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Spoilers for the Week of September 19, 2016

09/26/2016 12:00am

The Young and the Restless spoilers September 26 -30 image

Deconstructing Y&R: Two schools of thought on Jack’s outrage

Week of September 26:

Y&R Weekly Spoiler Video: Chelsea denies an attraction between her and Nick

Monday September 26:

Y&R Recap: John’s ghost visits Jack, and Paul irks Phyllis

A reporter asks Jack about the rumor he beat up his wife.

Billy tells Phyllis, in the hospital, that they can still be together.

Victoria tells Jill she'll never reconcile with Billy.

Jill squares off with an old rival.

Hilary tries to help Jack, but the plan backfires.

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Tuesday September 27:

Devon pays a visit to a GC Buzz producer.

Billy and Victoria arrive at the Club together just as Victor makes Travis an offer.

Victor makes changes at his company.

Victoria gains an ally.

Cane ends up in a compromising position.

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Wednesday September 28:

Ashley takes action.

Devon takes a business risk.

Phyllis has hope for her marriage.

Thursday September 29:

Devon and Hilary accept a challenge.

Mariah challenges Chloe.

Nikki wonders about Victor's motives.

Friday September 30:

Sharon receives a disturbing message.

Chelsea sets out boundaries for Nick.

Jack gets impatient with Phyllis.


Sharon and Faith play matchmaker with Nick and Chelsea.

Chloe gives Chelsea a heads up about Sharon and Faith.

GC Buzz calls Devon out for trying to stop the tabloid from running stories on Jack.

Devon buys GC Buzz to surprise Hilary.

Faith is thrown a huge birthday party.

Summer supports her mother.

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- Candace Young

09/19/2016 12:00am

The Young and the Restless spoilers September 19 - 23 image

Deconstructing Y&R! Superb acting highlight of creeping affair reveal

Week of September 19:

Y&R Weekly Spoiler Video: Jack vows revenge on those who betrayed him

Last week’s Y&R highlights: An affair revealed, a 911 call

Monday September 19:

Y&R Recap: Jack vows revenge on Jill, and devastates Phyllis

Victoria plays hardball with Billy.

Travis intervenes in an argument between Billy and Victoria and tells Billy to leave. Y&R Spoiler Video: Travis throws Billy out of Victoria’s house

Summer witnesses a reporter questioning Phyllis about her affair.

Jack confronts Jill.

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Tuesday September 20:

Y&R Recap: Jack declares an escalating war on Victor

Victor directs an accusation at Jack.

Kevin thinks Chloe is hiding something.

Jill warns Victoria about Billy.

Billy's concerned about Jack and Phyllis.

Phyllis pleads with Jack not to give up on them, but he says she sure as hell did.

Dylan interrogates Chelsea.

Michael gives advice.

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Wednesday September 21:

Y&R Recap: Jack makes a shocking announcement to the board

News: Daniel Goddard talks about what his elbow injury has done for him

Jill makes Travis a proposition.

The future of the Abbott-Winters Foundation hangs in the balance.

Phyllis pushes her luck.

Phyllis talks to GC Buzz about her personal life.

Jack tells Ashley she was right about what he does next.

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Thursday September 22:

Y&R Recap: Victoria has an epiphany about her love life

Ashley gets angry at Nikki.

Cane takes over Brash & Sassy.

Victoria reaches a realization about Travis.

Friday September 23:

Billy makes a startling discovery.

Abby opens up to Ashley.

Mariah gives Kevin a warning.

Billy makes a passionate plea.

Paul tells Kevin he got a call about an unconscious woman at the Abbott mansion.

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Kevin enlists Mariah's help in finding out Bella's paternity.

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- Candace Young