Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Surprising things go on at the seance, the Restless Style launch party gets underway, and Katherine experiences a sad evening.

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As the Restless Style launch party gets underway, Jack, Sharon, Phyllis and Nick go over the press situation with Patrick. Nick tells him that if the media wants to speculate on Victor's involvement in the project they'll soon find out how wrong they are - after all, he won't even be there! They toast to good luck as the festivities begin. Meanwhile, Esther fusses over Katherine at home, as Jill comes downstairs and demands to know why Kay isn't ready for the party. When Kay says she'll be staying home to work on her memoirs, Jill flips, telling Katherine she simply can't write the book! Katherine insists that she has to write the book now before she... Katherine catches herself before finishing the sentence, but Jill tells her she realizes something is going on with her.


At Victoria and J.T.'s house, Victor makes an impression on Sabrina as they babysit for Reed. She is surprised at his tenderness as he interacts with the baby. Sabrina and Victor sit down to eat and she speaks to him about his past, growing up in an orphanage, and the meaning of money in his life. He explains that money is his protection, but that pursuit has also cost him the love of wives and sometimes even his children. He admits to Sabrina that he is really not happy with his life right now. He laments being divorced from his wife, his son Nicholas not speaking to him and his other son considering him a boss not a father. Sabrina suggests that he be more open-hearted with Adam, and show more appreciation for Nick. Gaby returns to care for Reed and Sabrina tells Victor she is going to the launch party - she invites him to join her and make a gesture to Nick.


At the Abbott Mansion, Gloria, Kevin and Jana prepare to begin the seance, as Jeffrey excuses himself to wait in the living room. Jana asks Gloria to face the door so she can see John when he comes in. Then, Jana begins as Jeffrey snickers in the other room. Outside the door a drunken Alistair stumbles around. Back inside, Jeff calls Jack and they share a laugh about Gloria summoning the 'psychic network'! At the seance, Kevin tries to hurry things along and watches skeptically as Jana and Gloria call out John's name in earnest. Gloria asks for a sign and suddenly Alistair makes a loud noise outside, stunning the ladies into wide-eyed silence. Kevin takes a look and insists there is no John in the house. As Gloria asks him to please not behave so cynically, Jana suddenly sees Alistair outside the window and the group tears out to look. Jeff sniggers. As they come back to the table, Gloria smells the cologne and notices the book of poetry that Jeffrey planted. Meanwhile, Alistair shuffles through the front door. As Kevin insists that he and Jana leave, Jeff approaches Gloria and she explains that the house is haunted. When Jeff leaves to go upstairs, Gloria sits at the table holding the poetry book imploring, "John, John, are you here?" Alistair appears and leans on the door jamb. Gloria is oblivious, speaking out loud to John about their past together. Suddenly, she turns and sees Alistair which causes her to scream and faint onto the floor! Jeff comes running and kicks Alistair out before Gloria comes around. Gloria groggily whispers, "John. He's really come back."


Victoria and J.T. arrive at the party and exchange pleasantries with Jack and Sharon before going to mingle. Just then, Ashley and Felicia Forrester arrive and introductions are made. Jack notes that her presence is a good omen, but Felicia warns he still has some convincing to do! Neil approaches the group and compliments them, he explains that Karen is away visiting her mother. Patrick comes and steals Jack away as the elevator opens and Cane arrives with Lily - Chloe barking orders beside her! Nearby, Nick gives an interview and is asked if Victor is funding the venture. Phyllis looks wary as he prepares to reply. Meanwhile, another entrance is being made, this time by Daniel and Amber who are arguing over whether or not they should have used the valet parking. Suddenly, Amber runs straight into Felicia Forrester. Nearby, Sharon converses with Brad who wishes her luck. She asks why he came and he tells her it's the hottest ticket in town. Phyllis takes Nick aside and asks about the reporters' questions about his father, when suddenly Patrick comes up and embraces Phyllis behind, telling the couple the new buzz is Nick Newman is his own man! Felicia and Amber, meanwhile exchange catty remarks as Phyllis approaches and introduces herself. Jack comes by and invites Felicia to join him at a table to talk business - much to Amber's relief! Nikki, David and Jill arrive next and Nikki asks why Katherine didn't come and if she is alright. Jill admits she isn't sure. Victoria and Nick join Nikki, and Jill goes off to speak to Cane. Adam arrives and Nick greets him. As Nick walks away, Adam looks around the room until he spots Phyllis, who is with Daniel. She asks her son if he knows where Danny is, and if they talked. Daniel assures her that everything is fine.


Back at Katherine's house, she writes her memoirs furiously before dozing off. Later, when she awakens she takes the phone and calls Amber in tears. She asks if she could stop by later, but Amber mentions the party and Kay insists she stay. Sadly, Kay hangs up the phone. Later, a very concerned Amber arrives and Kay admits that she is tired, and also just had a very sad dream - she reached out to embrace her dear friend John Abbott and he disappeared and was gone! Amber holds the despondent Katherine in her arms.


Seated at a table, Jack, Sharon and Ashley are wooing Felicia Forrester's business. She surprises them by saying that she has been convinced - as of right that minute Forrester is on board! Felicia leaves the table and finds Phyllis. She mentions that she noticed her son was with Amber and warns that Amber has a past. Phyllis replies that all the most interesting people do! Just then, Danny arrives and Phyllis excuses herself to greet him. Meanwhile, Lily has snuck off outside where Cane finds her. Unfortunately, so does Chloe who orders her back inside to make the most of this opportunity! Inside, Phyllis thanks Danny for doing this for her. She asks if everything is okay with him and Daniel. As Danny struggles to answer, Daniel himself appears and says everything is good! Suddenly, the elevator doors open and Nick, Jack, Sharon, Nikki and Phyllis are stunned to see Victor standing there with Sabrina! The press immediately swarm and begin asking Victor why he put his son in charge. Nick fumes!

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Nick assures Sharon, Jack and Phyllis that Victor is his father, and his problem, and he'll take care of it!

Gloria tells Michael that John is haunting her, but he says she's wrong - he just saw Jeffrey with Jack!

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