Restless Style Rocks!

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

The Restless Style party brings about many interesting interactions. Katherine stays home, but makes a big decision!

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At the Restless Style party Victor is swarmed by press asking if Sabrina is a model and taking pictures. Victoria approaches the couple and asks about Reed. Sabrina tells her that Gaby came back to look after him. Victoria tells her father that she hopes he's here to support Nick. As Jack, Sharon, Phyllis and Nick overhear reporters whispering that Victor must be behind the venture after all, Nick approaches Victor and asks to speak to him alone. Victor says it's a great party, and Nick replies that it was until he showed up! Sabrina intercepts and says actually it was her idea for Victor to come. Nick caustically asks if Victor would like to be introduced around to other advertisers so that he can talk them out of becoming involved. Phyllis runs interference, and Sabrina asks if Victor would like to leave. He decides not to yet - things are getting interesting!


At the Abbott mansion, Gloria comes to and rushes to look out the door for any sign of John. After seeing him appear at the seance, she is now positive that he's come back! Meanwhile, across town in the Chancellor living room, Amber tries to reassure Katherine about her bad dream about John Abbott. They discuss the possible symbolism of John disappearing in her dream. Kay feels it represents loss of people in her life, but Amber wonders if it has to do with her walking away from her company. Amber fixes Kay something to eat, and Kay admires Amber's dress, saying it reminds her of times when she would wear things like that. Amber wonders why Katherine hasn't confided in Jill. Kay admits it's because she is upset about the book, and tells Amber that it is their secret for now. Katherine admits, as well, that she isn't getting the clarity she expected from writing things down.


At the launch party, Jill confides in Cane that she is very worried about how Katherine's book will depict her. Cane asks if she would like him to speak to his grandmother about it, but Jill says she'll handle it. As they look across the room at Lily, Jill comments on how much like her mother she is - meanwhile, Lily is showing signs of exhaustion. Across the room, the press asks Victor why he chose to remain behind the scenes, but Sharon doesn't give him a chance to respond, saying to the reporter that Victor is a guest there - nothing more, nothing less. As more people arrive, Paul Williams is introduced to Felicia Forrester and speaks with Danny Romalotti. Michael and Lauren arrive and Michael takes a call from a frantic Gloria who tells him not to move - she's on her way over to talk to him because something huge is going on! Soon, Phyllis takes the microphone to introduce Danny, who takes the stage and performs to the delight of the crowd! As the music plays, Michael watches as Jeff comes in and signals urgently to Jack! Nikki, meanwhile, can't take her eyes off of Victor and Sabrina, Brad watches Sharon, and Adam eyes Phyllis. Cane and Lily watch Danny, but Lily is acting very fatigued. Jeff pulls Jack out of a side door as Michael casts a wary eye on their every move. Behind the door, Jeff warns Jack to do something about Alistair then leaves. Michael approaches Jack and notes how interesting it is that he is conversing closely with a man he despises so much! Across the room, Nikki asks Victor how he could come and ruin Nick's evening this way. He tells her he is uninterested in her comments. After Nikki walks away in a huff, Ashley speaks with Victor and they catch up. Over at the bar, Brad chats with Sabrina - they connect over both knowing Vikki.


Back at the Chancellor estate, Kay tells Amber that the only way she is going to tell her story is to tell the truth. She then recounts a painful story from the past involving her and Jill. Amber is taken aback at the cruel things Jill said to Katherine. Katherine and Amber continue to discuss her having left Chancellor Industries, but Jill comes home and interrupts them. Jill is angry that Kay wouldn't go to the party with her, but could call Amber over to keep her company. As Amber says goodnight and leaves, Jill demands to know what Katherine is hiding from her! Katherine tries to change the subject and Esther comes in with ice cream. Jill dismisses her and won't let Katherine leave the room without telling her what is going on. A tired Kay gives in and admits to having had a mild stroke! Kay then informs Jill that it was a mistake for her to have left work - she's planning on coming back!


Back at the Restless Style party, Gloria arrives and clutches Michael, "John's ghost is angry that I've married Jeffrey and we're living in his house!" Michael declares her to be insane. Gloria insists that she saw John Abbott right in front of her eyes in the mansion - then she fainted. Michael asks who was there when she woke up, and she tells him no one. Michael tells her that someone may be haunting her, but it's not John! He informs her that he just saw Jeffrey at the party conferring with Jack. Across the room, Jack fills Sharon in on the action with Alistair. Meanwhile, Danny Romalotti approaches old flame Lauren and they exchange greetings. As an exhausted Lily tries to hide the way she's feeling, Daniel stops her and compliments her on her new career. She smiles politely and ducks away. Soon after, she passes out - luckily, a shocked Devon is there to catch her! When Lily comes around, Neil arrives on the scene, but she stops Devon from telling him what actually happened. A peeved Devon says she needs food, but Lily insists she needs to get back to the party! In another part of the room, J.T. gets a call about a security breach at Newman and rushes to inform Victor. As J.T. leaves to check things out, Victoria eyes Adam suspiciously!


Amber arrives back at the Restless Style party to find Daniel a little tipsy. He is concerned, however, when Amber tells him something was wrong with Mrs. C. Danny comes over to say goodnight to them, and to tell Daniel that he will be leaving the next day. Daniel says, "Take care." Danny starts to walk away, but stops to tell the pair that they look like a good fit as a couple! Across the room, Cane takes Lily home, telling Chloe firmly that she is done for the night. Neil watches and asks Devon what happened with Lily, but Devon defers the question. Adam approaches Victor and says he heard there was a security breach. He wonders if there is anything he can do, but Victor tells him there isn't - stay and enjoy the party. As Jack tells his sister that Sharon left with a terrible headache, across town, Sharon arrives at Alistair's hotel room where she meets with Jeffrey. Unbeknownst to Sharon, Gloria has followed her! Back at the party, Ashley and Felicia Forrester say their goodbyes and congratulations. Once they've left, Jack calls Sharon and discovers that Alistair is still passed out. Jack says he'll be over soon. Jeffrey leaves the hotel room as Gloria watches. Back at the party, Phyllis and Nick share a private toast.


Arriving home to Victoria's house, Victor is on the cell phone. After he hangs up he informs his daughter that it was a serious breach and J.T. will be there all night. Victoria heads up to see Reed, and Sabrina and Victor share a very intimate goodnight in the doorway. Over at Newman, Adam has arrived and is questioning J.T. about what has been compromised by the breach. J.T. informs him that it was an inside job!

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Nick asks Victor to look him in the eye and give him some straight answers!

Danny asks Daniel if he'd like to hear the song he wrote for him.

Adam watches as Sabrina kisses Victor!

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