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Spoilers for the Week of December 03, 2012

12/03/2012 12:00am

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Week of December 3:

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Monday December 3:

Chelsea and Adam have a screaming match over Sharon. She tells him never to see her again. He walks out.

Sharon talks things out with her doctor.

Avery takes Nick to see a nightclub that's for sale, saying it could be his future.

Kyle fails to talk Phyllis into staying at the Abbott house, but later asks Jack to let him work in her department at Newman.

Billy reaches out to Victoria, who is angry about the kidnapping ordeal.

Jack tries to patch things up with Billy, but ends up with Billy and Vikki telling him he only cares about himself.

Victor brings Adam a document detailing Jack's painkillers and tells him he can use the info to take the company away from him. Later, a suspicious Phyllis finds the document on Adam's desk. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Victor and Adam.

Nikki makes nice with Chelsea.

Nikki and Victor learn their penthouse is ready and decide to plan a celebration.

Sharon tells Adam she has to cut him off completely. He's wretched over the idea. She urges him to make a happy life with Chelsea.

Adam tells Chelsea that Sharon is on her own now.

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Tuesday December 4:

We regret to announce that Carolyn Conwell (Mary Williams) has passed on.

Leslie tells Neil she's worried about a conflict of interest at work since they dated. He assures her if they're tempted to date he'll fire her.

Fen gives Lauren and Michael attitude at Crimson Lights. Jamie comes in and Lauren realizes he's intimidated by Fen.

Lauren demands Fen apologize to Jamie after he finds them talking and acts rude.

Fen talks to Jamie about parents and Summer.

Summer hangs out at a storage unit where Avery's old stuff is boxed up.

Phyllis and Nick call Summer back to the tackhouse after they learn she's cut school for three days. Watch a Y&R Spoiler Video of Nick and Summer.

Summer and Phyllis have a breakthrough.

Noah wants to go into the nightclub business with Nick.

Phyllis mentions seeing Sharon with Noah on Thanksgiving which causes Nick to confront Noah.

Devon tells Neil things need to loosen up at Jabot - including him.

Lily, Leslie, and Devon dish about Neil being too uptight.

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Wednesday December 5:

Nikki shows Victor the new penthouse and he wants to have a party - without Billy.

Nick demands that Noah tell him where Sharon is at.

Nick confronts Sharon and Noah. He's not pleased to hear that Adam is her hero again. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Sharon and Nick.

Phyllis and Eden each ask Kyle about his new attitude toward Phyllis. He says he's grown up and wants the animosity in the past.

Jack holds a disastrous meeting at Newman. He behaves moody, erratic, and forgetful. After, Adam tells the others to cut Jack a break.

Nick confronts Adam and warns him not to exploit Sharon's illness. Adam tells him to leave.

Nick fills Avery in on Sharon and Adam and invites her to come to his parents' party.

Adam checks in with Sharon to talk about Nick's visit. She tells him she wants to make amends to those she's hurt. Just then, Adam gets a call from Victor inviting him to the party.

Kyle is thrilled to be reporting to Phyllis about Adam.

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Thursday December 6:

Avery tries to get out of going to the Newman party with Nick, but he convinces her. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Avery and Nick.

Lauren is ticked with Michael for saying they'd go to Victor's party on their anniversary.

When Fen doesn't want to go to the Newman party with them, they realize something is wrong between him and Summer.

Michael is called in to an arraignment so he and Lauren's anniversary is cut short.

Abby calls to say she can't make the party, but sends a case of champagne and Carmine to tend bar.

Billy convinces Vikki to go to her parents' party and then plans a surprise.

Chelsea's upset that Adam never told her about the party invitation.

Nikki is stunned to see Adam and Chelsea on her doorstep.

Noah is upset with Summer for being in his room, but they go to the party together.

Summer leaves after encountering Chelsea at the party.

Sharon shows up at the party.

Friday December 7:

Kevin pretends not to know Noah Newman when an NYPD detective comes looking for him.

Jack freaks out on his doctor when he won't prescribe more pills.

Sharon has a meltdown at Victor's party when the Newmans won't accept her apology.

Sharon rushes out of the party with Adam hot on her heels, much to Chelsea's chagrin.

Nick and Noah defend Sharon to the others.

Noah is paid a visit by the detective. He tells him he hasn't heard from Adrianna, but admits he's been calling her.

Jack pays a reluctant doctor pal to write him a bogus prescription.

Nick tells Avery he's done with Newman Enterprises for good after the scene at the party.

Adam fights to calm Sharon down at her house. In the process they wind up kissing. Chelsea walks in just then.

Week of December 10:

Monday December 10:

Summer says to Nick, "Chelsea is always going to hate me. So are you and Mom."

Chelsea says to Adam, "It's not what I think? You son of a bitch!"

Sharon cries to Noah, "They think I'm crazy." He tells her, "Who cares what they think. It's not true."


Sharon faces an accusation from Nikki.

Billy and Vikki reminisce.

Sharon thinks Adam should work on his marriage.

Avery tells Nick about her past.

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