the past.

Nick is thrilled when Avery turns up at the tackhouse.

Cane asks Lily if she ever cheated on him - even when they were considering divorce, with Daniel. He realizes by her response that she did.

Sharon is crying and driving when she and Dylan swerve into each other's paths.

Tuesday February 19:

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Nick and Avery's romantic time is interrupted by Sharon's call about Dylan after the accident.

Avery visits Dylan in the hospital.

Nick warns Sharon about Adam.

Adam tries unsuccessfully to get answers from Chelsea.

Chelsea tells Chloe she doesn't know what to do since Adam's obviously moved on.

Sharon returns to Adam's house.

Nick and Avery say 'I love you' to each other.

Wheeler tells Tyler and Leslie, aka, Davis and Valerie, they need to come forward so that Avery cannot free the man in prison.

Dylan has war flashbacks.

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Wednesday February 20:

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Sharon hires Dylan to fix her damaged roof.

Avery reassures Nick when they discuss Dylan. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Nick and Avery.

Cane offers support and advice to Chelsea.

Wheeler pressures Leslie to speak out about the appeal.

Neil questions Leslie about her past with Wheeler.

Lily gives Tyler the cold shoulder at work.

Neil asks Tyler if Leslie's in trouble.

Avery and Nick learn that Dylan's staying in town and working for Sharon.

Chelsea is about to tell Adam she's pregnant when Sharon arrives to meet him for lunch.

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Thursday February 21:

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Nikki tells Jack that Victor will know about the MS when she decides he's ready to know. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Jack and Nikki.

Victor uses Adam's success to motivate Victoria.

Jack tells Victor that Nikki has MS.

Noah questions why Dylan is at Sharon's house and staying in town.

Adam tells Sharon he won't chase Chelsea like he did her.

Jill and Kevin are concerned when Kay hires Adriana as a personal assistant.

Chelsea tells Chloe she'll have the baby but Adam won't know it's his.

Victoria spots Billy letting Chelsea hold Johnny.

Victor reassures Nikki and tells her she should let the children know about her MS.

Friday February 22:

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Jack presses Phyllis to have dinner with him.

Michael tells Lauren he made a mistake and asks if there is something else bothering her. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Michael and Lauren.

Jamie is moving to D.C. with Ronan.

Jamie apologizes to the Baldwins.

Lauren tells Michael she's moving out.

Fen can't get past Michael not believing him about the roof.

Summer wishes Jamie the best.

Nick and Victoria learn Nikki has MS.

Nick takes exception to Summer hanging out with Kyle.

Billy comforts Victoria and then proposes. They renew their commitment.

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Week of February 25:

Monday February 25:

Phyllis learns about Avery and Dylan's past and calls her sister a huge hypocrite.

Tyler wants to tell everyone that their father killed their mother, but Leslie worries it's way too dangerous.

Cane helps Chelsea get her pitch heard and Neil hires her.

Lily and Cane argue about Chelsea and Tyler.

Nick reads Sharon the riot act for kissing Adam and hiring Dylan. She tells him she'll date and hire whoever she likes.

Nick threatens Adam, who finds it tiresome.

Sharon spooks Dylan by mentioning Sullivan.

Adam and Sharon laugh about Nick and decide to move in together during her renovations.

Nick comforts Avery after her blowout with Phyllis.

Avery asks Dylan's plans - he like Genoa City.

Leslie runs off when Neil asks her who 'Valerie' is.

Phyllis kisses Jack.

Tuesday February 26:

Jill says to Adriana, "Give it back you little thief?" Adriana asks, "Give what back?"

Michael visits Christine at Paul's and asks if she's found a new job yet; he's got one for her if she's interested - District Attorney.

Carmine tells Lauren, "Whatever you want, just say the word."


Abby wonders about Carmine and Lauren.

Christine wants Phyllis to pay.

Dylan's motives are called into question by Nick.

The new ranch is revealed.

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