Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Devon has unexpected visitors, Katherine continues her book, estranged couples try to reconnect.

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On their honeymoon in Paris, Sabrina and Victor embrace and look out at the view. She tells him that this is better than her dreams! A massage therapist comes to the room and guesses right away that Sabrina is pregnant. She whispers into Sabrina's ear what the sex of the baby is - but Victor doesn't want to know! Sabrina happily says she dreamed the same thing that the masseuse told her. Victor details their plans for that night, but Sabrina says she would rather stay in. Victor happily agrees and orders room service. He then presents her with a gift - an old-fashioned key. He tells her "It's for our Chateau." She is stunned to hear him say that he bought a Chateau! She thanks him profusely. "This makes me so happy!"


In her room at the Club, Nikki rails at David for leaving and then coming back! She asks why in the world she should believe him! David explains that he never went to Vegas, but he's two people, the gambler and the man she fell in love with. She says the man she loves won this time, but what about the next time? He says the fact that he's there right now should count for something. Nikki realizes that she doesn't even trust his story about where he stayed last night. She asks for the number of his sponsor to verify. Nikki calls and the sponsor confirms that David is telling the truth. David says he can't promise that he will never gamble again, only that he will try not to. David says they can be a great couple again - if only she could believe it! Nikki looks torn. David's phone rings - he says it's his bookie, and he's still tempted. The only reason he didn't take the call is because she is there. Nikki sighs, "You have been playing me for God knows how long, and you've betrayed me. I don't know if I can get past that!" David then suggests that they take some time apart so he can focus on himself. He asks what she wants. Nikki agrees that he needs time to himself, and he leaves. Once alone, Nikki opens the mini-bar and takes out a tiny bottle of alcohol. Just as she brings it to her mouth, she throws it across the room and begins to sob!


In the apartment, Lily thanks everyone for the surprise party. She tells them that Chloe remembered her birthday and got her a really great gift. "She'll be cool." Just then the door opens and Devon is stunned to see his Aunt Tyra and cousin Ana have arrived! Devon introduces them to Lily and Ana breathes, "You're so pretty!" Devon asks his Aunt how she found him, and she tells him that his mother told her where he was living. Devon asks if they are on vacation, but Tyra deflects, saying that she just thought Ana should have the opportunity to get to know her only cousin. He offers to get them a hotel room and Tyra accepts but looks distinctly uncomfortable. In the corner, Colleen warns Chloe to act like a guest, and also tells her to stay out of the beer. "I hear how friendly you get when you drink!" Lily begins to open her gifts - Cane gives her a plane ticket to join him in Cabo! As they kiss, Chloe rolls her eyes. As Cane and Lily gush in the corner, Ana asks her mother where they are going to sleep that night. Tyra tells her she will figure something out. Chloe approaches Cane and Lily, and warns her to stay out of the sun in Cabo - it will make her look old! As the cake comes out, Devon's cousin blows everyone away by singing Lily a birthday song in an amazing voice! Roxanne asks Devon how he feels about his relatives turning up. He says he's happy they're there, but it is weird! In the kitchen, Cane chats with Tyra, who says she wishes she'd been a better Aunt to Devon. Cane notes that his luck changed when he came to Genoa City, and now he's done something for her - he's paid for her hotel room. She thanks him and he asks her not to say anything. Devon, meanwhile, gets on the phone and says, "Can you get over to the house right away? I've got a big surprise for you!"


Katherine and Amber are having a little chat at Crimson Lights when Gloria comes in. She tells Kay that Jill sent her out for 10 coffees. Katherine shakes her head. "She could have had it delivered!" As Gloria calls out the order, Jeffrey appears behind her. Katherine, in the meantime, offers to fly Amber anywhere that she'd like to meet Daniel. Amber declines, but Katherine insists. As Gloria prepares to head out with the coffee order, Amber offers help, as does Jeffrey, but Gloria says no to them both!


At Neil's apartment, he and Karen try to establish the good conversation that he promised. He puts on some good jazz music and they get out the chess board as they attempt to reconnect. Soon, Karen has 'checkmate' and they tentatively begin to kiss. Soon things heat up and the couple begins to make love.


Gloria arrives back at Jabot with the coffee and Jill complains about it. Katherine comes in as Gloria leaves in a huff. Soon, Amber and Katherine get established to work on the memoir. Jill blusters in and out of the room, complaining loudly about the book. Katherine, irritated, tells her to lighten up! She then tells Amber to write this down, "Jill is a viper!" She remembers the fight they once had about Mackenzie. Amber says, "Remind me never to tick you off!" In her office, Jill pulls a photo of Jeff and Gloria out of her drawer and says to it, "You won't be smiling for long!" Back in the other room, Katherine explains to Amber how she and Jill were ordered to share the Mansion. She notes that Jill made revenge into an art form. "With my daughter, it is never, ever, over!"


At Indigo, Jeffrey catches up with Gloria. She sarcastically tells him a story about her husband who mistreated her. He says it's a shame - a woman like her deserves to be treated right! Gloria says her ex is a scoundrel! He pretends to be scandalized. Jeffrey then lets her know that he is done with Jill. "C'mon Gloria let's start fresh and put all this garbage behind us!" Gloria sighs, "I don't know Jeffrey - we're talking about a landfill!" Jeff tells Gloria that the night they made love was the best night of his life, and he loves her. He says it over and over again and they kiss. Just then, Jill walks in and spies them!


Neil and Karen arrive at Lily and Devon's place, and Devon quickly explains that his aunt and cousin have turned up. Introductions are made and Tyra thanks him for the way he has taken care of her nephew.


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Sharon says to Phyllis, "Every good idea I come up with you blow out of the water!" Phyllis replies, "Stick a sock in it!"

Gloria overhears David telling Nikki on the phone, "I just wanted you to know that I won't be back today."

Paul tells Michael that they have done a search of the State's data banks and have discovered a guy by the name of River Baldwin.

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