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Spoilers for the Week of February 04, 2013

02/04/2013 12:00am

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Week of February 4:

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Monday February 4:

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Vikki chats with Nick at his opening. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Nick and Vikki.

Avery gets a visit from Marcus Wheeler, who wants to be kept in the loop on her case.

Sharon talks Adam into going to the opening.

Alex confronts Noah.

Noah returns the money to Adriana and tells her to leave town.

Adriana tries to sweet talk Alex. When he doesn't fall for it, she pulls a gun on him and locks him to the GCAC staircase railing with his own handcuffs.

Marcus Wheeler recognizes Leslie and calls her Valerie.

Neil is furious with Cane for overstepping with regard to Chelsea and her designs.

Cane promises Chelsea he'll fight for her.

Mac and Avery come face-to-face at the opening.

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Tuesday February 5:

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Leslie tells Tyler that Wheeler recognized her.

Tyler suggests Leslie find out about Avery's case.

Avery tries to hide how shaken up she is after her encounter with Dylan.

Nikki tells Nick and Vikki the wedding is postponed.

Lauren and Michael argue over Fen's possible guilt. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Lauren and Michael.

Michael confronts a snarky Fen.

Fen tells Michael he knows he did time.

Victor wants the goods on Wheeler.

Nikki convinces Victor to wait until the new ranch is built to get married.

Nikki has issues with her hands while playing piano.

Vikki tells Victor she'll get Newman out of Adam's hands.

Nick knows something is wrong with Avery, but she just pretends to be tired and sick.

Avery is a wreck once she is finally alone.

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Wednesday February 6:

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Avery confronts Dylan.

Alex and Noah have it out. Noah learns that Alex is Adriana's brother. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Alex and Noah.

Phyllis runs into Nick while at lunch with Jack. She tells him she signed the divorce papers.

Phyllis tells Jack she just wants to be friends.

Neil warns Cane not to make promises on behalf of the fashion division.

Cane visits Chelsea to apologize for Neil and enthuse over her latest designs.

Sharon works closely with Adam.

Chloe tells Kevin his latest idea - to burn down the coffee house and collect the insurance money - is stupid.

Chloe flirts with Alex.

Tyler asks Lily about her marriage to Cane.

Nick wants Noah out of the Adriana mess.

Avery tells Nick about Dylan.

Kieran Donnelly shows up in Jack's office with a gift of pills.

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Thursday February 7:

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Phyllis sees Jack holding the pills and thinks the worst. He explains.

Lauren begs Michael not to pursue legal action on Fen, but he says it's too late.

Neil notices Katherine repeating herself when he visits her. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Neil and Katherine.

Kevin tells Fen he was being a bully to Jamie.

Jamie gives a full statement implicating Fenmore.

Lauren is distracted at a Jabot meeting and later confides in Phyllis.

Jack asks Neil to be his sponsor.

Jack wants to name a new fragrance after Phyllis. "Red."

Lauren arrives at home in time to see Fenmore being taken out in handcuffs. She's furious with Michael.

Katherine buys memory-enhancing pills.

Friday February 8:

Avery opens up to Sharon about Dylan's return.

Dylan tries to explain himself to Nick.

Victor asks Mason to replace Sharon's pills with placebos. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Victor and Mason.

Phyllis and Jack have a run-in with Victor.

Phyllis notices Nick is down.

Sharon and Adam have a working dinner at his place and he kisses her.

Victor takes a call for Nikki from a doctor.

Avery tells Dylan she's going out of town to think.

Week of February 11:

Monday February 11:

Nikki realizes Victor kept information about Wheeler from her.

Sharon tells Adam she thinks he's lonely for Chelsea. He disagrees that he's using her for a distraction.

Lauren and Michael disagree heatedly over Fenmore. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Lauren and Michael.

Abby returns and Kyle tells her about Jack's pill addiction.

Abby tells Kevin he's a bad investment.

Jamie won't drop the charges when Summer asks him to.

Fenmore tells Michael he'll never forgive him and plans to run away.

Carmine supports Lauren and Kevin sees that he drove her home. Abby saw them leave the bar together too.

Jamie returns to the roof and seems tormented.

Nikki tells Vikki she's sick.

Tuesday February 12:

Paul tries to talk Jamie down from the roof.

Jack tells Victor if he came to make threats, to leave. Victor tells him to stay the hell away from Nikki.

Vikki asks Nikki what the doctor said. "What's wrong?"


Nikki opens up to Victoria.

Cane fights for Chelsea.

Paul confronts Phyllis.

Leslie continues to be unnerved by Wheeler's presence.

February Sweeps Preview from Soap Opera Digest:

Dylan McAvoy's reappearance will test Avery and Nick's relationship.

Lily will find herself feeling attracted to Tyler.

Adam must decide whether to allow himself to be drawn toward Sharon or work to win back Chelsea.

Chelsea will come into her own as a single person, but will find it hard to turn off her emotions.

Kevin and Chloe look to get even after Adriana steals the money back from them.

Adriana and Noah butt heads over the money situation.

Victor and Victoria struggle to find a way to wrest control of the company from Adam, who is doing very well at the helm.

Michael's stance on the Fenmore/Jamie situation threatens his marriage.

Carmine supports Lauren by being a good listener.

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