Whole Lotta' Shakin' Goin' On!

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Gloria and Jeffrey hit Vegas and Little Richard isn't the most surprising person they encounter there!

Whole Lotta' Shakin' Goin' On! image

Nikki is at Jabot and is on the phone with David, who is in L.A. He tells her the movie deal is a go, but he won't be returning until morning. She tells him that she really wants to trust him, but if he lies one more time it's over. He says he knows that and they hang up. Katherine comes into Nikki's office. She asks how things are with Nikki and David. Nikki sighs and asks that Katherine not share this information with Jill. Kay says of course she won't. Nikki says she and David have been dealing with some things. Katherine asks if he is gambling again. Nikki blurts, "Katherine, everything is terrible! I almost took a drink!" Katherine asks why she didn't call her, but Nikki says she couldn't. "David wants a divorce." She admits that he came back, but she doesn't trust him. Katherine asks some more questions and then says it sounds like he needs a slap up side the head. She suggests they go to lunch, but Nikki is worried about running into Jill and Brad. Katherine drags her out of the office.


Jeffrey and Gloria are in a casino in Vegas. It is the same casino that David has just arrived in after his conversation with Nikki! Jeffrey reminds her that it's their wedding day, and they share a kiss! They hit the roulette wheel, and Jeffrey suggests that they go up to the honeymoon suite! Gloria tells him not until they're married and the ink is dry! As they head to the chapel, they try to decide who they want to be married by - Gloria chooses Liberace, but the man in charge says he is indisposed after having a bad buffet! They are told their options are - Little Richard! Suddenly they hear a piano and "Little R" starts singing! Gloria comments to Jeffrey that this guy really seems like the real Little Richard, but Jeffrey shakes his head, "The hair's all wrong." Soon Little Richard begins the ceremony in his unique style of speech. They exchange vows and Little Richard predicts 'a whole lotta' shakin' goin' on' that night before pronouncing them husband and wife! As they dance, Jeffrey reveals to a surprised Gloria that the man playing the piano is the real Little Richard! Gloria asks Little Richard how much Jeffrey paid him to go along with this. As he does his trademark high-pitched "Wooo", Gloria realizes that it's truly him. She whips out the camera and starts posing! She then asks how he married them, and Little Richard explains that he's an ordained minister! Gloria breathes, "I'll never forget this - or you - for as long as I live!"


At Restless Style, Adrian tells Amber he is interviewing Sabrina that day, and she says she is still upset that she couldn't go see Daniel. She asks him if he wouldn't have felt the same about Colleen, and he admits that they have broken up.

At Crimson Lights, Brad arrives and questions Colleen as to why she didn't come home last night - or at least call. Colleen snaps at him that she doesn't want to have to call. "Dad, this isn't going to work!"


At Indigo, Jack and Sharon discuss Amber the animated character. Sharon notes that Amber showed up on time and did everything she was asked that morning. As they look at the latest issue, Jack laments having Katy Perry on the cover. Just then, Victor and Sabrina come in and exchange pleasantries. When they go to their own table, Sabrina says she senses that Victor doesn't like that man! Victor admits that he avoids Jack whenever possible, telling her that he has always been jealous of his success. Sabrina wonders if Jack went into business with Nick on purpose. Victor says of course he did! Nearby, Jack complains to Sharon about all of the reprehensible things Victor has done to him. Sharon says he's always been good to her, but Jack tells her not to be fooled - Victor wants their business to fail! As Jack and Sharon prepare to leave, Brad comes in and makes a rude comment about their new cover. "Restless Style goes Tiger Beat!" Jack lies that the cover is a big hit. When Brad walks away, Sharon looks at Jack questioningly. Jack says, "It may not be, but it's going to be a big hit - I'll see to it personally!" At Victor's table, Adrian has arrived to begin the interview with Sabrina.


In the Vegas casino, a very intense David plays the roulette wheel. Soon Walter arrives and says, "You're on a winning streak, huh? You can pay me back." David rubs his hands together and replies, "That's the plan." As David loses big time on the roulette wheel, Walter suggest he can pay him back by coming to work for him again. Just then, Gloria and Jeffrey return to the casino and spot David! Gloria gets a very smug look on her face!


Colleen arrives at Restless Style to say hello to her Uncle Jack and gets into a tense conversation with Amber, who informs her that Adrian is now working at the magazine. Colleen tells Amber haughtily that their break-up in none of her business! Jack comes in with Sharon and they sit down with Colleen. They listen to her talk about China, and then she complains about living with her father again. She admits that she has split with Adrian. Colleen comments on how she is trying to save money to get a place of her own. When she goes to the ladies room, Sharon tells Jack she would be fine with inviting Colleen to move in (and Gloria to move out) by the end of the summer! Adrian comes in just then and tells Jack that he told Victor he could check the Sabrina article for inaccuracies before they run it. Jack isn't thrilled, but at that moment, Colleen comes back into the room and Jack and Sharon offer for her to move back in with them. As they walk away, Adrian approaches her and says they need to talk. Colleen returns the key to his apartment and he realizes that she never wants to talk - ever. She asks him not to make this harder, and leaves. Amber approaches Adrian and says she overheard and asks if he is okay. Adrian says until she gave the key back he still had hope. He suggests that they go drown their sorrows, and Amber agrees. Nearby, Jack sits listening to the interview Adrian had with the woman in Paris. He smirks as she describes how they ran into a big problem when Sabrina, who was working at the Gallery, set up an exhibit for a man she was sleeping with! Jack stops the tape and gets on the phone, asking to be put through to the gallery in question in Paris!


Katherine and Nikki sit talking at the coffee house and Nikki says that of Victor and David, at least Victor is up front! Just then, Victor wanders in. Katherine greets them, and Nikki tightly says, "Hello." Victor asks Nikki if she encouraged Victoria to come to his wedding. She says she did. He thanks her and says that perhaps some day he'll be able to return the favor. When he walks away, Nikki rolls her eyes, "Of all days for him to be nice." Katherine warns her that her pride could be her worst enemy. Nikki sighs and says that everyone warned her about David - and they were right! Soon Sabrina arrives to meet Victor - she tells him that the interview was very professional. She expects that they'll be pleased with the finished result! At the other table, Katherine grills Nikki on what she is going to do when David returns. Nikki says she just doesn't know!


Colleen arrives at Jabot. Brad apologizes for his behavior earlier, but Colleen tells him she is moving out. He asks where she is going and she tells him, "Jack and Sharon's."


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Gloria tells Jeffrey that David promised Nikki he would never gamble again.

Sabrina says to Nikki, "It would be much better for the family if you would reconsider. "Nikki replies, "Are you talking about MY family!"

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