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Spoilers for the Week of March 19, 2018

03/19/2018 12:00am

The Young and the Restless Spoilers March 19 - 23 image's latest round of Y&R spoilers indicate it will be a busy week for the Newman family members, who are involved in confessions, confrontations, and clashes. Meanwhile, watch for Lily to continue to seek out revenge on her nemesis, Hilary, while JT struggles to come up with information on Victor to satisfy Paul. is thrilled to announce that the 45th Daytime Emmy Nominations are in. Check out the list of nominees to see if any of your favorites were nominated. Join us while we cover the event Sunday April 29 right here on the site and social media.

Week of March 19:

Watch Y&R's 45th anniversary flashback video of upcoming returns that include Brittany, Raul, Mackenzie, and the Brooks sisters from way back.

In this week's Spoiler digest, offers, ultimatums, and suspects, we have spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

Catch all of the latest news for all the soaps as Y&R celebrates its 45th anniversary, Michelle Stafford does a beauty spot, and Bryan Datillo talks Days history.

Monday March 19:

In Monday’s Y&R recap, JT plans to crack Victor’s safe, while Nick and Phyllis discuss Nikki’s fling, and Billy helps Lily with her models.

Billy receives an invitation.

Nikki comes clean.

After mental health issues, is happy to report that Kristoff St. John returns to Y&R very soon and we have a first-look photo of the actor with his Y&R castmates.

Tuesday March 20:

In today’s Y&R recap, Lily cancels Hilary’s OB/GYN appointment, Nick confronts Arturo, and JT cracks Victor’s safe.

First look at Y&R’s 45th anniversary! Raul & Brittany reunite with Billy, find out he’s living with Phyllis, and Jill returns.

Nikki wonders about Arturo's motives.

Arturo faces a confrontation with Nick.

Crossover event: YR actors on The Price is Right! Catch Daniel Goddard, Mishael Morgan, and Melissa Ordway's game show appearance, which commemorates Y&R's 45th anniversary.

Lily seeks revenge.

Abby gets a new challenge.

Recast alert! Michael Mealor is in as Y&R’s Kyle Abbott, Jack's son, who has been away working in NYC. Watch for him to appear later this month.

Camryn Hamm has appeared as ShaunaWednesday March 21:

In Wednesday’s Y&R recap, JT grabs Victoria’s throat and punches the wall when they argue, and Hilary and Devon reach an agreement on making a baby together.

45th Anniversary Fun! Y&R’s retro video features Victor and Nikki Newman, Katherine Chancellor, Lauren Fenmore and many more.

In alum news, Adrienne Frantz and McKenna Grace have both signed on for exciting movie roles with Lifetime, including one directed by Rob Lowe!
Interesting! Lauralee Bell shared a sneak peek of an upcoming Y&R script (while watching American Idol) in a recent Instagram story. Christine and Paul discuss blood found at a crime scene, which does not belong to Victor or Jack. An assault on Victor is mentioned, as well as the ranch. These scenes, if taping now, would air in a few weeks time.

Victoria and JT's relationship swerves.

Devon reaches an agreement with Hilary.

Victor plans a trap.

Nikki gets caught.

More: Joshua Morrow purchases Westlake Village estate

Thursday March 22:

In today’s Y&R Recap, JT proposes to Victoria after their devastating fight, Jack clashes with Victor, and Sharon lets Nick know where he stands.

Victor and Jack clash.

Nick's helpful gesture backfires.

Ashley fights to protect her reputation.

Friday March 23:

Victor gives JT an ultimatum.

Electricity's in the air with Sharon and Nick.

Nick comes to a decision.

Dina has a secret.

It's a reunion! David Lago, Kelly Kruger, Lauren Woodland return to Y&R for the 45th anniversary, which is bound to be a surprise for JT.


Jack arrives home from overseas and tangles with Abby, who is defensive on her mother's behalf.

