Brad Raises the Stakes on David!

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Michael is out for revenge. David gets sucked in to Brad's plot. Lily hasn't learned her lesson.

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At Crimson Lights, Gloria is filling Kevin and Jana in on seeing Jeffrey and Sharon together last night. Kevin adds that the third man in the room took a delivery from MacDougalls Liquor Store! They all wonder what they have to gain by being in cahoots. Meanwhile, as Jack and Sharon speculate on the missing Alistair's whereabouts, Jeffrey returns to the Abbott Mansion and discovers Lauren on the floor at the bottom of the staircase! She tells him she saw someone who looked just like John Abbott!


Adam is on the phone at Newman when Neil comes into the break room to join him. Neil expresses his confidence that Adam had nothing to do with the security breach - he says Victor feels the same way. Adam sighs with relief, but says Victoria has him tried and convicted! Down the hall, J.T. and Victoria discuss the issue and she concludes that unfortunately, it appears as if the culprit is Brad! Over at Jabot, Brad meets with Nikki and tells her they need to target the mid-west, there's a huge gap in sales there! She looks at the information he is quoting and wonders how he came to have it. He says, "Are you forgetting that you hired me away from Newman?" David comes in and realizes that the documents are "Newman Internal". David declares that they must be destroyed immediately - they could get them indicted! Nikki dismisses Brad from the room and David gloats that she made a mistake in hiring him. Nikki tells him he is over-reacting. Brad is a very smart man, and after all, Victor wouldn't destroy documents like this!


Lily and Colleen are moving in together, and Devon and Adrian are carrying stuff in from the car. Devon takes Lily aside and says she needs to be careful after what happened at the party. She irritably says there is no need to advertise that! She tells him not to tell anyone what happened to her at the party. He retorts that Dad should know, but Lily says that she especially doesn't want him to know! Colleen and Adrian come back into the room and Colleen goes online to check her mark on the last test - she got an "A"! Lily goes on to look at hers and discovers that she flunked! Just then, Chloe calls asking to meet with her in ten minutes - she is exuberant - Lily was a hit at the Restless Style party! As Lily takes off, Colleen and Devon compare notes on Lily overdoing it. Devon almost tells her about Lily fainting, but stops himself. Cane arrives at the door. Devon says he just missed Lily, and asks Cane to remind her again to slow down.


At Jabot, Victoria arrives and confronts Brad about the security breach. She reminds him that they were once very close and she expects honesty. He says personally that's true, but in business they're on opposite sides of the fence! She asks if it isn't slightly beneath him to be spying. He admits to being competitive and vows to do everything possible to make Jabot a success. Victoria says she'll let it slide this time because of Colleen and Abby, but if he does it again, she'll have him arrested! Meanwhile, back at Newman Enterprises, Adam tells Neil that he's found an all-natural line that he'd like to incorporate into the Beauty of Nature line. Neil reminds him that he'll need Victoria's approval. Just then, J.T. comes in and tells Adam he is no longer a suspect. Adam sighs and says Victoria thinks he is, but J.T. says actually, she doesn't! Back over at Jabot, Brad goes to David and tells him he has seen the wisdom of destroying the documents, then invites him over to his place for a few beers with Cane and the guys that night! David agrees to come and leaves the room. Brad then calls Cane and invites him over too. Cane accepts. In the hallway, Victoria has run into her mother and Kathrine. She asks Kay why she's there. "I thought you retired?!" Vikki heads back to Newman and seeks out Adam to apologize. He tells her she put him in a very difficult position with their new employer, who happens to be their father. After he walks away, Neil approaches her and mentions the new natural line Adam wants to acquire. She says she's never heard of them and goes off to tell Adam that Newman isn't interested! In his office, Victoria tells him that if he had came to her first, she could have saved him a lot of embarrassment! He is surprised at her words and reminds her that he was hired to fill a management hole and that's what he's trying to do. Victoria slams his idea of the new acquisition!


Back at Crimson Lights, Gloria laments to Jana that they really didn't contact John after all. Jana still holds out hope, but Kevin makes fun of her. Gloria says it's time to turn the tables. She says she won't let on that she knows anything and intends to remain 'terrified' about the Abbott Mansion haunting! Jack and Sharon, meanwhile, continue to confer on the possible whereabouts of Alistair who is nowhere to be found. At the Abbott Mansion, Lauren asks Jeff for her cellphone and she calls Michael to tell him she has fallen and that she saw someone who looked just like John. Michael notes that Gloria said the same thing at the party. He tells her to stay put, he's on his way over - he wants to talk to Jeff! Michael soon arrives and checks Lauren over, while asking Jeffrey what's up with the ghost of John Abbott sighting. Jeff tries to laugh it off, but Michael simply says he's taking Lauren to the hospital and Jeff had better be there when he gets back! Later, Michael takes Lauren home after the hospital visit. She is still puzzled about seeing John and asks Michael to get to the bottom of it. Michael leaves the room and calls Gloria, telling her that Lauren thought she saw John too - and fell and got hurt as a result. He gets Kevin on the line and demands that he come over and sit with Lauren so he can deal with this! Back at the Abbott Mansion, Jack and Sharon come home and Jeffrey tells them they are in big trouble. He fills them in on Lauren's misadventure, reminding them that it's their home, their actor, and their ghost! Michael arrives and presents Jack and Sharon with transfer papers for the Mansion! Jack says he'll have his lawyer look them over. Michael warns all of them that he isn't scared of any of them, and his wife got hurt in the process of them trying to scare Gloria enough to stay away from the house! Over at Lauren's house, Kevin and Gloria arrive and Glo pouts to Lauren that this is all her fault - Michael will hate her now! Kevin snaps and berates her for making everything about herself! Back at the Abbott Mansion Jack warns Michael not to get ahead of himself. Claiming that they hired someone to impersonate John is going to be hard to prove! At that moment, Michael looks up and sees Alistair looking in the door! He chases him as Sharon gulps, "Oh,oh!"


Lily arrives at the coffee house and is promptly reprimanded by Chloe for looking under the weather. "You never know when someone is going to take your picture!" She tells Lily she has set up a photo shoot for that night, but Lily protests - she has to study and is exhausted! Cane comes in and asks if everything is alright. Chloe says they are fine - just going over Lily's schedule. Cane warns her to give Lily time to rest. He then says he's going to get Lily a muffin. After he walks away, Chloe tells Lily not to eat it! She leaves and Cane brings the muffin to the table. Lily refuses to eat it and he mentions that he hasn't seen her eat much lately. He warns her to slow down, but she laughs it off. Back at the apartment, Devon worries out loud to Colleen about Lily. They decide to plan a relaxing night for her. When Lily comes in, she informs them that she is unavailable because of a photo shoot. Devon says she can't ignore the fact that she failed a test and she's tired - this whole modeling thing is out of control! Lily merely says she is handling it.


Katherine has coffee with Nikki at Crimson Lights and they discuss Kay's bad dreams and Nikki's worries about David's addiction. Kay says first he has to admit he has a problem and then deal with it. Meanwhile, at Brad's house, the guys all arrive and Brad announces that they will be playing poker. David quickly says he doesn't play, but Brad soon goads him into agreeing!

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Brad sets a $200 limit on the poker stakes and David immediately becomes competitive!

Jill comes into the house and is shocked to see Katherine sitting with Alistair!

Michael tells Lauren that Jack is through torturing his family - he will not let him get away with this!

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