Deconstructing Y&R: Hollywood shoot falls short of the hype

May 15 - 19

Deconstructing Y&R: Hollywood shoot falls short of the hype image

While Dina’s return has provided some emotional material, there is an increasing amount of story that is not working for fans either because it’s just not capturing the interest or it’s not exactly making sense. Thoughts:

Hollywood hype.
The Hollywood 'location' shoot had its moments such as the comedic and sexy bits with Phyllis surprising Billy (though it's irksome they're being written as more about sex than love), and the drama surrounding the edited footage that aired, however, the scenes with The Talk’s Julie Chen were a little dry, and some of the significant plot points didn't seem to make much sense. For example, why was it a big secret that Phyllis was there? It left viewers scratching their heads:

Further, why would Victoria plan a 'family' trip without asking Billy first when they've been living apart for eons? Why would Cane set in motion a plan to sabotage Billy that obviously risked harming the company he and his wife work for? Clearly it was aimed at getting the audience to root for Cane’s downfall. One notable happening was Hilary giving Phyllis a heads-up that Victoria was on the rooftop. Hil’s actions twigged some fans to hope for a friendship to develop there, which might work, though they’ve had tension over Jack in the past.

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Dina dilemma.
Ashley and Jack’s very different, yet emotional, reactions to their estranged mother made for some truly great soap scenes. It’s interesting how Jack is more stoic and ‘jokey’ about it, and Ashley is angry, though it’s clearly painful for both. The contrasting outlooks bring realism to the situation. It’s all about what we’re made to ‘feel’ and viewers were definitely moved:

An interesting development was Dina’s ‘announcement’ that her reasons for selling her company had to do with her family and legacy, which prompted some speculation:

Newman news.
While the honesty and developing relationship between Scott and Sharon only gets better, it’s a bummer to see Scott relegated to hanging around Newman Enterprises. Here’s hoping he discovers Abby’s secret project quickly and can move on. As for Chelsea, how was she clever enough to be a con but it failed to occur to her that Chloe likely had an accomplice all along? Sigh. Victor ordering Nick to do something and Nick doing the opposite is nothing new. I got a chuckle out of the scenes with Sharon telling Nick she knew he was hiding something from her – so right on. Also, Abby met with that new guy Zack (played by Ryan Ashton), who didn’t make much of an initial impression. They do need more men on the canvas, but perhaps they should have looked at bringing back Daniel or utilizing Stitch again…not with Abby, but in general. As noted in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Noah and Tessa’s chemistry is nothing to write home about, though the interaction between Nikki and Tessa continues to be quite touching.

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Friday notes.
Cane covered his butt with the guy who shot the footage and allowed Juliet to feel responsible, so as predicted, most now want to see him get pay back in a big way... Victoria talks to Billy like an errant child and it's super unappealing. Make it stop... A bit of research would have revealed that the actual 'pro hockey' league executives are based in New York... I'm enjoying the reboot of Nikki and Jack's friendship... We've seen Victor make the impossible happen with a single phone call time and again, yet he can't find out where that mystery payment came from? Please... Scott calling Abby out re: education was satisfying, but there's still no chemistry between them... Nick and Chelsea scenes are painfully dull, and her 'quest' to find Chloe hasn't exactly got fans fired up at this point either.

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- Candace Young

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