Ashley presents Jack with legal papers indicating she's suing him for defamation of character.

Jack learns his feud with Ashley is the least of his problems.

JT feels the pressure to deliver in his investigation of Victor.

While Reed plays chess with Victor, JT searches the ranch, and gets a surprise.

Coming up...

After another extended absence in Chicago, Jill returns to Genoa City to take care of business in time for Y&R's 45th anniversary.

Jack's world turns upside-down.

Devon and Hilary's attraction heats up.

Ashley is challenged by Victoria.

Victor and Jack clash, changing both men's lives.

Abby and Ashley discover a stunning secret.

Nikki's loyalty is tested.

Nick and Sharon look at their past.

Exciting news with Jaime Lyn Bauer dishing on her Y&R return as Lori Brooks, which will happen as part of the show's 45th anniversary. The actress returns with Janice Lynde and Meg Bennett as Julia Newman and Leslie Brooks.

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- Candace Young

Spoilers for the Week of March 12, 2018

03/12/2018 12:00am

The Young and the Restless Spoilers March 12 - 16 image brings readers exciting day-ahead recaps of The Young and the Restless daily, in addition to the spoilers, which are topped up each Friday. It looks like the fireworks will continue at Newman Enterprises during this shorter week of Y&R, Devon will feel the heat where Hilary's offer is concerned, and Nikki gets busted...will someone discover she's been bedding the building contractor?

In this week's Y&R blog, Devon’s decision creates a volatile situation, while Victor fulfills Dina’s winter formal dreams, and Nikki is spotted with Arturo by her disbelieving son, Nick!

Week of March 12:

In this week's Spoiler digest, mangled marriage and mystery character we have spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and Beautiful, Days of our Lives, and General Hospital.

Monday March 12:

Monday's Y&R Recap: Devon agrees to father Hilary’s baby in a surprising twist, Victor confronts his daughter Victoria, and Traci wants to record Dina's memories.

Victoria's feud with Abby peaks.

Hilary pressures Devon regarding her offer.JT-Victor-tension-YR-HW

There's a new role for one Y&R vet. Watch Lauralee Bell's Lifetime trailer as a women scorned in Mistress Hunter, which premieres March 16.

Tuesday March 13:

Tuesday's Y&R Recap has JT considering leaving Victoria after she deceives him, Lily voices her opinion to her brother Devon, that him having a child with Hilary is probably a big mistake, while Nikki goess to Victor about who the better employee is - Victoria or Ashley!

Tension grows between Victor and JT.

Victoria tries to move on from the scandal.

Wednesday March 14:

Wednesday's Y&R Recap: Nick spies Nikki with Arturo, Sharon gets some upsetting news that has her and Nick starting a new project, and Lily and Devon have it out over Hilary...

Because of Victoria and Ashley clashing at the office, is revisiting Ashley Abbott's tangled history with the Newmans, which includes Ashley's secret abortion and mental breakdown, falling for Victoria's husband Cole, and that competitive spirit.

Sharon leans on Nick.

Lily plots against Hilary.

Nikki gets caught.

Just in! General Hospital star and ex-Y&R star, Michelle Stafford, hosts ExtraTV segments in what she's calling her dream gig discussing beauty treatments.

Thursday March 15:

Don't shoot the messenger! Unfortunately, Y&R is pre-empted for NCAA March Madness today and tomorrow.

Friday March 16:

Once again, Y&R is pre-empted for NCAA March Madness Basketball today but the show will return on Monday March 19.


Lily pleads with Devon not to father Hilary's baby.

Lily's plan to come between Hilary and Devon involves something Hilary will never see coming.

Victoria and Victor clash when he confronts her with evidence of her duplicity.

Coming up...

Jack is surprised by Ashley.

Nick learns something shocking.

Abby moves on to a new challenge.

Victor deals with a situation personally.

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Photo credit: Howard Wise/JPI

- Candace Young