A MURDER in Genoa City.

Friday, October 27th, 2006

Indigo gets Aaron Neville to perform, we see a new guy in town, and someone is murdered behind Neil's club!

A MURDER in Genoa City. image

At Indigo, Neil, Lily and Dru prepare for the grand opening! They happily accept flowers sent from Nikki and Victor. Dru kisses Neil, telling him how proud she is. He remembers that Carmen was the person to show him the club. Devon and Daniel arrive at the club with an excited Daniel asking Devon if he's looking forward to Aaron Neville's appearance. Devon looks down, as he relays that it's not much fun in reading the lyrics from his lips.


Lily meets the new bartender, Vincent, who hits on her. Daniel is a little jealous when he sees that Lily has reacted positively to him!


Later, Vincent finds an enchanted Drucilla, hitting on her! Neil interrupts, calling him away to unload a delivery. Neil jokes "Don't make me have to fire him!"

A puzzled Will Bardwell calls Carmen from his office to schedule an appointment to discuss the trial.

A frustrated Victoria leaves a message for Carmen who is nowhere to be found. Brad tells her that he'll have to find a way to neutralize her because they can't live with this kind of threat, of someone knowing his real identity.


In Jack's office, both Jack and Mr. Kim worry, as they can't get a hold of Carmen. They leave the office and Nikki meets with Jack, telling him that he needs to consult with her and Phyllis (partners) before he consults with Mr. Kim regarding anything.

Nikki goes to Victor about Jack not consulting with the others regarding decisions. Victor reminds her that he does own the company, and she replies, "Whose fault is that?"

Later, Victoria visits Nikki in the coffee break room. She relays news about how Carmen is asking for a ton of cash for her to leave the country, ensuring that the bad publicity is gone, along with her. Nikki is amazed at the price, thinking they had better get Victor involved. They go off to his office, where Brad and Victor all agree this is a good way to get rid of her. Victor suggests they low ball her first. Jack enters the office and Victor shares with Jack that Carmen is extorting money from the company to leave town. Jack thinks back to his talk to Carmen about his idea for her to go to the company for cash to leave town. Jack offers to find Carmen a job offer out of the country.


At the Tack House, Phyllis stresses to Nick how important it is that they pack a bag for the delivery room before they go to the opening of Indigo. Nikki calls to ask if she's coming into work while Nicholas massages her feet. Nikki is upset that Jack has been making decisions without consulting them, and Phyllis tries to keep her moans to a minimum, and act upset at the same time! They each pack up their own ideas of what they'd like her to use at the hospital. His are geared towards sex, as hers are geared towards comfort! She tries on the sexy negligee and they make love, realizing they're late.

Victoria and Brad coldly greet Will who shows up at Newman, searching for Carmen. He goes off to find her, asking Sharon and Jack if they've seen her. Both haven't and are puzzled that nobody seems to be able to find Carmen.


Back at Indigo, Neil and Will Bardwell knock heads as Will tries to get tickets to Indigo. (He tells Will they're sold out!) Michael comes up to Will, upset that his being there is inappropriate. He asks him to leave.


Later, Aaron Neville sings 'Stand By Me', much to the enjoyment of the guests. Kevin and Jana arrive, as he sings and take their seats to listen, as Professor Korbel makes his way into the club, Dru wanders off to find Devon. Brad and Victoria, Sharon and Jack, Billy all listen intently to the song. Lily finds Devon. She asks that he come and enjoy the night and he understands her to mean that he needs to stop feeling sorry for himself.

At the office, Nikki asks for an explanation from Victor, regarding Jack's decisions. She hopes that he doesn't allow it any further. She thinks Jack is taking advantage of him. Victor may have trusted Jack too much, he agrees but he promises it "Ain't gonna happen twice!"


Jack goes off to talk to Victor as he and Nikki show up. As Sharon waits at the bar, she is hit on by the bartender, Vincent. He gives her a stupid line and she's entranced anyway!


Aaron's second set starts off with the song, 'Ain't No Sunshine'. An excited Drucilla shows Devon that they hired a sign language interpreter to interpret the lyrics to Aaron's song, much to his liking!

All of the couples get up to dance, with Billy asking Jana to dance and Kevin cutting in on them!

In his office, a concerned Will calls Carmen again, asking her to call as soon as possible.


The night is almost over, with everyone congratulating Neil on his success! He gets a call from Nicholas and Phyllis. He's breaking up, so goes outside for better reception. Nicholas congratulates him and apologizes for not showing up. Just as he's talking, Neil wanders out a little ways, near the garbage dumpster where he sees something. He pauses, and tells Nicholas that he has to go.


He moves in closer and we see a shot of Carmen Mesta's body sprawled out on the concrete beside the dumpster. He looks to the door of the club, back at Carmen then moves in to get an even closer look.

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Victor tells Nikki that Jack Abbot is still the same dubious character as he always was!

Sharon is shocked to hear from Jack that Carmen wanted a pay out.

Neil calls Michael to tell him he has found Carmen's body outside the club!

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