Leprechaun Vomit!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Kevin finds something incriminating, Ashley hits the road, and Daniel appeals to Lily.

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At Crimson Lights, Michael and Lauren discuss Ashley's situation. Kevin brings them a St. Patrick's themed coffee with green whipped cream - Michael says it looks like a leprechaun vomited in his cup. Kevin is tense and moody. He asks Michael if he had a chance to look at the contract he gave him - Michael gestures to his briefcase, and Kevin opens it up - he finds the photos of Lauren and Paul kissing that Daisy planted! He steps inside with the envelope and watches warily as Lauren kisses Michael. When Michael leaves the patio, Kevin confronts Lauren with the photos! Lauren protests that she didn't cheat on Michael, but Kevin says she obviously did. Lauren becomes very upset, saying she didn't know what she was doing - something is wrong with her! Kevin informs her that he's not buying it - and he won't cover for her! Lauren can't believe that after all these years, Kevin won't trust that she's telling him the truth. Kevin snarks that he trusted Jana too. Lauren begs him not to go to Michael with the photos. Finally, Kevin says he believes her - if it were true, she wouldn't do it in public. He warns that the photos were in Michael's briefcase. They wonder who is trying to make trouble for them. Lauren decides she has to tell Michael the truth.


Neil, Lily, and Daniel talk about Cane's situation in the Club. Neil hopes they hear some good news about Cane from Michael. He comments that it's great that his little girl is getting well. Daniel takes Lily aside and confronts her about lying to both Cane and Neil about her cancer. She angrily says she has to do it - if Cane finds out she's still sick he'll try to escape. She leaves, and Daniel sighs.


Mac is lining up green beer on the bar when JT comes in. He remarks that it's a little early in the day - she says she's trying to figure out how dark to make the beer. They discuss Cane - Mac is going to visit him today. JT says he and Victoria had it out last night. He comments that if you don't like the way the Newmans handle something, you're a big traitor. He is sure that they did things the wrong way with Adam, and is certain there will be fall out! Mac warns that for Reed's sake he has to stop fighting with Victoria. JT says he isn't going to let Reed anywhere near Victor and he'll fight to keep that from happening!


At Ashley's house, Jack asks her if she has spoken to Sharon yet about a test. Ashley deflects his questions and urges him to go take a shower - she won't self-destruct! Once he's out of the room, she takes Baby Faith and leaves! Jack comes back into the room and begins calling out for her and looking around. He calls Neil, but he hasn't seen her.


Billy encounters Victoria at the coffee house and shows her his green boxer shorts! He tells her about how devastating things have been for Ashley - he hopes she gets through it. They talk about Adam - Billy thanks her for convincing him not to beat up on Adam - he would have wound up in jail. Billy tells Vikki about the Tucker McCall cover story. She says he deserves it after what he did to Katherine. Michael comes over and tells Victoria that JT has decided to sue for full custody of Reed. Billy, meanwhile, takes a call from Jack saying that Ashley has disappeared with Faith.


Lily arrives at the lock up to visit Cane. He embraces her and talks about how strong she is, and how great it is that she is going to be around to raise their rugrats. Lily tears up as he hugs her again. Mac arrives and they greet her, asking how the babies are. Lily is surprised to see Daniel come in, and excuses herself. Cane hugs Mac. Daniel tells Lily she's making a mistake, but she protests she's doing what is best for Cane. Daniel feels that it's best he knows the truth about her cancer. He reminds her that their marriage ended because he wasn't straight with her! Cane tells Mac that Lily is cancer-free, and asks if he can say goodbye to the babies. He kneels and speaks to Mac's belly. Michael arrives and they all listen as he explains that Cane's appeal was denied - he's out of options. Cane asks Daniel to look out for Lily. Daniel says that's a given, then whispers to Lily that there is still time to tell the truth. Lily goes back in to see Cane alone. She talks about how he stood by her during all the chemo, and now they have to say goodbye. She starts to cry and says he deserves to know the truth. Lily says she lied because she was afraid of what he might do - then tells him the truth about the cancer - the chemo didn't work. They embrace as Daniel watches from outside.


Ashley is at the airport - her flight is delayed. Tucker comes up to her and complains about her brother Billy's magazine story. He asks if she's alright, and comments on how beautiful the baby is. He decides to keep her company. Tucker asks where they're off to, and Ashley rudely says it's none of his business! Tucker chuckles, saying he just thought they might be off on vacation after the disappointment with Jabot. Ashley says sometimes you just have to get away to catch your breath - but she doesn't think her family would agree! Tucker remarks that the Abbotts really seem to stick together - he's surprised she'd be running from that - she's obviously going through something. Ashley asks what he thinks - he says he remembers how she gave him a piece of her mind when they first met - he can't imagine her needing to run from anything.


Neil and Billy have arrived at Ashley's house and they try to help Jack figure out where she has gone and what she is thinking. Billy says they've been breathing down her neck, and that they shouldn't tell the Newmans. Neil worries that history may be repeating itself. They puzzle about how to look for her without letting anyone else know. They are making phone calls, when the door opens - Ashley walks in with Tucker. They're none too pleased at the company she's keeping, but Ashley asks them not to make a big deal of anything - she's there.


Victoria comes home and asks JT why he told her what he was doing through her lawyer - didn't he have the guts to face her? She says if he wants full custody of Reed he can forget it! They get into an argument about Victor and her family's influence. He points out that she went away at one point to get away from it! Victoria says she is going out, and he had better be packed and out the door by the time she gets back! She leaves, and JT calls Mac to come over - he fills her in when she arrives, telling her he is not going anywhere!

Victoria meets Michael at the Club. He tells her she can't force JT to move out. She says she will then! Michael notes that is up to her, but she can't take Reed with her. Victoria vows to stay and fight for her son.


Next on The Young and the Restless:

Victor brings Adam a message from Sharon.

Nick says to Phyllis that Faith may not even be his daughter. Phyllis says she's his daughter - he knows she's his daughter!

Jack and Ashley talk about Faith. She says they want her to run a DNA test.

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