Her Kiss is On His List!

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

A goodbye leads to a kiss. Adam isn't winning female fans in the family. An innocent person is harmed as the Jack/Jeffrey plan continues.

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At Restless Style, Phyllis and Nick rehash the party and how great it worked out. Nick is telling Phyllis about an advertiser that didn't agree to sign on until Danny sang, when Danny himself walks in. He thanks them for inviting him to perform and mentions that he is looking for Daniel. They say hearty goodbyes and Phyllis reminds Danny to stay in touch with Daniel. Danny smiles, "That's good advice." Later, Danny catches up with Daniel and Amber. She excuses herself to make a phone call and Danny tells Daniel that in all the ways that count he is his son, and will always be his son. Daniel says he'll go along with that - forever. Danny then admits that last night he couldn't sleep and wrote a song for him. Daniel listens earnestly as Danny sings the heartfelt tune about starting over again and how he'll be there when he needs someone. Amber comes in and sits with Daniel as well. When he finishes they tell him they loved it and Danny embraces Daniel as they part ways. "Thanks Dad." Later, Daniel apologizes to Amber for being moody the last few days. They have a brief discussion about whether they're going to be friends or more, and wind up kissing!


At the hotel room, Alistair proclaims angrily to Jack and Sharon that he is a highly sought after thespian and this stunt is all beneath him. Jack cracks, "Sought after for what? Community theater?" Which prompts Alistair to declare that he quits! Jack rolls his eyes and tells him just to keep up his end of the deal and the good stuff will keep coming. Alistair contends that it isn't nice to scare Gloria - he claims that he has been touched by her, and that she could love him! Jack fires him at that point, but Alistair says he won't leave Gloria! Meanwhile, Jeffrey and Gloria start their day at the Abbott Mansion. She hedges around about where he was the night before.


A meeting begins in the conference room at Newman, where J.T. informs Victoria, Neil, and Adam that the security breach was a hacker who accessed sales figures and strategic planning documents. Since a particular code would have been necessary to hack in, he feels it's an inside job. Victoria pipes up, "Adam, is there anything you'd like to tell us?" Adam looks surprised and insulted! Victoria insists that he has motive - he doesn't have top clearance yet! Besides, he asks a lot of questions! As Victor walks in, Adam declares that anything he wanted to know, he could have found out by going to Victor himself. Victor agrees, and suggests that they consider a former employee. He asks J.T. to continue to investigate. Adam follows Victor to his office and worries that he may be being set up. Suddenly, Nick turns up at the door, so Adam beats a hasty retreat. Nick tells Victor he needs some straight answers and he's not leaving until he gets them! Nick wants to know if Victor has changed his mind about Restless Style. Victor tells him he was proud of him last night, however, he still feels the venture will fail, no matter who runs it. Nick says he looks forward to proving him wrong. Victor tells him he really doesn't want him to fail - even though he's in business with Jack Abbott. They end the conversation on better terms than before. Nick ventures down the hall to speak to his sister, who tells him that she believes Adam is behind the security breach, but she still has to prove it. She claims he's 'power-mad'. Suddenly, Sabrina comes in and says her flight has been delayed until tonight. Nick takes off and Victoria asks Sabrina to lunch. Sabrina suggests that they ask her father to join them.


At Crimson Lights, Gloria takes a call from Michael asking where Sharon went last night when she followed her. Gloria brushes off his question saying she'll tell him later. She then turns to Kevin and insists that she is being haunted! Kevin laughs and tells her only Jana could buy into that! Meanwhile, back at the Abbott house, Lauren hangs out with Jeff and snoops after he takes a call from Jack. Jack tells Jeff to "abort mission" and afterward, Lauren checks the caller ID and realizes that the pair are in cahoots.


Brad enters the Club and runs into Jack. He tells him it was a great party last night and Jack says he appreciates the cheerleading - with or without the pom poms! As Jack moves on, Brad calls Nikki and tells her she'll want to clear her calendar after she hears what he has to say! Jack, meanwhile, heads to meet Jeffrey and informs him that Alistair has fallen for Gloria! Back at the Club, Lauren meets with Michael and they compare notes on Jack and Jeff partnering against Gloria. Lauren says she is headed back to the house to get more information. Over at Alistair's hotel room, Kevin and Gloria have gained access and are investigating. Downstairs, Sharon calls Jack from the Club bar and breaks the news that she lost Alistair! Alistair, meanwhile, has arrived at the Abbott Mansion looking for Gloria. Lauren, who is about to descend the staircase, is so shocked upon seeing "John Abbott" that she stumbles and falls down the stairs, landing unconscious at the bottom! Alistair skulks away.


Adam ventures down to the warehouse to see Phyllis, who tries to get rid of him. She says she's very busy and wonders if there is a specific reason he came. He smiles that he just wanted to congratulate her. She tightly adds, "And Nick." Adam says, "Yes, of course, but he's not here." Adam irritates her by remarking on how she protects Nick from bad press. Suddenly Nick comes in and Adam makes his exit as Phyllis embraces her husband. Nick says it was cool of Adam to come down, and Phyllis hides her real feelings about it. Adam heads back to Newman and confronts Victoria. He asks how she could be so threatened by him that she accuses him of hacking into their own system. She says she believes he did it. He counters that maybe she did it to set him up. Next, J.T. calls Adam in to ask him some questions. Adam is defensive at first, but then cools off. Down the hall, Sabrina ventures into Victor's office and tells him what a delight her time in Genoa City has been. She gives him some books and they move toward the door. As they say goodbye she hesitantly places a kiss on his lips. Outside the office, Adam watches. Back at the warehouse, Phyllis and Nick discuss his visit to Victor and how Adam seems more like their father than Nick does. Nick then takes a call from "House of Milan" who have decided to take out a huge ad. They are all smiles. Meanwhile, back at Newman, J.T. tells Victoria that he doesn't believe Adam is behind the breach. When he wonders who could have benefited from the stolen information - Victoria immediately thinks of Brad!

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Adam tells Victoria she put him in a very difficult position with his new employer, who just happens to be their father!

Nikki asks Brad, "Where did you get this information?" Brad replies, "Are you forgetting that you hired me away from Newman?"

Lily tells Devon not to let anyone know what happened at the party, but Devon insists that Dad should know!

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