I'm Pregnant!

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Patty makes an attempt to save her marriage, Sharon gets a shock, and Lauren goes head-to-head with Daisy!

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At the abandoned zoo, Daisy confirms to Lauren that Sheila is her mother. Daisy tells Lauren that Sheila didn't raise them - she was too busy with her vendetta against Lauren back then to give them a second thought! If it weren't for Lauren, they would have had their real mother, and for that, she's going to pay! Daisy says she and Ryder hate her, and have been setting this up for months. Lauren asks if this goes back to Deacon, and framing Daniel for murder. Daisy nods. Daisy tells her Tom didn't raise them either - Ryder's abuse was a lie. Daisy asks if she knows what it's like to grow up without a mother! Lauren says she actually understands completely. Lauren appeals to Daisy, saying they're all Sheila's victims, but Daisy hollers at her to stop messing with her head! She tells Lauren that Sheila isn't gone, in fact, she's with her all of the time. Lauren gets angry and asks what Daisy wants with her and Jana - what's the end game? Daisy says that's not up to her or Ryder and walks away. Jana calls out to Lauren, and they both wonder who is in charge. Lauren tells her she can't be sure that Sheila is dead.


Ashley stops by the Ranch to discuss the body in the Club with Victor. She muses that it may have been Adam, and could have been murder. She asks Victor what he knows. He describes the scene in the basement with the D.A. They agree that they hope the corpse was Adam!


Chance arrives at the Abbott Mansion. Jack lets him in. Chance tells Patty he has a few questions about Adam. He asks about the handcuffs and the guard. Jack is surprised that she didn't ask the guard to stay while she was with Adam. Patty thinks back to what really happened and lies. When Chance asks what was in the syringe, Patty angrily tells him she doesn't remember! She remarks that Adam won't be found, and Jack wonders how she knows that. Patty stammers that he's smart. Chance leaves, and Jack says he has to go check on Phyllis. Patty kisses him intensely, then watches him go. She turns to the portrait and tells Emily not to laugh at her.


Phyllis and Nick are at the tack house where Faith is crying in her bed. Nick picks her up and asks how she enjoyed her first night at his house. Nick asks Phyllis if she wants to feed Faith, but Phyllis says she'll abide by Sharon's wishes. Summer comes downstairs to see Faith, and Nick encourages her to get close to the baby. Nick leaves and the baby starts to cry. Phyllis calls out for Nick, but he's already gone. She picks up the baby and soothes her. Jack comes in and they sit down on the sofa to chat about his disillusionment with his marriage. Patty has followed him and watches them through the window. She flashes back to the time she saw them make love. Victor's new dog appears and barks at her. She gasps, "I killed you!" Jack goes out to check on the dog, but sees nothing. He goes back to discussing his marriage, saying he's not going to give up yet.


Sharon is asleep in her hospital bed. She awakens screaming after a nightmare about Adam appearing. She whispers, "I thought he was gone." The doctor tells her she can go home today. He asks if there is someone she can call. Nick arrives and she tells him about her nightmare. She wonders what if Adam really isn't gone. Just then, Victor comes in. Sharon says she called Victor. They suggest that Sharon stay at the Ranch for now, but she refuses. Nick says she and Faith shouldn't be alone right now. Sharon agrees, saying if Adam is alive he'll come back for her. Especially after what she did. Victor asks what she did to him. Sharon says she lured him to the cabin. Sharon agrees to stay at the Ranch. Victor and Nick step out of the room, where Victor warns Nick that Phyllis is working hard to accept the situation, and having Sharon so close might strain his marriage.


Patty gets home and throws her things on the floor. She tells herself there is no such thing as ghosts - she knows she killed that dog! She rants about Phyllis talking to Jack about their marriage. In the middle of her meltdown she suddenly grins, saying, "Stop it." She giggles, then says, "You can't hurt anymore people. You're Emily now." Jack comes in and Patty tells him he is right, she has been acting strangely, and she knows why - she's pregnant!


Ashley comes by the tack house to see how Phyllis is doing, and to check on Faith. Phyllis says she's sorry that her digging into Adam's secrets caused such pain. Ashley tells her she did the right thing, noting it's changed her life too. They discuss the body. Ashley says if it's Adam, whoever killed him should get a medal! After she leaves, Phyllis is putting things they wore at the costume ball into the laundry bag. She gasps when she gets blood on her fingers from one of the items!


Sharon, Nick, Victor, and Ashley are at the Ranch when Chance arrives on official business. He tells Sharon the body in the basement has been identified as her husband, Adam!


Next on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis tells Sharon that the jacket Nick wore at the ball has a blood stain.

Ashley is with Jack and Patty. He says all of them are on the suspect list because of that Restless Style article!

Lauren tells Ryder that he may be related to Tom and Sheila, but he's also related to his brother Kevin!

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