Deconstructing Y&R: Could the show be turning around soon?

Week of July 11 - 15

Candace Young

Friday, July 15th, 2016

Deconstructing Y&R: Could the show be turning around soon? image

Puzzling and unappealing storyline developments continued to niggle “Y&R” viewers this week, though many are hoping for better things ahead as Mal Young’s episodes as executive producer began airing as of Thursday. Thoughts:

Why would any woman who knew what happened to Phyllis ask her to help with Victor’s appeal? Thankfully the writers didn’t go so far as to have her talked into it; it was bad enough that she was approached in the first place. Ugh.

Meddling mother.
While many are all for Jill being around more, having Cane acting as her minion as she attempts to manipulate her grown son Billy isn't going over well. It’s not a bad idea to have Cane and Billy interacting again, and it’s fantastic that they’re addressing the issue of the Chancellor mansion’s grim interior, however Jill returning for the purpose of pushing the Villy pairing is a bit annoying. Here's hoping that there will be surprises in store. Given Phyllis' indecision and Travis’ sudden departure, the writing seems headed for a Villy reconciliation. As noted in last week’s Deconstructing Y&R, despite the fans’ enthusiasm for the new pairings, the writers appear to be backing away from Philly, and Tricky ended so abruptly it was jarring. Fans reacted to Travis' departure on Twitter:

Business bunk.
In Newman Enterprises news, Nick was off to Newfoundland to tend to the oil interests there (weird!), while Luca and Summer continued to hang around in Victoria’s office questioning her leadership. Bleh.

Pushing the panic button.
Sharon continued to behave in an unhinged manner due to guilt, so nothing much changed there other than Mariah is now acting out also, as she went after Kevin for something he didn’t even do. Dylan remained clueless. When will it end?

Hip to Hilary.
Somehow Jack got test results on Hilary that had him calling her out for lying to him, but later he learned she was actually in dire straits health-wise. That was after she collapsed on Devon, who still loves her. Neil was a veritable cupid throughout. It will be interesting to see how this proceeds – if Friday's episode is anything to go by, I suspect her ‘cold ambition’ will be explained away and Hevon will reconcile.

Revenge served cold.
To no one’s surprise, Chloe was revealed as Victor’s accomplice this week. I love that Chloe is back, but feel wary that she’s returned as a one-note crazy lady who is only about revenge. As for the back-story of Victor taking care of her daughter, it seems pretty far-fetched, but hey, it’s a soap opera. Anyway, it’s still amazing to me that not one character has thought of Chloe possibly being the mystery woman. The twist here is that Kevin is working at cross-purposes to Chloe without even knowing it. If he exposes her alliance with Victor, she will be furious that he of all people derailed her plot against Adam and helped free him of the murder rap. Related: Adam taking Victor’s crap for months and not retaliating is frustrating to the point that fans’ heads just might explode. Do these writers know Adam Newman at all?

As Mal Young's episodes kicked in, there was a sense of the show transitioning back to a more traditional feel with Friday's scenes - social encounters, a Lane love scene that left us discussing how seductive Cane can be, and Hevon seeming to turn a corner. Unfortunately, aside from Jack learning Hilary actually was sick, nothing happened as far as storylines moving ahead or a Friday cliffhanger, and too much time was spent on Stabby's inability to communicate...kind of boring.

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- Candace Young

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