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Spoilers for the Week of October 01, 2012

10/01/2012 12:00am

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Abby vs Sharon. (CBS)

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Week of October 1:

Monday October 1:

Nikki receives her divorce decree. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Nikki and Victor.

Daniel tells Heather he'll divorce Daisy in absentia.

Ronan makes a play for Phyllis.

Sharon is arrested in front of her kids.

Jack and Genevieve put Tucker on notice that they will tattle on him to the SEC.

Victor pays Sharon a visit behind bars. She asks him to let her out based on being the mother of his grandchildren. He tells her he's done with her.

Tucker visits Sharon and says he cares what happens to her. She says he used her and she doesn't believe a word from his mouth.

Victor plans to have his marriage annulled and propose to Nikki.

Genevieve promises Jack she'll win his trust back.

Avery helps Nick celebrate Faith's birthday.

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Tuesday October 2:

Phyllis' attempt to make-up with Nick fails.

Eden offers to undergo hypnosis again to help Paul.

The doctor wants to hypnotize Eden in Ricky's suite.

Tucker tries to kick Gen out of the suite he's been paying for, but she tells him she won big in Vegas and he can leave now.

Sarge admits to Jack that his brother died a few years back.

When Tucker walks in on Devon, Neil, Harmony, and Katherine at the Club, they turn away from him. Devon tells him he's not a good person. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Katherine and Tucker.

Cane and Lily reject Genevieve's attempts to explain her actions and won't let her see the twins.

Nick threatens Tucker that he will pay for messing with the Newmans.

Sofia advises Tucker to sell BON back to Jack.

Eden undergoes hypnosis in Ricky's suite and becomes upset when she describes him 'catching' her as she tries to leave the room.

Sarge tells Harmony he met her as Yolanda at a party in Pittsburgh. She doesn't recall. He's not surprised. Later, he pulls out a letter from Yolanda.

Kyle tells Jack he won't move back to the ranch.

Flashback Y&R History: Isabella tries to kill Christine.

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Wednesday October 3:

Daniel denies his involvement with Heather to Phyllis.

Heather tells Kevin, and Daniel tells Chloe, the truth about them dating. Kevin and Chloe blab to each other, and the four end up in a 'code of silence' in which Chloe and Kevin agree to help Daniel and Heather sneak alone time.

After Eden says Ricky is being nice to her, they bring her out of the hypnosis. She's disappointed not to have helped Paul. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Eden under hypnosis.

While sitting on the street crying, Paul spots the glint of the knife in the sewer. Later, he's stunned to hear that it was wiped clean of prints.

A shadowy figure lurks near the spot where the knife was found.

Danny and Phyllis get into it over the hit-and-run, and Phyllis blurts that she saw him kiss Christine that night. Christine overhears and has her motive.

Christine blurts to Nina about Phyllis and Ronan's affair. Nina heads over to confront Phyllis.

Eden hears a noise while with Kyle in Jimmy's that causes her to remember Paul saying, "This ends here, Ricky."

Christine and Danny make out in his suite.

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Real affair. (CBS)

Thursday October 4:

Kyle tries to convince Eden that things may not have gone down as Paul would have her believe. She's not receptive to this way of thinking and decides not to tell what she's remembered. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Kyle and Eden.

Nina calls Phyllis a slut and Phyllis responds with insults about Nina's past relationships. Nina slaps her!

Lauren and Daniel tell Phyllis she needs to stop being mad at others and keep her mouth shut.

Christine and Danny establish that in a strange way, Phyllis has given them their second chance.

Christine reports to Michael that Phyllis admitted her motive for the hit-and-run. Michael reluctantly promises her he'll do his job.

Lily surprises Cane with a sexy night in a suite at the Club.

Paul tells Avery that since the knife was wiped clean of fingerprints, Daisy's disappeared, and Eden hasn't remembered anything helpful he will probably be convicted.

Ronan visits Phyllis at home. She reveals that she admitted to seeing Chris kissing Danny. He tells her off. She tells him to leave. He reminds her he's the only one helping her.

Heather learns someone is sending flowers to Ricky's grave each day with a card saying 'I won't forget'.

Friday October 5:

Jack and Genevieve give Tucker a short time to consider selling him back Beauty of Nature. Later, Tucker tells Jack to go ahead and call the SEC.

Katherine disowns Tucker and Devon won't accept his apology.

Harmony tells Tucker using Sharon wasn't cool.

Sharon gets out on bail, but Avery's proof that she signed a pre-nup leads to Michael offering a plea deal of a half million dollar fine and three years in jail. Sharon wants Leslie to get her out of the predicament and stop the annulment.

Nikki stops Victor's proposal so she can tie up loose ends with Jack. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Nikki and Victor.

Nick flirts with Avery, who tells him her sister needs him more than ever.

Ronan visits Phyllis and she gives in to temptation.

Nick nearly catches Phyllis with Ronan.

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Week of October 8:

Monday October 8:

Phyllis tells Ronan the sex was a mistake. She learns her trial starts the next day and he reassures her.

Christine probes about connecting Phyllis to Tim's death and pushes Michael to get the truth out of Kevin after finding his parking ticket from the dumpster.

Kevin posts a video asking Daisy to come home.

Sharon pleads with Avery to help her get Victor to drop the charges. Abby tells Avery not to dare help her. Avery tells Sharon she can't do anything.

Abby advises Summer to get Phyllis' side of the story.

Tucker offers Victor Beauty of Nature in return for Sharon's freedom. Victor also wants Sharon to give him an annulment and drop her lawsuit. Watch a Y&R video of Victor and Tucker.

Sharon signs the papers for the annulment and saying she'll never pursue a lawsuit against him in the future. He then learns she sold enough of his personal stock that if his enemies got together, they could take his company.

Devon refuses Tucker's latest attempt at reconciliation.

Gen testifies to the SEC, but Tucker denies all her allegations.

Jack and Gen realize they both bought up Newman stock in Victor's absence.

Abby learns she got rich off the Newman stock she bought up.

Phyllis and Ronan remind Kevin to keep quiet - and keep Chloe quiet.

Ronan's reassurance turns into more sex with Phyllis. Summer walks in and sees them.

Tuesday October 9:

Summer tells Nick that if Phyllis said it was a cover, she lied to him. "This affair is real."

Sharon tells the SEC agents that she's going to help them put away Tucker McCall.

Nikki stands behind Victor as he says, "My company is slipping out of my hands as we speak."


Victor wants all of his family members to support him.

Phyllis and Nick deal with Summer's news.

Michael gets Chloe to crack.

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- Candace Young

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