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Spoilers for the Week of August 25, 2008

08/25/2008 12:00am

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Nick will fight Jack again! (

Week of August 25th

Tuesday, August 26th

What will Nick find when he finally reaches his destination in Mexico? That a death certificate has been issued for his father!

It is decided that Ana will accept a generous offer. Devon and Lily counsel her that this is what is best!

Adam fires Neil!

Karen gets in Adam's face!

Michael threatens Adam!

Chloe reveals something from her childhood to Cane!

Cane and Chloe get married!

Wednesday, August 27th

Cane tells Lily that he married Chloe. Check out our latest Actor Appearances to find out where to meet 'Cane' and 'Chloe' in person!

Phyllis tells Sharon to stop obsessing over her husband. "You're not married to him anymore!"

In Mexico, Nick is shown a picture of the body. Nikki asks, "Is it him?"

Neil makes his feelings known to Tyra as she prepares to leave for New Hampshire.

Nikki gets off of the plane and stays in Mexico!

Thursday, August 28th

Victoria and J.T. stand in Crimson Lights. She says to him, "You'll never guess who the new CEO of Newman Enterprises is!" J.T. is blown away to hear that it's Brad Carlton!

Jack tells Nick, "At least my father lived an honorable life!" As the pair nearly come to blows, Sharon appears to take Nick's side, which Jack and Phyllis notice!

Jill threatens to sue both Brad and Jack all in one day!

Cane and Chloe call a truce of sorts - agreeing to try and get along.

'King' Adam tells his Queen, Heather, that she is moving into the Ranch with him!

Paul heads back to Mexico to try and bring Nikki home.

Jill says to Katherine, "So that's the threat, huh?" Katherine replies, "I just don't trust you anymore."

Friday, August 29th

Nick tells Victoria that Adam has moved Heather into the Ranch.

Sharon tells Jack not to provoke Nick. He replies, "Taking his side again?"

Michael begins the reading of Victor's will. Adam gets the bulk of the estate and Newman Enterprises!

Nikki is overcome with emotion! She sees Victor on the beach!

Esther is stunned to see that her daughter Kate has turned up calling herself Chloe!

Coming up on Monday, September 1st

Jill tells Cane to get an annulment before Chloe/Kate can get her hooks into him any deeper!

Nikki tells Victor that he means too much to her, she can't just leave him there! But Victor insists that he wishes to stay 'dead'!

Adam tells Heather, "They've had everything handed to them their entire lives! I'm not sharing with them!"

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Adam is taking over! (

Coming Up...

The battle for Restless Style has taken on a new shade now that Nick owns the building (Victor left it to him in the Will), so how will this affect Jack's bid to take over? Check out what Phyllis's portrayer, Michelle Stafford is up to in the News Room!

How long will Brad and Adam have to make changes at Newman? Let's just say it won't be long before a confrontation with Victor is afoot!

Watch for Noah to play something of a catalyst role as the relationships of his parents and stepparents are tested!

Neil seems to have realized that he has feelings for Tyra. He and Karen will have to deal with this as Tyra will return from New Hampshire sooner than expected!

Nikki is overwhelmed to discover that Victor is indeed not washing up on the beach, but walking on it! He isn't happy to see her though, and tells her he wants to remain "dead"!

The oldest Newman siblings will enjoy a second chance of sorts with their dad, but Adam, aka Vic Jr., is in deep doo doo - just as predicted in last week's Restless Rant Blog in the News Room!

Chloe has a relative in Genoa City - Esther! All will be revealed as the wedding reception is about to begin!

Billy Abbott is headed back to GC. Has he been in Hong Kong all this time? Can't wait to find out! Check out all the details in our Updated Billy News!

Peeking into Fall

With the Newmans believing that Victor is deceased, the drama will surround the family members struggling to cope with his absence and of course, the contents of his will!

Looks like Daniel may be starting to develop real feelings for Colleen, even as he deals with his continued love for Amber.

Michael continues his discovery of who his father is, and what it means for himself and his family. Lauren, meanwhile, finds out that River has left the Ashram!

Ashley Abbott is due back in Genoa City permanently - imagine the storyline possibilities!

Y&R is set to do a taping in Paris for the program's first-ever on-location shoot in France. While the specific actors participating in the Parisian story line are yet to be confirmed, the week of filming is scheduled for October 2008. The on-location shoot precedes the series' upcoming 20th anniversary of airing in France!

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