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Spoilers for the Week of December 31, 2012

12/31/2012 12:00am

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Week of December 31:

Monday December 31:

Daniel returns to Genoa City and tells Kevin he, Lucy, and Heather are relocating to Savannah where he has a big gallery showing.

Daniel warns Kevin not to go through with his plan.

Neil tells Lily, Devon, Leslie, Tyler, and Cane that he's been fired by Jack.

Jack makes Cane acting CEO.

Neil comes clean to Leslie about being an alcoholic.

Katherine and Tucker dine with Victor, who asks Tucker to sell him back his Newman shares.

Katherine asks Tucker to make Devon believe he loves him.

Jack fires Adam after a confrontation about the pill problem.

Victor tells Adam it's too late to re-establish their deal regarding Sharon.

Cane fires Tyler.

Tuesday January 1:

Victor tells Nikki he'll get his company and his kids back.

Lauren and Michael are appalled at Fen's callous reaction to Jamie having to stay in the group home.

Nick surprises Avery with a new dress and they spend New Year's alone in his new nightclub.

Fen exposes Summer as 'Britni' to Jamie after he catches Summer hugging Jamie due to his black eye.

Chelsea lets Alex buy her a drink at the Club, but then leaves.

Phyllis and Jack butt heads at the Club bar.

Jack rings in New Year's with a strange woman at the Club.

Phyllis spends New Year's with Daniel at Crimson Lights. He tells her his plans and invites her to move with them.

Lauren and Michael visit Nikki and Victor for New Year's. They suggest he stay away from Newman - he seems peaceful. Victor nixes the idea.

Adam convinces Chelsea to start over. She makes him promise they can leave Genoa City.

At home, Fen finds Jamie packing his bag and says cruel things to him. Lauren and Michael arrive home and question Fen about the change in his plans with Summer.

Nick and Avery return to her place to find Summer in tears outside the door.

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Wednesday January 2:

Chloe is fed up when Kevin tells her they must abandon their plan to find Noah's money.

Alex grills Noah.

Daniel convinces Phyllis to come to Savannah for a couple weeks.

When Jack wakes up with a dead call girl on his floor, Adam does damage control. After, Adam insists Jack check into rehab.

Jack tells Phyllis he needs her help.

Chelsea is upset when Adam says he can't leave town, he has to run Newman for Jack.

Noah's money goes missing.

Chloe shows Kevin the money.

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Thursday January 3:

Tyler asks Lily if something's bothering her.

Phyllis asks Daniel to keep something confidential.

Victoria tells Victor he's relentless, and that's not exactly a compliment.

Victor and Jack have a run-in.

Phyllis says goodbye to Daniel.

Friday January 4:

Victor learns Stephanie Gayle, the call girl, was Senator Marcus Wheeler's daughter, and that she was found dead in an alley of an overdose. He recalls the diversion at the Abbott house.

Chloe and Kevin act nervous around Detective Alex. He overhears Kevin tell her they've got to fix this.

Chloe and Kevin decide to keep the money and make love.

Nick learns Noah's in trouble with the law.

Noah snaps at Summer.

Nick plans to remember Cassie's death with Sharon and the kids.

Michael expresses concern about his son to Paul after a run-in with a cold Fen.

Michael and Paul find Fenmmore getting in Summer's face and intervene.

Summer tells Michael she's worried about Jamie.

Week of January 7:

Monday January 7:

Victoria warns Victor won't hesitate to take Jabot along with Newman while Jack's out of the picture.

Cane spots Tyler telling Lily she's the one who should be out front leading people. He says some may not see that, but he sure the hell does.

Chelsea asks Adam, "You want Sharon to take Phyllis' job?"


Jack gets worse.

Sharon makes a job-related decision.

Noah is approached for help by Adriana.

Billy tells Victoria he'll be working at Newman.

Kevin shares his plans for the dirty money with Chloe.

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Jack and Adam defend Newman Enterprises from Victor and Victoria, who realigns with her father and becomes more ruthless.

Phyllis and Jack save each other.

Nikki gets disturbing news that affects her wedding plans.

Someone from Avery's past comes into the picture to complicate things with her and Nick.

Adam continues to juggle his feelings for Chelsea and Sharon.

Sharon meets somebody new.

Adam ends up working with Sharon.

Tyler's interest in Lily causes issues for her and Cane.

Cane gets a new work partner who could be a temptation.

As Fen becomes more aggressive in the situation with Summer and Jamie, Michael takes action. This causes trouble in the household.

Chloe and Kevin are headed toward becoming the 'Bonnie & Clyde' of Genoa City.

Tucker continues to reach out to Jill, Katherine, and Devon.

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