Deconstructing Y&R: Too many triangles annoy viewers

May 8 - 12

Deconstructing Y&R: Too many triangles annoy viewers image

While conniving and catfights can be fun, there are multiple triangles happening or looking like they're about to develop on “Y&R” right now and it's all feeling like a little much, particularly when it negatively affects the characters involved. Thoughts:

Tactical maneuvers.
Phyllis and Billy's story continues to involve Victoria, and in typical triangle style, the women are being depicted as vying for Billy's attention and feeling insecure. The 'dumbing down' involved in these scenarios is irksome. I'm all for Phyllis and Victoria exchanging some zingers under the circumstances, but Vikki using the kids to lure Billy over to the house every night is where it goes wrong for me. It's a stale plot device that doesn't make a lot of sense considering they haven't been together for a long time. Fans remarked on the show's triangles on Twitter:

Clothes call.
In keeping with the sentiment about the 'battling over a man' stuff, the situation with Hilary and Mariah continued to feel frustratingly contrived. Soap viewers love to see a catfight erupt every now and then, and often it's over a man, but the bit with Devon urging Mariah to wear something of Hilary's to work, and Mariah actually doing it, was off-putting. Many were feeling Hilary when she burst into Devon's place asking what the hell he was thinking.

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Blast from the past.
As noted in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Chelsea and Jordan sharing a past as baddies is intriguing, and they also share chemistry, which still isn't present with Nick. I have no interest in Chelsea and Nick scenes at this point.

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Scott in a spot.
While I'm enjoying the business stories, Abby as successor to Victor has been the exception (though seeing her get on the wrong side of her father could be entertaining), and adding Scott into the mix to 'watch' her is a particular eye-roller as Victor could have found out in a matter of minutes what Abby was up to while he was away. They manufactured animosity between Scott and Abby via that conversation about her past in the coffee shop, and now their sniping at each other will be sold as sexual tension, just as they attempted with Abby and Stitch. There was more chemistry between Ashley and Scott in Victor's office than between him and her daughter, and Scott has something developing nicely with Sharon, so aside from not knowing what to do with Abby, why go down this road, which leads inevitably to another triangle? I'm not into Scott being polished into a Newman executive either. In related news, fans commented after Abby spoke with her grandmother Dina about her company:

Moving in.
I do like the story with Nikki and Tessa, including the latest development of learning she was homeless and offering her a place to stay, but it's still not anything gripping, and Tessa and Noah's chemistry is nothing to write home about either. Tessa's student, Reed, appeared briefly, but his mean girls triangle was missing in action this week.

Friday notes.
Love the playful vibe between Scott and Sharon, as well as her new personal interests and achievements being a focus... Mariah advising Neil and Devon with regard to business was annoying... After Friday's episode some were wondering if Cane's drive to push Billy out of Brash & Sassy would see him do something that might also hurt the company, and by extension, his own wife, Lily. It will be interesting to see what goes down when GC Buzz and Brash & Sassy go to Hollywood.

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- Candace Young

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