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Spoilers for the Week of October 08, 2012

10/08/2012 12:00am

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Car wreck. (CBS)

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Week of October 8:

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Monday October 8:

Phyllis tells Ronan the sex was a mistake. She learns her trial starts the next day and he reassures her.

Christine probes about connecting Phyllis to Tim's death and pushes Michael to get the truth out of Kevin after finding his parking ticket from the dumpster.

Kevin posts a video asking Daisy to come home.

Sharon pleads with Avery to help her get Victor to drop the charges. Abby tells Avery not to dare help her. Avery tells Sharon she can't do anything.

Abby advises Summer to get Phyllis' side of the story.

Tucker offers Victor Beauty of Nature in return for Sharon's freedom. Victor also wants Sharon to give him an annulment and drop her lawsuit. Watch a Y&R video of Victor and Tucker.

Sharon signs papers for an annulment and agreeing never to pursue a lawsuit against Victor in the future. Victor then learns Sharon sold enough of his personal stock that if his enemies got together, they could take his company.

Devon refuses Tucker's latest attempt at reconciliation.

Genevieve testifies to the SEC, but Tucker denies all her allegations.

Jack and Genevieve realize they both bought up Newman stock in Victor's absence.

Abby learns she got rich off the Newman stock she bought up.

Phyllis and Ronan remind Kevin to keep quiet - and keep Chloe quiet.

Ronan's reassurance turns into more sex with Phyllis. Summer walks in and sees them.

Tuesday October 9:

Summer tells Nick she walked in on Phyllis and Ronan.

Nick arrives at the penthouse while Ronan's still there. Ronan goes, and Nick tells Phyllis that Summer saw them. They have a blowout.

Victor tells Nikki he's worried about losing Newman. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Nikki and Victor.

Sharon rats Tucker out to the SEC.

Nikki smacks Tucker in the Club.

Victor tells Sharon that Tucker gave him Beauty of Nature in return for her freedom. She sold out the last friend she had.

Sharon arrives at Tucker's office as he's being arrested. He's incensed that she's behind it.

Michael asks Chloe why Kevin is dodging him. He gets her to talk about what happened the night of Tim Reid's death. Later, Michael takes Kevin with him to 'talk'.

Gloria wants to throw a shower for Chelsea.

Phyllis' attempt to smooth things over with Summer is rebuffed.

Nick finds Avery at Jimmy's and kisses her.

Wednesday October 10:

Kevin angrily gives in to Michael's pressure and tells him what happened in Phyllis' apartment. After, he tells him he confined him and made him do what he wanted just like Tom.

Kevin tells Chloe she betrayed him and he can't trust her anymore.

Jeff invites Chelsea to Gloworm to hang out.

Chelsea leaves the house when Victor shows up to see Adam. Victor asks Adam for a favor - to vote with the family at Newman. Adam points out that he only bothers with him when he needs something.

Chelsea's visit with Jeffrey goes better than expected. They swap stories and he gives her money to buy the baby a gift.

Nick and Phyllis wind up at the police station after Summer is arrested for taking a bat to Ronan's car. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Summer, Nick, Phyllis, and Ronan.

Summer is angry when Nick suggests she see a therapist. She plots to sneak out with Fen.

Victor tells Phyllis all families have problems and wishes her luck at the trial, causing her to break down in tears.

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Team Jack. (CBS)

Thursday October 11:

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Phyllis worries Summer hates her.

Avery tells Nick no more kissing - she can't hurt her sister.

Nick realizes Summer is missing.

Adam tells Victor he won't go along with his request.

Heather warns Daniel her quest to put his mother in jail could get ugly.

Paul and Christine anticipate justice being served. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Paul and Christine.

Kevin tells Chloe she won't be able to make him feel better about turning on Phyllis and Ronan.

Leslie tries to get Phyllis' trial postponed as word spreads that Summer - and Fen - are missing.

Summer and Fen kiss while holed up in an old skating arena, but when he says he's calling her father, she takes off.

Fen tells his mother and Nick about Summer running off on him.

Phyllis' trial goes ahead. She is shocked when Michael calls Kevin to the stand.

Friday October 12:

Vampire Diaries recap: Growing Pains.

Summer agrees to come home.

Victor tells his kids that Tucker is free.

Tucker shows up at Jack's with a proposition.

Billy tells Jack to leave him out of his quest to takeover Newman.

Noah tells Sharon he'll be living with Nick - he can hardly stand to look at her.

Tucker visits Sharon and she calls the SEC to recant her accusations. He warns her if things go badly at Newman, they will blame her.

Nick appeals to Adam to side with the family, but Adam reminds him he's always been treated as an outsider. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Nick and Adam.

Jack asks Adam to sell him his Newman shares. He does.

Summer shows up at court to tell Phyllis she hates her.

When the judge takes ill in Phyllis' trial. A new judge takes over. He reads over the paperwork and decides to dismiss the case!

Fen tells Noah he's worried Summer will do something dangerous.

Billy and Vikki agree not to let their family's business battles interfere with their marriage.

Jack taunts Victor about 'Abbott Enterprises'.

Summer is driving and crying when she crashes with Chelsea and Adam who are babymoon bound.

Week of October 15:

Monday October 15:

The judge tells Christine she's the reason Phyllis' case is being dismissed - she lied about being a federal agent at the time of the hit-and-run to use the loophole.

Kevin isn't willing to make up with Michael.

Michael is upset that he got caught up in Christine's witch hunt. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Christine and Michael.

Christine wants to sue Phyllis, but Paul tells her to let it go.

Nick and Phyllis learn Summer was in a car crash.

Nick spots Adam at the hospital and assumes he hurt Summer. Adam tells him Summer swerved into their lane and then hit a tree - he pulled her from her car.

Adam learns Chelsea lost the baby following the crash.

After Phyllis asks Avery about her relationship with Nick, Nick tells Phyllis he's divorcing her.

Fen tells Summer his parents think she's a bad influence. They kiss.

Fen runs out on his parents after they tell him he can't see Summer.

Chelsea wakes from a nightmare about the crash and decides to name their lost baby, Riley.

Nick is about to kiss Avery when Adam appears at Newman to inform him that Summer killed his son.

Daniel and Heather are relived not to have to sneak around anymore.

Eden remembers something that may help Paul.

Tuesday October 16:

Chelsea says, "He was a baby, Summer. And now he's gone because of you!"

Nikki tells Victoria and Victor she doesn't understand why Jack hasn't make his move yet. Victor says he's a showboater.

Adam says to Jack, "I sold you my shares. I'm Team Jack."


The Newmans are shocked by the ramifications of Jack's announcement.

Sharon suffers a breakdown while at the ranch.

The mystery lady and Cane finally meet.

Down the road/rumor alert:

Sharon's actions result in the death of a Newman.

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- Candace Young

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