Is Brad's ordeal really over?

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Brad still has concerns for everyone who has come in contact with him, John remains in a vegetative state, and Phyllis and Nick reunite!

Is Brad's ordeal really over? image

At his home, Brad says goodbye to Paul. Victoria and Brad talk about going back to their normal lives. Brad has concerns about moving on.

Rebecca and Colleen are home sharing a happy reunion, with relief, after their time in Hawaii. They have questions, and are told a rated version of the story, with specific parts left out ..." about exactly how the kidnapper and his henchman died.

Abby wants to know more. Victoria tells her that her Dad had a big deal to take care of with work, and did a great job! She accepts this and gives her dad a big hug!

Brad tells them that it's all over, and he'd like them to stop worrying now, but JT disagrees and reminds them of Brad's true identity. After some discussion, JT agrees to keep quiet about Brad's past.


Back at the Newman ranch, Sharon and Nick arrive home. Nikki greets them and while Nick leaves for some take out from Gina's, Sharon tells Nikki that she doesn't want to discuss her ordeal.


Phyllis and Michael share breakfast at Gina's. She gushes about her happiness with Nick, and Michael gives her his support. He shares the news about John having a massive stroke and being on life support, and Phyllis is dispirited and her mood changes.

At Memorial Hospital, the Doctor tells the family that John will remain in a vegetative state. He suggests they take him off life support, but Gloria isn't budging. She refuses, in the hopes that John will come back to them.

At the Winter's place, it's morning when Neil finally comes in the door, after spending the night at The Athletic Club. A livid Dru yells, ...Were you with Carmen last night?... Neil denies being with Carmen, and when Lily comes in, they both are honest, telling Dru that they were at the Athletic Club. Dru is full of apologies, and leaves for work.

After Dru leaves for work, Devon and Lily talk about Dru, wondering if she'll be okay. They discuss her marriage and their parents, laughing that they have to take care of their parents!


At the hospital, the Doctor explains that Gloria is his patient advocate. Jack tries to get her to do what John what have wanted. Billy is angry with his mother, feeling that they need to 'pull the plug', because that man in the hospital bed isn't his father. With that, he storms off.

Nick arrives at Gina's and Phyllis spies him, running to greet him in an enveloping embrace. Each tells the other how happy they are to be together again, and are very loving with one another. Nick lets Phyllis know that he's there to pick up food for Sharon, and will be going back out to the ranch. Phyllis understands, and they agree to celebrate in private later!


The family sits and discusses their futures. Rebecca shares her news about going back to Italy, and Colleen receives a phone call from Ashley, telling her to get Abby and take her to the hospital. She finds out about her Grandfather's condition.

After everyone leaves, Brad tells Rebecca that he killed both men. He tells her his name, and they discuss their future. They're not sure that they're ever going to be safe again. Rebecca is surprised to learn that Brad thinks that it wasn't the Reliquary that was what they wanted but what was inside. She apologizes to him for all these years of hiding, but he assures her that he wouldn't be the man he was today if it weren't for her.


Colleen, JT and Abby arrive at the hospital. Billy and Colleen share a bittersweet reunion, and it dawns on her that if Billy is there, it must be bad. Jack tells Colleen the news, and she breaks down.

In John's room, Abby visits. She tells her Grandfather about her trip, the real coconuts she had, her new taste for fish, and how she thinks he'd like it!

Colleen enters the room, and tells Abby that since her Uncle Billy is there, she may want to visit with him, as well. Abby holds her Grandpa's hand to her face, telling him she loves him, and leaves the room.

Colleen sits to talk with John. Through tears, she expresses her sorrow that this happened and that she couldn't be there sooner. She tells him, ...I'll never forget what you taught me.... Ashley comforts her and she rushes out of the room to check on Abby.

In tears, Ashley tries to say goodbye. ...Thank-you, for everything.... She tells John that he's both her father and her mother and has never doubted his love for him. She holds his hand and tells him over and over, ...I love you....

Brad calls Sharon to inquire about her emotional health. She is a little shaky but tells him she feels better, and thanks him for his help. He offers his services if she needs to talk to him, and as he talks to Sharon, Victoria listens in.

When Brad hangs up with Sharon, Victoria tells him that she doesn't think that Sharon needs him. She asks him to be open with her, telling him that they need this, if their marriage is to last. He admits that he and Sharon's feelings go beyond friendship, but reassures her that he is with Victoria for the long haul. The couple shares a kiss.


Another Doctor is called, giving the family the same opinion the other Doctor did. It is her opinion that John will never regain consciousness. He is still alive only due to the life support system that he's on now. Still, Gloria is unconvinced.


At the ranch, Sharon is asleep on the sofa, having a nightmare. She is startled awake when Nick comes home with the food. She implores both Vikki and Nick to leave, but as Nikki leaves, he sticks around.

Brad comes to the door, telling Nick that the two have some unfinished business. He asks Nick to keep quiet about Brad's past. He explains how he is not sure if they're safe. Sharon begs Nick, and he agrees to keep quiet ..." for the sake of Sharon and Victoria.

At the office, Carmen and Neil are taking a meeting when Dru interrupts by phone. She asks that Neil bring home some take-out from Gina's, to which he agrees. After the call, he also agrees to have a working dinner with Carmen!

At Gina's, Dru is sitting at a table. She spies Neil and Carmen!

Phyllis receives a phone call from Nick, cancelling plans for dinner. A disappointed Phyllis is understanding as Nick explains he needs to be there for Sharon right now.

Ashley comes from John's room, in tears. She tells everyone that she agrees with Gloria that they shouldn't let go of John just yet.

Gloria to Jack, ...As John's wife, what happens to him is my decision.... To which Jack replies, ...I can always take you to court!...

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