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Spoilers for the Week of August 31, 2015

08/31/2015 3:00am

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Read's Deconstructing Y&R weekly blog to find out what Candace said about the Newman/Abbott battle and much more.

Week of August 31:

Monday August 31:

Read today's Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Jack blindsides Ashley with a stunning offer.

Chelsea faces Victor.

Jack makes a huge decision.

Neil wants Victor’s help.

Victor wants Marisa gone. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Victor and Marisa.

Tuesday September 1:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Paul arrests Devon but the extradition is blocked.

Cane discovers that Lily is keeping secrets.

Victor backs Neil into a corner.

Noah and Marisa hit a bump in the road.

Wednesday September 2:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Noah reacts to Victor’s attempt to bribe Marisa.

Ashley and Billy question Jack’s motives.

Sage struggles with her new life.

Sharon dodges a bullet with Dylan.

New! Read Y&R Stars: Where are they now? Two actresses team up in a new film, another one sets out on a motivational tour, one talks to about his new gig and more!

Thursday September 3:

Jill returns to Genoa City.

Paul threatens to arrest Adam.

Nikki and Neil's friendship takes a drastic turn.

Friday September 4:

Katherine Chancellor’s friends and family gather to honor her memory.

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- Candace Young

Spoilers for the Week of August 24, 2015

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Read's Deconstructing Y&R weekly blog to find out what Candace said about Neil's changing behavior.

Week of August 24:

Monday August 24:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Victor deals with Marco by sending him straight to hell.

Abby tells Stitch she doesn't need a bodyguard anymore.

Marco tells Victor, "Those people are dead because your plan had to be protected at all costs." Victor warns, "Don't you lay the blame at my feet." Jack interjects, "That's exactly where it belongs."

Tuesday August 25:

Read today's Y&R recap: Y&R Recap: Hilary's rescue becomes a recovery mission.

Paul asks Victor, "Did you ever come across a man by the name of Marco Anicelli?"

Devon tells Michael as Lily listens, "They had me in a police line-up. They think Hilary could be dead and I could be responsible for it."

Devon makes a surprising confession.

Sharon's engagement news becomes known to the Newmans.

Mariah switches gears with Kevin.

Lauren confides in Cane about her relationship with Michael.

Wednesday August 26:

Read today's YR recap: Nick asks Sage to marry him today.

Adam and Chelsea plan a fresh start away from Genoa City.

Victor throws a wrench into his deal with Jack.

Summer presses Phyllis for answers about Marco.

Thursday August 27:

Nick and Sage's wedding day arrives.

Michael and Lily try to help Devon.

The news about Hilary causes Nikki to worry about Neil.

Friday August 28:

Ashley receives life-changing news.

Chelsea gets caught in the middle of the war between the Newmans and the Abbotts.

Sharon puts her plan into motion.

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Photo credit: Sean Smith/JPI

- Candace Young