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Spoilers for the Week of December 29, 2008

12/29/2008 12:00am

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Olivia pleads with Tyra! (

Week of December 29:

Monday December 29:

Murphy shows Katherine an obituary for Katherine Chancellor saying, "She kicked the bucket!" They go to the Chancellor home, where Katherine realizes that she is not Marge. Katherine and Murphy say goodbye.

Nikki and Victor run into one another in the stables and keep things civil.

Jill and Esther celebrate Christmas with Chloe and Cane. Billy stops in to give Chloe a "I Love NY" onesie for the baby!

Chloe and Esther share an emotional exchange.

Victor celebrates Christmas with his children, and upon returning to the Ranch, discovers that Abby has arrived! Read about NuAbby's portrayer, Hayley Erin here!

Lily tells Colleen about Billy being Sonny!

Sharon moves out of the Abbott Mansion and into the GCAC!

Jill is utterly shocked to see Katherine standing in the living room!

Tuesday December 30:

Olivia urges Tyra to reveal how she really feels about Neil and Karen getting married.

Karen questions Neil as to whether or not they are only getting married because of Ana.

Karen asks Victoria to be her Matron of Honor.

Kevin asks Gloria to help him get Amber off his back, but she refuses!

When Amber insists that Kevin would kill Katherine to keep her money, Jana ends their friendship!

Jill calls the cops on Katherine, assuming she is Marge. Katherine winds up in the slammer and calls Murphy to bail her out.

Kevin spots Mrs. C in the jail on his way out!

Wednesday December 31:

Kevin and Jana overhear Noah and Eden discussing the money in the teddy bear - they decide that together, they will get it back!

Gloria realizes that the woman in jail with her is really Katherine when she remembers Glo helping her find her lost car!

Murphy comes to the jail and they puzzle over how to get bail money!

Phyllis and Nick spend New Year's Eve at the GCAC, and bump into Sharon who is alone. Phyllis later alerts Brad.

Sharon invites Brad into her room! Jack witnesses this, and is deflated!

Jack asks Billy to move in with him, but Billy says no. Jack doles out advice about Billy seeing Lily, saying he's playing with fire!

Wedding bells are finally ringing for Neil and Karen as they head to the altar today! Victor makes a last minute appearance as the pair is married in spite of Tyra's longing and Olivia's interference.

New Year's kisses are shared by Sharon and Brad, Nick and Phyllis, Eden and Noah, Kevin and Jana, Lily and Billy, and, of course, Neil and Karen!

Thursday January 1:

CBS has pre-empted the show today for New Years.

Friday January 2:

Jack is movin' and shakin' again - watch for him to fill everyone in on how things are going to be when he declares to Ashley that he is back at Jabot!

Jack confronts Victor at the GCAC!

Victor turns up at Newman Enterprises - is he looking to take control again?

Jill is on the receiving end of an offer - she considers accepting!

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Jack's Back! (

More this week..

Watch for confrontations galore for Cane this week as Lily and Billy's new romance comes out in the open.

Billy must be working his particular magic on Lily as they head to bed early in the relationship!

Neil and Karen go ahead with a quickie wedding, in part, so that they can foster Ana. In spite of Olivia pushing her to stop the nuptials, Tyra won't pipe up.

Sharon looks to take Jack to divorce court after he tells the truth - Jack's just dug himself too deep a hole!

Daniel is on the receiving end of an interesting offer from Phyllis. Could he be cover boy material?

Sharon and Phyllis go head-to-head.

Jill has her returned from the dead mother sent to the slammer when she can't recall enough to prove she's really Katherine. Kay ends up in the slammer with Gloria looking to benefit from the unexpected company. Will Murphy be able to raise Kay's bail?

Jeff is in for another visit to Gloria, who joins him in scheming - and here we thought she might actually hate him for what he's done to her!

Looking Ahead...

Victor is set to return to Newman Enterprises - how will this affect those currently in charge?

Victor is dead set on getting his revenge on Smilin' Jack. Naturally, Ashley will feel caught between them. Not only that, but she may begin to sense that Victor is only using her as a stand-in for his deceased wife!

Victor will have another distraction as he realizes that Nikki is getting into a relationship with Paul - expect Victor to be against the idea.

JT and Victoria may be seeing some conflict, as he starts to become edgy about how he is really perceived by the Newmans.

Phyllis is not giving up on her quest to pair Sharon up with Brad - she continues to plot!

Looks like Sharon will embark on some sort of relationship with Brad, in spite of realizing that she is harboring feelings for Nick. Look for Sharon to ring in the New Year with Brad!

Even More...

Just when Chloe gets comfortable in her new life, someone comes to town to give her a hard time!

Ashley may face a challenge from Jack at Jabot!

Noah will bring on more trouble as his parents struggle to deal with the tumultuous teenage years!

NuAbby will butt heads with her biodad, Victor!

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