Swedgy Designs and Skinny-Dipping!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Gloria pulls a stunt, Devon confronts Chloe, Michael wrestles with his family history.

Swedgy Designs and Skinny-Dipping! image

At the Abbott Mansion, Sharon and Jack discuss decorating, and how the house is empty now except for them. Just as things turn intimate, Gloria comes in and interrupts!

At the Club, Michael and Lauren discuss Gloria wanting to confess. He laments his parentage and worries about Fen growing up and discovering the family history. Lauren says they'll tell him the truth, but Michael complains that they don't know the whole truth - they don't know about his father! Lauren reminds him that her mother was no 'walk in the park' either! Michael says he needs to know about his father, and Lauren tells him the second volume of his grandmother's diary has come from the restoration company - if he's ready. Michael takes the envelope she offers and opens it. He begins to read about how his father messed up his scholarship with drinking and how Lowell's mother blames his change in behavior on the 'skinny Detroit girl'!


Back in the pool house, Gloria continues drinking with Alistair, telling him how she stumbled upon Jack and Sharon 'making out'. As talk turns to the pool outside, Gloria and Alistair decide to go skinny-dipping! As they head outside, doff their clothes, and leap into the pool, the racket brings Sharon out. As she realizes what she is seeing, Sharon shields her eyes in shock and calls out for Jack! He arrives on the double, and eyes wide in amazement, kicks Alistair off the premises! Gloria tells Jack he needs to lighten up a little, and Sharon notes that Glo is drunk! Jack asks Sharon if she thinks a hypnotist would be able to get those images out of their minds. As they laugh, Jack says they need to set some boundaries!


At Jabot, Lily and Cane are kissing when Devon comes in. He asks Lily if they are still on for dinner. Lily explains that she has a fitting - ordered by Chloe. As Cane and Devon complain about Chloe, she walks in. Lily tells her they need to talk - she explains that her modeling career will be taking a back seat to school. Chloe rudely suggests Cane talk some sense into his girlfriend! Cane says Lily makes her own decisions, and Devon urges Chloe to consider Lily as a person! Chloe backs off and they make plans for dinner later.

At home, Katherine tries to apologize to Jill for her tirade about Jeffrey. She sets out to read Jill the note Jeffrey wrote to Gloria as a means of explanation, but Jeffrey interrupts! As Jill and Jeffrey talk, he wonders why the only way Jill thinks she can take care of him is to find out more about Gloria! As Jeffrey asks Jill to dine out, Katherine tries to get them to stay and eat at home.


At Restless Style, Adrian compliments Amber on her reception skills and reminds her that he is buying her dinner because he got the assignment. Just then, Lily, Chloe and Devon blow in for Lily's fitting. Lily asks Adrian if he has heard from Colleen, since she left on a bad note. He tells Lily they're fine. As they proceed with the fitting, Chloe presses Lily to accept more assignments and Devon tells her to back off. As Lily and Devon leave for dinner, Chloe calls Cane and asks him to come over to the magazine! Soon the elevator opens and Chloe is surprised to see Devon standing there! He says Cane sent him to pick her up so he could be alone with Lily! Devon calls Chloe on wanting Cane for herself. She denies it. Devon says he's been watching - she puts on a real show when Cane's around. "I see right through you, and Lily's going to see it too!" Chloe tries a distraction tactic, by telling Devon that, actually, she's into him!


At the Club bar, Amber asks Adrian to do a story on her designs. She wants him to call them "swedgy" - swank and edgy! He likes it and asks to see her designs. He compliments her designs too. Amber asks him how he and Colleen really are - she admits that the long-distance relationship is difficult for her with Daniel. Adrian says he can't offer her advice, but "You never know what brings two people together, nor what breaks them apart." As she sulks, he warns her not to go looking for trouble.

Cane takes Lily to the Club dining room, explaining that he asked Devon to take Chloe somewhere else! They run into Jeff and Jill and say hello briefly before heading to their own table. Cane tells Lily that Devon promised to keep Chloe busy all night long! Across the room, Michael takes a call from Jack describing Gloria's latest stunt. Michael and Lauren pull up stakes and head over to the Abbott Mansion!


At the Abbott Mansion, Michael and Lauren arrive and Jack directs them to the pool house. As Jack notes they're trying to set some boundaries, Lauren wryly wishes him luck with that! Jack shuts the door and turns back to Sharon. Things get intimate again! After making love, they once again discuss Gloria's antics. Jack says Alistair needs to go for good - they can't have him just dropping in!


As Jeffrey says goodnight to Jill, who turns down the offer of another drink, he runs into a very disheveled Alistair who gloats that he's just come from an adventure with the lovely Gloria, who, "Is a tigress in the bedroom!" Jeff hauls off and sucker punches him!

Jill arrives home to find Kay waiting for her. She informs her mother that she had a lovely time with Jeffrey, and Katherine gives her the note. Jill excuses it by saying Jeffrey was drugged-out when he wrote it, but Katherine bluntly tells her to face the fact that Jeffrey loves Gloria!


In the pool house, Michael informs his mother that drinking and swimming don't mix! Lauren informs Gloria that she has decided to hire her on at the boutique so she'll have to clean up her act. Gloria tells Michael that she knows he really loves her in spite of his blustering. She then passes out. As Lauren and Michael pass the pool, he notices the glasses still sitting there. "This is my legacy." Lauren encourages him to read the rest of his grandmother's diary to find out about his father. He agrees and tells Lauren he loves her.


Cane and Lily arrive at her apartment and since Devon is occupying Chloe elsewhere, they decide to indulge in a sexy bubble bath together!


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