Goodbye Brad!

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Genoa City says goodbye to Brad Carlton, Phyllis learns the truth, and Sharon goes it alone!

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Traci arrives at Brad's fresh grave. She says it will take awhile for it to sink in that he's really gone. The Rabbi appears and greets her. She tells him that Brad was a very special man. She thinks back to when they first met, then tells the Rabbi that he always knew what to say - he'd know what to say to their daughter now.


Colleen is with Billy and Lily at the coffee house. She asks them how one says goodbye to their father. Lily advises her to open her heart - she still talks to her mother all the time. Colleen cries, then tells them she loves them both before leaving. Billy asks Lily if she is okay - they lament that they've both lost parents.


Neil arrives at Victor's house. They agree it was a shock about Brad's death. Victor says he didn't go to the funeral because they didn't get along, and Brad's daughters are angry with him. He notes that he is Abby's father now - her only father - and that's the way it should have been from the beginning! Victor tells Neil that Brad was a liar and a cheat, who manipulated women. Neil remarks that it would have been a real fight trying to take away Brad's seat on the Board. Victor says it would have been preferable to what happened, but ultimately it will be good for Newman for Brad to be gone! Neil suggests that Michael Baldwin take Brad's seat on the Board, but Victor tells him he wants Ashley! Neil says it's one heck of a conflict of interest, plus she's loyal to Jabot and her brother. Victor feels that Jack's hold on Ashley will soon diminish - and disappear altogether. Victor also throws out Billy's name. Neil notes that Victor loves stirring things up. Victor says Billy wouldn't do for the Board, but he needs a better mentor than Jack Abbott.


Abby, Ashley, Colleen, Victoria and Traci are now all at the gravesite. They share embraces. The Rabbi gives them ribbons to wear over their hearts. Colleen says some words about her father, and Abby is still upset about him having to save Noah, blaming Eden. The Rabbi tells her that her father was very heroic. Ashley speaks next, saying that Brad was a wonderful father as she remembers him adopting Abby. Traci thinks back to Brad helping deliver Colleen and dissolves in tears. She tells Colleen that Brad gave her everything - her! Abby then tells Ashley that she hopes Brad didn't question her love for him because she said she wanted to live at Victor's. Ashley reassures her, and each of them thinks back on memories of Brad.


Jack brings Sharon and Noah back to his house after the funeral. Noah is visibly upset, and Jack tells him it's a tragedy - he shouldn't blame himself. Sharon tells Jack it's her fault. She explains that Brad came to the cabin and poured his heart out and she sent him away! Jack says Brad went there of his own volition - neither she nor Noah are to blame! Sharon confesses to Jack that Nick came up to the cabin after Brad and read a letter she had written to him, and they made love. She says that while Brad died saving their son, that's what she was doing! Jack wonders how Sharon is going to handle the fallout with Phyllis. She says Phyllis will have to handle her stuff, and she'll handle hers! She prepares to go to Brad's house, and Noah comes downstairs, asking to go with her. Sharon reluctantly agrees. She asks Jack to take Noah ahead and she'll meet them there - she has to say goodbye to Brad alone first.


Nick arrives back at the tack house and tells Phyllis it's been a long haul. She asks about Noah, and Nick explains that he wanted to sleep in his bed at Jack's. Phyllis says that Summer is with the nanny, and she's been asking for him. Suddenly, Phyllis asks, "You slept with Sharon, didn't you?" Nick sighs. He says that she probably hates him, and he'll listen to whatever she has to say. Phyllis tells him that she wants to make her marriage work. He wonders why, after how bad it's gotten. She narrows her eyes and says it's because he's her husband and she loves him! He says he loves her too - that hasn't changed. Phyllis wants him to go with her to pay respects to Brad, but Nick says he doesn't think he can just act like everything is normal. Phyllis says he had sex with Sharon, and that's fine, he wanted everything to be like it was before Cassie died, and it happened, but it doesn't mean he loves Sharon and doesn't love her anymore! Nick says he thinks that he loves them both. Phyllis convulses in pain and Nick moves to help her. She rages at him not to touch her - she doesn't want his help! Nick suggests he move out, but Phyllis won't hear of it. She says he has a daughter and a responsibility. She asks if he'll be there after she is done getting ready for Brad's service. He says he will. Phyllis comes down and says they should have an early dinner with Summer. Nick wonders if they should make some decisions. Phyllis says they just need time as a family to heal. Nick says he needs some time to think! Phyllis tells him to take the time he needs, and breaks down in tears. "Please Nick, don't leave."


Billy and Lily are at Brad's house preparing for people to arrive. Billy remembers that he and Colleen did the same thing when his father died. Lily remembers what it was like when they said goodbye to her mother. She says Neil wouldn't give up hope - he kept calling the hospitals. Traci and the others arrive, and soon, Traci is welcoming Victor at the door. Ashley comes out and embraces him. Colleen looks over and tells Billy and Lily she can't believe he had the nerve to come there! Victor approaches Abby and gives her a hug. He asks how she is, but she can't talk about it. Suddenly, Noah appears behind Victor. He says he will never be able to thank Brad now. Victor says he's glad it wasn't him who they lost. Victor asks where Sharon is, and Jack pipes up that Sharon went to the grave to pay her respects alone.


At Brad's burial site, Sharon says, "I'm sorry, Brad." She says she loved him, and she hopes he knew that. It wasn't in the way he needed her too, but she did love him. She talks about losing people close to her, and says that if he hadn't been there, she would have lost another child. She cries, saying she will never forget that - never. Suddenly, she looks up and sees Phyllis standing there!


Back at Brad's house, Noah asks Abby if she hates him. She pulls him into a hug. Victor tells Ashley that he thinks they and Abby should head back to the Ranch. Ashley says not now - Abby needs to be there right now, to see how much Brad was loved by his friends. Jack approaches his sister, Traci, and tells her that there was no love lost between him and Brad - he was trying to destroy his marriage! Traci realizes that she encouraged Brad to go after Sharon, and apologizes. As she leaves the room, Nick comes in and seems surprised when Jack says he brought Noah. Jack asks where Phyllis is, and Nick says they brought separate cars.


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Sharon tells Nick that Phyllis apologized to her for disrespecting her, saying, "Something's not right!"

Jack stands next to Billy, and says to Victor, "Finally, somebody is telling you like it is!" Victor says he, of all people, shouldn't talk!

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