Disgusting Cookies!

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Amber and Chloe want to help Cane, Daisy plants the photo of Lauren and Paul, and Tucker sees Restless Style!

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Chloe, Amber, and Chance are on the patio at Crimson Lights discussing how bizarre it is that Jana would leave Kevin. Michael and Lauren come in, but they haven't seen Kevin. Amber and Chloe are leaving, and Chloe warns Chance to be careful. After she goes, he calls in the partial license plate of the car that nearly ran them down. Lauren is inside at a table when Daisy comes in. She offers to get Lauren a coffee. Michael finishes a phone call and sits down with Lauren, noting that last night she was lively, and now not so much. She says she's tired, but Michael feels that's not the answer - they need to find out what's causing her problems! Daisy hands Lauren the coffee, but Michael thinks it's not a good idea, so Lauren passes. They leave, and Daisy looks at a photo of Lauren and Paul she has!


Neil and Lily discuss Cane's situation in the Club. Neil says he can work to get a legitimate visa in Australia. Lily notes he has serious enemies there - he could go and never come back! Daniel stops by the table and gives Lily a little pep talk. After he leaves, Neil says she has a gift - she makes people care about her.


At the lockup, Katherine and Jill are with Cane. Katherine says she has to go, and gives Cane a kiss, telling him to take care. Cane sits back down with Jill, who tells him that she and Kay will take care of Lily for him. He tells her that Lily's scan results aren't good - he'll escape! Jill is upset by the idea and tries to make him promise not to do anything rash. They say they love each other and she leaves, just as Chloe and Amber are coming in to see him. He is amused when the girls offer to be character witnesses or even lie on his behalf if it would help him stay in the country! He says the reality is that the sooner he goes, the sooner he can come back into the country. They both hug him and say goodbye. Outside the room, they agree that was sad, and wonder if there is any way to help him.


Katherine meets Tucker at Mac's bar where he is shooting pool. They banter about the deal he offered her, and whether he will pull a bait and switch and back out on her. He says he won't, and tells Katherine that he thinks his involvement with Jill interfered in their relationship - he feels bad about that. Kay levels with him - he had to know who she was, and that it would blow up in his face. She then muses that she and Jill had issues before, and they're fine. They talk about him cutting her back in at Chancellor - she says she wants more than half - she needs to be in control. Tucker points out he didn't have to do anything. Katherine counters by wondering if things have changed between them enough that he will give back what he never should have taken away. Tucker remarks that there is not a person on earth he'd make that deal with. She says Chancellor is a living, breathing thing to her - she can't walk away without a fight. Tucker downs his drink and considers things - he then asks why he should delay the inevitable - she'll just hammer away at him! Katherine is stunned - he's going to let her buy back enough shares to have control!


Lauren and Michael knock on Paul's door - he is surprised to see them. Lauren tells Paul that she asked Michael to look into Patty's situation for him. Paul is taken aback, but is happy when Michael tells him he got a judge to open discussion on her situation. Michael gets a call from a judge who wants to meet right away, and asks Paul to drive Lauren home. When Michael leaves, Paul confronts her about involving Michael in this - he has no idea he almost slept with his wife! Lauren, upset, says she is so sorry - something is wrong with her! She tells him how she's been behaving and feeling. Paul asks a few questions, then suggests she talk to a psychiatrist. Lauren says perhaps she will, but she needs him to promise that he won't tell Michael what happened between them. He does.


Jill comes into the Club just as Lily leaves Neil's table. Jill joins Neil and tells him that Cane is out of his mind with worry about Lily - he'll try to escape if her scan results aren't good! Neil is appalled, and Jill frets that if he pulls that, he won't be able to come back to the States at all! Lily comes back to the table briefly and says she is going to see Cane. Neil tells her to call if she hears from the doctor. At the doors, Lily feels emotional. Daniel notices and offers her a ride.


Back at the coffee house, Amber and Chloe have donned aprons and are making really disgusting cookies to give Cane - then he'll have to go to the hospital and they won't deport him. Chance comes in and marvels at their efforts. He pulls Chloe aside and tells her that the partial plate yielded 600 results! She sighs, and asks if they can just go home. He softens, and agrees. Daisy sits at the counter and puts the photo of Paul and Lauren in an envelope with Michael's name on it. Michael comes in and slaps his briefcase down on the counter. As he makes a call, Daisy slips the envelope into his briefcase! Michael comes back to his briefcase and picks it up as Amber quizzes him about Cane's case. He says it's as bad as it sounds, and leaves.


Lily and Daniel go to the bookstore, where she tells him she's emotional because immigration is deporting Cane, and also because she's waiting for scan results today. She admits she's worried what Cane will do if the results aren't positive. Just as Lily is about to leave, her phone rings - the scan results are in. She learns that her cancer is not gone, and tells Daniel. Lily calls Cane and lies to him, saying the chemo worked - she's cancer-free. Cane is relieved, and she tells him to go take care of things in Australia without worrying. Daniel questions her decision - she said Cane couldn't go away thinking she was sick - this is how it has to be!


Back at the Chancellor Estate, Chance and Chloe are bickering about the danger he's in. She tells him that she and Delia are falling in love with him - he has to listen to Sid! Chance agrees to back off, saying that's what you do when you love someone - and he loves her. Chloe says she lied before - she's not falling, she's already fallen, and loves him so much! They kiss, and make a beeline for any room in the house with a lock. Suddenly, Chance stops - he wants his first time not to be rushed, and this case is hanging over them. Chloe sighs - if he's waiting for the heavens open up and angels to sing - they'll miss the moment! Chance says he can't promise all that, but he just wants to wait a while longer, and then he'll give her a romantic time she'll never forget!


Still at Mac's bar, Katherine and Tucker sign the papers, and just then, a teenager comes up with the new issue of Restless Style with Tucker's face on the cover. Tucker snatches it and asks, "What is this?" Across the room, Jill, who came in unseen, raises her glass to him. Katherine looks at Tucker's face and says, "You can't think I had anything to do with this?!"


Next on The Young and the Restless:

Jill tells Kay this is not about her playing mommy to Tucker - this is about her getting her company back!

Michael says to Phyllis, "You would be keeping a child away from Nick - you do that, you're no better than Adam!"

As Nick and Sharon stand watching, Victor says to Adam, "We will stay in this cabin until you tell us what happened to Nick and Sharon's baby!"

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